Adam Gase Calls Plays for the Rams, and Ryan Tannehill is executing them

The Rams tried 10 different long passes on 10 different third-and-shorts.    Jared Goff sits straight back in the pocket and allows himself to be sacked. He was simply Gawful.

I swear, it was like watching the Dolphins’ offense.

The Rams put a man in motion, sprinting behind the QB, on 90% of their plays, but never once handed it to him.  Because the passing game was going so well.

If you try a low-percentage long fade route and it almost gets picked off on first down, by all means try it again on second down.

Sean McVay didn’t even try.  The exact same 8-step dropback pass play yielded nothing all night, but he called it again and again. No shotgun?  No razzle.  No dazzle.   Garbage play calling.

Give the Patriots D credit for playing well.   BIll Belichick had all the answers, but only because Sean McVay gave him the questions in advance.

By running the same basic plays expectedly, the Rams made it so simple.    And now we have to hear how great our new coach is.   Romo called it right.  This is Bill’s defense, not Flores.   Anyone can be an assistant linebacker coach like Flores when your boss is a defensive genius.  And anyone can be a defensive genius when the Rams don’t even try.

Ndamakong Suh should have punched McVay and Goff in the face.  Each. Twice.


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  1. Author

    now 8 for 8 on missed third downs…and every single one they tried a long pass

  2. Author

    And remember, when you throw a low-percentage long fade route on first down and it fails miserably, always call for it a second time in a row.

  3. How about that dumb fuck on the Chiefs who lined up Offside on the game-winning interception that wasn’t?

    1. Author

      Refs weren’t a factor later, but in the first quarter, they called a 15-yard personal foul because the defender didn’t let the receiver run before making the clean tackle. I’ve never seen that called ever

  4. This was the most blunder- filled SB – I had ever seen.

    The rams were known for calling “Jet Sweeps” – all season long, most in the league. You could call it their bread and butter. Thought I would see it early and often. Even Romo was begging for it. When you have an inexperienced qb like Goff, that play (and others like it) – are the way you want to start out the game, and THEN make your adjustments, if needed.

    By halftime, (3-0 snooze fest) romo said – look for both teams to make radical Adjustments on offense. Yeah Right. One TD the whole game ? – that’s radical all right.

    Goff rollouts ? trick plays ? All out blitzes on Brady ?

    None of the above was ever tried, not once.

    And regarding the refs, whenever you play the pats, you ALWAYS have to beat Both them and the refs, regardless of how big the game is. That NEVER changes, Ever !

    1. “And regarding the refs, whenever you play the pats, you ALWAYS have to beat Both them and the refs, regardless of how big the game is. That NEVER changes, Ever !”
      maybe Flores para los muertos can bring us some of that magic?

    2. Author

      Perfect post, AJ. Absolutley spot on, and I’m glad you noticed the same issues that I did. Maybe the game plan was to avoid the Jet Sweeps. NE would be expecting it, so we won’t run it. We’ll run up the gut instead. BUT…when NE stops the runs up the middle virtually every play, then change it up. try the sweep at least once for God’s sake.
      Romo repeatedly called out that the Patriot D-linemen were simply bullrushing up the middle, while the DBs dropped back. No slants and angles or stunts. Just straight ahead rushing. Football 101 tells us that a draw play will beat that every time. You know how many draw plays the Rams called? Zero. No draws, no sweeps, no rollouts.
      I’m not saying the Rams needed to try a flea-flicker every play, but man!! At least try something other than a run up the gut or a straight-dropback pass, where Jared Gawful was getting creamed before he could plant his feet. I think the Rams ran 3 or 4 different plays all night. It was the same thing every play!

  5. Author

    And now the Herald has about 45 articles gushing over Brian Flores, as if the assistant linebacker coach built that defense. Belichick has proven that no matter who “coordinates” his defense, they win. He’s had 5 different DCs in the last 9 Super Bowls. It doesn’t matter who has the title of DC…we all know that BB calls the defensive shots there.

  6. Hey Admin, It’s official now! Chris Grier was allowed to hire his friend Brian Flores

  7. I bet you people will ignore the fact that in last years super bowl with a different defensive coordinator the pats gave up 41 points to a backup QB. Brian Flores more than proved himself last night and if you don’t think so there’s a good chance his color of skin is the reason why.

    1. Author

      LOL. Adam Gase had white skin and I was against hiring him too. These guys are way too young and haven’t paid their dues. Zero experience handling the myriad duties of being a head coach.
      Coordinating the linebackers on a Belichick-built defense is a LOT different than having to build that defense yourself. Chris Grier hired his friend and never even considered anyone else. If you think that is a good way to hire someone (anyone), then we’ll just agree to disagree.

      1. So I guess you would be happier with Kliff Kingsbury? Or Matt LaFleur? Or Zac Taylor? All three got head coaching jobs because they are friends with Sean McVay. Miami just hired the dude who took McVay behind the woodshed. It’s funny u think you know more than most NFL gms who chose not to interview Rex Ryan (a total joke of a head coach who failed to field a winning team in his last 5 years as a head coach) or McCarthy who couldn’t even field a top 20 offense with Aaron Fucking Rodgers. Or maybe you wanted Miami to keep Gase since the Jets hired him. Seriously name one team who got a more promising coach than Miami? And if you say Bruce Arians remember he retired last time he was a head coach cause he couldn’t handle it and was fearing for his health lol. Yea all those guys seem so much better than Flores.

        1. Author

          I’m still laughing at Zac Taylor. Philbin gave that unqualified bum his first job, and he milked it into a head coaching gig. Look how great Zac’s offense did yesterday!

    2. Finsfan27 💯 it’s all coming to light

      1. Author

        FF27, you obviously latched onto the Miami Herald praise-wagon of Brian Flores. But it’s the same praise that went to Adam Gase that one season when Denver scored a jillion points. Succeeding with someone else’s tools is not the same as creating those tools yourself.
        I hope to be back here, same time next year, begging for your forgiveness and telling you how wrong I was about Flores. I am a Dolphin fan far more than I am a fan of any one coach. i would love for Flores to excel and shut me up.
        But until then, he is just another Patriot assistant who got a head coaching job. All the others have failed. Let’s hope Flo is the exception.

        1. No I didn’t I can’t stand Armando he is a racist and a cry baby (look no further than when he called Kaepernick the devil, or when he told a Vietnam war veteran he sucked cause America lost the war). Gase put up numbers with the one of greatest QBs ever and got absolutely embarrassed in the super bowl. Flores doesn’t have a real star on his defense yet he turned around a defense that was horrible last year (they are statistically much better this year, 7th in points allowed) in his first year. Plus he is bringing Caldwell (former head coach) and Capers (respected defensive mind) with him.

  8. Let’s look at the positive it will be harder for belicheat to cheat on the Fins now. Flo should know all of his tricks especially when in NE. Maybe just maybe BB is actually senile now and his coaches have been doing the work. If anything he has to know what’s been going on up there…

    As per the game the Rams offence lost that game more than anything. Although a close second is Phillips deciding to ignore edelweiss. His biggest weapon so let’s just let him have a picnic out there. Had LB’ers on him half the time like that works. Do these coordinators watch film they know that they love the slot receiver more than anything..

    1. Author

      ” it will be harder for belicheat to cheat on the Fins now.” LOL—That is the comment of the year so far. Very true.
      I will be positive, and I look forward to what we do in the draft and how Flo handles the players. If anything, I hope he brings the Patriot grit and discipline with him. Man, I can’t handle another head coach who tries to be the players’ friend. Bill Belichick does not take the Patriots out to the movies. That was Mr. Gase !

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