Dolphins, Gase Humiliated by a Terrible Bills Team

While many of you are rightfully upset with the woeful performance of Jay Cutler, today’s loss clearly falls on Adam Gase.  And, once again, specifically it’s his play calling.   More on that to come.  But for now, I must point out just how awful the Bills truly are.

We know that LeSean McCoy is a good, if overrated, NFL running back, and there’s no shame in him playing well against you.  But Tyrod Taylor?  This guy is bad.  Just plain bad.  Barely worthy to be in the NFL, and yet we made him look like an All Pro.  Again.

In case you think I’m picking on Tyrod, consider this.  He holds the dubious NFL record of having 2 separate starts this year with under 70 yards passing.   2 times he took the field this season, and didn’t reach 70 yards passing.  He is awful.   So bad, in fact, that his own coach benched him in favor of a rookie.   The head coach watches Tyrod every single day, and deemed him worse than some rookie who went out and threw 5 picks in one half.   And yet, the Dolphins had no answers. No containment.  No interceptions.  Pathetic.

A few Buffalo Bills are good enough to play on other teams, but not many.  Aside from McCoy, there is no star power.  You saw nothing and no one dazzling today.  Just a bunch of basic plays that had Miami guessing and missing all day long.  Note to Dolphins:  Tyrod cannot beat you with his arm.   And he knows it.  He fades back to pass, only to create some distance so that he can run for first downs.  And you let him.   You got tricked into thinking he wanted to pass it.  You got tricked into thinking he was an NFL-caliber passer.   A brutally bad lack of talent up in Buffalo, and they owned us anyway.

Now onto the man of the hour, Adam Gase.

As I’ve said for two years now, the most frustrating thing about this guy is his inconsistency.  He does not recycle what works well.   He does not abandon what (or who) doesn’t work.  He thinks he’s the smartest man on the field, and instead of learning he is not, he blames the players for not proving him right.

Let’s start with that pig of a tight end, Julius Thomas.  Anthony Fasano still hasn’t dropped a single pass this year, and yet Adam Gase benches him in favor of Thomas, who continues to drop pass after pass after pass.  What has Thomas done to deserve playing time?

And what about all the targets to DeVante Parker today?  What did he do to deserve such loyalty?  I’ll give him credit for making some good grabs today, but will he ever, and I mean ever, break a tackle?  Or try to?

Meanwhile, Landry was catching every single pass his way for 10 yards at a time, but of course Gase stopped calling on him.

Kenyan Drake averaged 5 yards per carry, but Gase stopped calling his plays too.  Being down by 8 or or 11 is still close enough where you can run the ball.  Espeically when this kid is proving himself the past month and had proven it early against Buffalo.  But instead, Adam Gase thought that Thomas and Parker were the answers instead of Drake and Landry.

  • Did Gase not notice how the cold weather killed Cutler? He couldn’t pass accurately and he could not hold onto the ball.   4 fumbles while no one was near him!  His own handwarmer caused my fumbles than the Bills.   And yet Gase thought long passes would be accurate?
  • We all saw how well Drake did when lined up outside vs. New England.  So then why did Gase hardly even try that same formation vs. Buffalo?   Why was Gase so stupid?
  • Where were the bootlegs that buckled the Partriots knees all night?
  • Where were the play action fakes?
  • Where were the motions by Landry to confuse the D?
  • Why on earth did Gase abandon ALL of those successful plays?

Gase will incorrectly answer those questions with his typical arrogant ignorance:  “We couldn’t try any of that because the defense wasn’t giving us the looks I expected.”  Watch, he will say something like that..always basing his offense on what the defense shows, instead of dictating the other way around.

The one series that had me boiling mad at Gase was still in the third quarter.  We faced a 3rd and 7 from Buffalo’s 35 yardline or so.  We were down 18 but plenty of time to get back in the game.  Gase correctly decided that he was in 4-down territory, since it was too far for a field goal and too close to punt.  So we had two plays to gain 7 yards.  Instead of running the Landry slants, which have worked wonderfully for 3 straight weeks, Gase instead called for a 7-step dropback and a 25-yard pass.   Our season was on the line, and Gase called a low-percentage long pass on third and 7.  Incomplete of course.

Gase then doubled down on his own lunacy by calling an even DEEPER pass on 4th down.  Interception, of course.

A few times, the announcers confirmed what I’ve pointed out a million times this year.  On 3rd-and-short situations, the Dolphins average pass attempts are well over 10 yards.   So when we need a yard, we throw it 11 yards.   When we need 5, we throw it 15.  Need 7?  Throw it 25 or 30 yards deep.   And it works sooooooo often, that Gase sticks with it for the next game. Infuriating stubbornness.

The onside kick made it fun and interesting, but that only lasted one play.  No way can that final pick be JC’s fault.   The receiver must have ran the route wrong.

Meanwhile the Titans and Chargers lost, so we had a chance of gaining ground in the once-possible-but-now-gone playoff hunt.  The Steelers had the Pats beat by 11 points at home, and they gave it away.  That shows me that the Dolphins have the talent to beat good teams like New England and Atlanta.  So then why do we lose to garbage teams like Tampa and Buffalo?  Thank you for your innovation, Mr. Gase.

By the way, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is selling the team, and we can only hope Stephen Ross buys them (after selling the Dolphins to someone new, of course).

This is what the Bills did to our season:

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  1. Couldn’t agree more about Radiator Taylor. He is simply awful-except against us. We need an OC and he’s right up I-95 a few hours-Lane Kiffin. But Gase’s ego won’t permit him to do that. And as long as he makes all the calls,we are doomed.As long as Gase is HC,we are doomed.But at least Kiffin will be a major step forward. But what would Gase do if Kiffin is OC? Since he needs to have a clipboard in his hands to breathe,just give him one and headphones that connect to nobody!

    1. Author

      Gase is an offensive genius though, remember? Just ask him, he’ll tell ya.

  2. Didn’t run the ball enough, hands down. What a gross follow-up to the Pats game on Monday. I didn’t think we were playoff bound anyway, but would be nice to not embarrass ourselves the last few weeks

    1. Author

      True, and mark my words, Gase will incorrectly state “We were down, so running wasn’t an option” He has every excuse in the world for why he refuses to run the ball. Whether it’s Ajayi averaging 4 yards per carry, or now Drake averaging 5…Gase will say he is right and we are all wrong. We were down 11, and Gase was passing up the middle and using up precious clock. Might as well run it and ask Drake to get out of bounds.

  3. There was something more annoying than the Dolphins this game – that woman announcer CBS and the NFL subjected us to. It didn’t matter to them that her voice was grating and not suited for football – as long as she was female, it fit their PC liberal agenda, and she was going to get the gig. The Dolphins are hard enough to watch without that.

    1. Author

      Shemp, I’m going to have a blog very soon about that very subject. Several people in our live-game chat were saying the same thing, and I agree 101%. But so much more to it than that. More to come.

      1. I think she also did a game on ESPN. I flipped that game on, heard her voice and turned it right off.

  4. Not sure what game you watched. I watched the games yesterday with a couple friends none of which are dolphins fans and they all agreed cutler lost that game for Miami no doubt. 3 interceptions, 1 of them was a drive killing over throw and another 1 he over throw stills by a mile. If we just had a consistent quaterback this team would be fine.

    1. I agree to a point. Yes, Cutler was very bad but Adam Gase consistently puts this team in very low percentage positions. I said before that he seems unprepared for contingency. When a team shows a different look, he seems confused and calls poor plays. His use of Drake was masterful against New England and piss-poor against Buffalo.

  5. Author

    Adam Gase continues his lies! He said that over the next two weeks, the Dolphin players are “playing for their jobs.” Really? So if Julia Thomas and DeVante Parker continue to suck, that means you’ll immediately cut them? Just like you’ve said for 2 years. When a player does not perform, you claim you will bench them, but you never do.

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