Brian Flores Takes Over as Head Coach

In the worst-kept secret in sports history, the Miami Dolphins officially named Brian Flores as head coach.

As has been reported for about a month, the Dolphins chose Flores early on but had to wait to make it official because of league rules.  I will point out one last time that I question this decision.  Flores came up as an administrative office assistant in the scouting department just a few short years ago, and I question his experience.   I also question his role in the Patriots defense.   Just ask Matt Patricia, Steve Sidwell, Romeo Crenell, Dean Pees…they will tell you how easy it is to be a Championship defensive coordinator when it’s really Bill Belichick’s defense.    BB wins Super Bowls no matter who “coordinates” his defense.

That being said, I’ve said my piece and it’s time to move on.

I watched Flores’ press conference and studied every interview I could find over the past few days.  There are some good things to like about Flores.

First and foremost, I like his humble nature.   He’s not out there to tell you he is smarter than everyone, like Adam Gase did from the very get-go.   No, Flores has some humility about him, but you can sense his confidence too.   I’m eager to see him take that confidence out onto the field.

He said he didn’t want to rush a head coaching job, but wanted to wait for the right time.  I believe that.   I don’t think anyone else ever offered him a head coaching job before, and he certainly had no other jobs to turn down this year, but still he wasn’t out there trying to circulate his name as a candidate,   He waited for the right time and allowed himself to be contacted, instead of reaching out.

His football philosophy seems strong and sound.  I think it’s a bit cliched when he repeatedly talks of “team first” and things like that. But for the most part, he does seem to understand all the moving parts and all the egos that go into making up a team.  For example, if Reshad Jones or Jay Ajayi or Jarvis Landry are acting up because they want to win, then I get the feeling that Flores will sit them down to discuss it with them.   He won’t suspend them or trade them like or pal Adam Gase.

He has a winning attitude and a lot of experience with winners.   That has to rub off and count for something, right?

He seems honest in how he evaluates the Dolphins.   He didn’t say we are one or two pieces away.  But he didn’t say we are awful either.   Just a few weeks ago, his defense lost to the Dolphins, so he knows we’re not a bunch of scrubs.   I look forward to how this plays out.  How much input will Flores have in talent evaluation vs. how much say does Chris Grier have.

I must say one last thing, since it’s come up repeatedly here on our blog, that I was glad to see race and ethnicity kept out of it so far.   Ross did not mention the black GM/HC combo, so that tells us that Flores was hired for the right reasons:   because he is an outstanding coach.   Beforehand, I feared Ross was on one of his p.c. crusades, but it appears not.  He chose the right man for the right reasons, and that’s another bright sign for the Dolphins.

The NFL business year opens pretty soon, then we’ll see what becomes of Ryan Tannehill and everyone else.  Keep checking back for updates, and we’ll keep discussing things in our comments.

Also, this just in:   The Rams may actually add another play to their playbook next year!!  Maybe they realized that running the same 2 or 3 predictable plays every single play in a game is not a good idea.  Ya think?



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  1. Lots of money tied up into some bad players.

    1. We only have a handful of players worth keeping-that’s how bad we are.

  2. We are only a few players away from the playoffs!

    1. If you consider 45 a few,yes! LOL B.

      1. Lol……. it’s all a matter of perspective!

  3. If you were coming in would you give every player a clean slate. Ie. Parker, branch, etc… see what happens or would you simply evaluate and purge the lineup give rookies a chance to play immediately?

    Branch should go he’s underperformed and I’m tempted to cut Parker due to zero effort although maybe he plays for a new coach… tough call….

    1. I think that coaches, especially talent evaluators like Flores is, have enough tape on these guys that their opinion has been made before he took the job.

    2. Author

      Great question. Personally, I would NOT simply give everyone a clean slate. I would study game film of every single Dolphins play over the past few years and make some preliminary evaluations. Then I would talk to the player. Andre Branch is a good example. On film, he was not productive enough. But in his case, was Matt Burke or Adam Gase holding him back? Maybe Branch would have been a stud if Burke knew how to use him. Ask Branch to rush the passer the same exact way on every single down makes him very easy to account for. Perhaps Branch would tell Flores something like, “If Burke let me blitz instead of dropping me back into coverage, I woulda had more sacks.” Game film would prove that out, one way or another. And perhaps Flores has schemes in mind to take advantage of Branch.
      Now, compare that to Devante Parker. Game film on Parker shows a multitude of dropped passes. Worse, he often tipped balls right into defenders’ arms. He rarely made extra effort. And he certainly missed lots of games.
      When you drop passes consistently for 3 straight years, you cannot blame the scheme, or blame the coach, or blame anyone. Parker sucks on paper and he sucks on game day. Flores needs to see that a mile away and cut him.

      I think these scenarios hold true throughout the whole roster. Some guys MAY deserve a clean slate because of how they were used in the past. (Charles Harris comes to mind here. A college stud who is a terrible pro…perhaps he just needs a great D coach to improve himself.) Other guys DO NOT deserve a clean slate, because their faults have nothing to do with schemes.

      1. Admin…I agree has Gase given the players the best chance to be who they can be …my opinion NO …Parker is a different story and so is Tanny ..Gase and Burke had these players confused all the time and put them in positions they don’t play well at with as I said Tanny and Parker whom I think will be gone ….I thought Charles Harris was going to be a great player but I have yet to see any improvement or is that because Burke didn’t cater to his strengths …I don’t know but some of these players deserve a clean slate ….how many players in the last 10 years has the phins let go and yet they are very productive with another team ….look at Damien Williams ….didn’t really do squat here and he looked good elsewhere KC I think…I think Gore was a mistake cause its holding Drake back and never get to see his potential.

        1. Author

          I thought signing Gore was a big mistake like Larry Johnson, Knowshon Moreno, and especially Arian Foster. But I gotta tell ya, Gor won me over and I eat my words.
          The guy went all out every time he touched the ball. He was the main reason I wanted Gase to run more often. Gore hit those tiny holes and powered through them consistently. If Gore were unproductive and Gase used him anyway, then I’d agree that it holds Drake back. But when Gore is gashing defenses, it’s hard to bench him. I’d give him serious consideration for another one-year deal. I wold not want to face him as an opponent on some other team,

      2. Yeah I can’t disagree admin some players were definitely misused while others flat out stunk. Parker I’d like to cut but being so young you hope that maybe the new coach gets through to him. I assume that they’ll meet like you said and see what comes of it. I’d challenge players like that worst case cut them later or possibly trade them for jocks…

  4. Nice to see you giving him a chance. I think we all hope he becomes the greatest coach in NFL history.

    1. For sure I don’t believe that none of us weren’t giving him a chance we were concerned that he was hired for the wrong reasons. Also lack of experience but the whole thing is a crap shoot…

    2. Author

      For sure. I was impressed with his philosophies and his style so far.

    3. I dont think anyone ever criticized Flores. I was questioning Ross’ decision to hire someone without a complete resume. Like he has twice before and both ending in the same manner. Flores is now my favorite coach and I am all in but will be as critical of him and Ross if he demonstrates Gase-like incompetence.

      1. Author

        Flores announced his staff today. No surprises. No excitement. Plenty of head scratching. You bring in a seasoned offensive pro like Jim Caldwell, but you don’t let him calls plays? And you take a couple of inexperienced unknowns and task them with creating our defense?
        You throw Darren Rizzi out the window in favor of a new guy who’s been on 4 teams the last few years?
        Okay, I said I would remain positive, so I’ll end here !

        1. We know it’s hsrd for you..a leopard can’t change it’s spots..

  5. Would you guys trade for Foles I’m hearing 3-4th rounder would do it? I still think that they need to draft a QB but this would allow them to compete in the meantime…or would you prefer to play a rookie QB?

    1. Author

      Yes! A Super Bowl champion in return for a 4th round nobody? Take that in a second. Also, Flacco is going to Denver. We missed that opportunity. We have too much talent on offense to just tank on purpose all year. Just look at our WRs. Amendola is identical to Edelman…he just needs an offense where the coach calls his name once in a while. Grant and Wilson are so hard to defend. Stills as a long threat. Carroo and the other practice squadders in case someone gets hurt. What team has a better WR corps? Foles passing to these guy would be awesome.

      1. I believe that if they can fix both lines they can be competitive especially if they had a decent QB. Remember some injured players will be back as well. If they go with a rookie QB it’s a crapshoot…

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