Adam Gase leading all the coaching rumors

Several media outlets are reporting that the Dolphins are fixated on hiring Adam Gase to be our next head coach.

You know Gase, right?

He’s the mastermind of the potent last-place Bears’ offense.   No accomplishments under his belt.   No championships.

Please Mr. Ross… NO NO NO NO NO

This guys is less qualified than Joe Philbin.   Why on earth is he even on the radar?

As unqualified and unaccomplished as Gase is, the scary omen is this is exactly the same type of fellow that Stephen Ross has hired before.  Say it ain’t so.

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  1. The one thing we know we can all count on is Ross to make another bad choice!! LOL

    1. Author

      Yep. And unless you are a member of the Gase family, I cannot think of one person on this planet who would be excited by the hiring of Adam Gase. Can you envision the elation among the Dolphins players? Zzzzzzz.
      Certainly no Dolphin fans are abuzz about him.
      Even with the hirings of Bill Lazor, Scam Cameron, and even Clueless Joe to some extent, I had some enthusiasm and some hopefulness. But with Gase, nothing’s there.
      And then 5 minutes after Ross announces the hiring of Gase, San Fran will announce the hiring of Matt Patricia, NYG will hire Josh McDaniel, and Tampa will hire Mike Shula.
      (Not saying those guys are sure-thing excellent coaches, but ANY of them will get my curiosity peaked…whereas Gase/Ross combo will just peak our anger)

  2. I look forward to watching the “progress” of the Dolphins as they continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL.

  3. I mean, in just 8 years Ross has already made tremendous progress. LOL
    ( see I bash more than just Tannepuke!)

  4. Are you kidding me ,Gase is the frontrunner in the coaching hunt ,this just gets better and better,no experience and is OC of the bears who offense is worse than ours ,please this has to be a joke.

    1. Is there really an offense worse than ours? YIKES!

  5. Not sure why but he’s a hot tomale for the Eagles too, so, he may end up some place else. But one things for sure- we’ll be having this same discussion in about 3 years!

  6. Who the heck is this unproven guy we never EVER heard of, and why is this moron owner even considering interviewing him? Come on Man! I can’t take another crapola coach. Is Mike Shula in the running? would really hate it if Tampa hired him and not Miami. This dumb ass owner is ruining this organization. After so many discouraging years, fans will lose interest for good.

  7. He had one year in Chicago before that he was in Denver, remind me how there offense was the last two years before this? Oh yea that’s right record setting so do some research before you say he has no accomplishments

    1. He’s a POS. In Denver,he had a HOF QB. And a very good offense. Even YOU would have looked good as OC. Fast forward to him with the Bears and far less talent and presto, POS offense. Move along.

      1. Exactly. Good QB’s make the coaches look great. Crap QB’s like Tannepuke get all the coaches fired.

      2. So why the one year he leaves the broncos offense falls off a cliff? Manning was hurt last year as well and gase still found ways to get that offense going

    2. Author

      You want a reminder about Denver’s offense? Okay, you got it.
      Gase inherited a “pretty good” QB in someone named Manning, and also Wes Welker in his prime, Knowshon Moreno, and an incredible offensive line. The team’s talent, not Gase, won them some games. They choked in the Super Bowl under Gase.
      Giving Gase credit for Peyton Manning’s Denver years is just like saying Gary Stephens is the reason that Marino was good.
      So I stand by my truthful and accurate statement: Gase has no accomplishments.

      1. Once again offense fell off big time without him passing and running game was much worse with the same exact players

        1. Author

          Um, they are the Number One seed WITHOUT Gase.
          You would have a good point if Denver became a failure without Gase.

          1. They have the best defense in football there offense fell off a cliff that’s all I need to say what the defense does has nothing to do with gase!

  8. Adam Gase, another coordinator loser like Cameron, Philbin, etc, etc, etc.

  9. Don’t know if Gase is ready to be a head coach but all I’ve heard about is how he is an innovative offensive mind and very intelligent. And these things were being said before the current coaching searches began. He did keep Jay Cutler from turning the ball over at his usual rate and Cutler also experienced the highest passer rating of his career under Gase. And there is a huge difference between him and Philbin as far as demand. Philbin landed in Miami because no one else wanted the job. Miami wanted Harbaugh or Fisher remember? Gase is arguably the most in demand candidate on this year’s market. Nothing wrong with a first time guy as long as it’s the right guy. Even an experienced head coach can be the wrong hire if it’s the wrong experienced coach. I say give Gase a chance. I’m buying the kool-aid simply because he’s so highly-regarded in league circles. Neither Billick or Gruden are coming out of retirement so they are both out of the question.

    1. Yes thankfully for us and football in general,Billick is NOT coming out. Nobody wants him. As far as cutting down on Cutler’s turnovers, great. And highest passer rating,great again. Let him continue to be an OC or QB coach. Bottom line,the Bears offense was awful b/c he didn’t have the quality players he did in Denver to make him look so good.

  10. If the Dolphins hire this coordinator,they are absolute morons. There are seasoned and proven individuals with head coaching experience out there. Enough is enough with this coach carousel. We’re a huge market and totally deserve a winning franchise. Forget these coordinators who had NEVER been head coaches. The Dolphins aren’t the experiment or the training ground for wanabe coaches.

  11. I think Ross is too cheap to pay for a real coach.

  12. The only coaches with headcoaching experience on the market are Shanahan, Mike Smith, Doug Marrone and Lovie Smith. Coughlin hasn’t said for sure if he will coach next season. FYI, every headcoach starts off as a coordinator at some point.

    1. @DOLFGANG!!
      “FYI, every headcoach starts off as a coordinator at some point”.
      Thanks for sharing. I thought they were baristas from Starbucks.

    2. Author

      I’m not opposed to hiring a coordinator to become our head coach. I just want to ensure it’s the right one. An unaccomplished coach from a losing organization like Gase brings nothing to the table. Matt Patricia is from a championship organization, but his defensive strategies simply are not sound. The Dolphins beat him for God’s sake! Patricia’s defense is based on “We have to hold them to under 31 points” because Brady will get us 32 each week. He has a Super Bowl title only because Pete Carroll made the worst coaching decision in sports history, or else Patricia wouldn’t even be on the radar.
      The difference between Brian Billick, and why I like him, as opposed to Gruden and Cowher is that Billick was FIRED. He was pissed and has something to prove still. Gruden and Cowher got bored and quit. Nothing to prove. Nothing to drive them.
      Speaking of that drive…don’t you think Mike Shula would be just a little bit obsessed with winning? Knowing whose shoes he has to fill. He’s not a bad option. I kinda hope Carolina chokes early in the playoffs so we can interview Mike.

  13. I am opposed to hiring ANOTHER F’N coordinator for HC, let them audition somewhere else. The last 6 HC’s we’ve hired were NEVER HC’s in the NFL and they all FAILED. No more coaches with training wheels stop the experiments and pay for a proven NFL HC!!! GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Author

      By Jay’s logic, we should then just hire Mike Pettine. He was a horrible head coach in Cleveland, but Jay’s only criteria is head coaching experience.

      1. I didn’t say that’s my ONLY criteria MORON!

        1. Author

          Relax, Jay. I’m only half kidding with you. I was gonna use the 49ers coach who just got fired, but I was too lazy to look up the spelling of his name.

  14. I doubt that the younger Shula wants the pressure of coaching a team that his dad made a dynasty. The expectactions of his namesake would be too high.

  15. BTW, the last 3 HC’s we hired WITH EXPERIENCE all had winning records w/Fins.

    1. Author

      Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, and then all the way back to Shula.
      Jay is correct.

  16. Any former headcoach available at this point is only available because he got fired at some point. Former headcoaches fail too, not only coordinators on their first gigs. It’s about the getting the right guy. Regardless of experience level.

  17. @Admin,

    Sorry but that’s the second time you put words in my mouth. I think they should limit the candidates to prior NFL HC experience and then narrow that. Puts the chances of success MUCH higher.

    And I also think they should think outside the box. Existing HC’s can always switch if the incentive is there. Its not limited to the 5-6 mentioned.

  18. With Jay on this one. I think the new coach should have HC experience ideally. There are just too many examples of a brillant defensive or offensive mind that fail to have any other necessary characteristics of a HC. Maybe other teams can gamble on these guys but we require someone who knows more about proper NFL talent and how to make them gel into a team not a person who knows a couple of good plays. This person also needs to have proven that they can prepare a strategy that maximizes their opponent’s weaknesses and not just a game plan that consists of what their team does well.

  19. Nothing wrong with hiring a proven headcoach if one is on the market. However outside of Shanahan there are none on the market that have won anything of note. Tomlin, first time NFL headcoach that panned out, Sean Payton also won big early on in his first headcoaching gig. It’s not about experience only. Experience is good though but shouldn’t be the deciding factor. What’s more important is competence, work ethic, vision, adaptability, and a sound philosophy. Those things will contribute more to coaching success than experience will.

  20. Sadly for everyone concerned, there is not a quality candidate available right now. Shanahan may be the closest from the pool of former HCs. I like Matt Patricia but then again, no HC experience. Mike Smith was with the Falcons but never won big.
    I think we’re out of viable options.

  21. I’m not an expert on this but couldn’t they offer Pete Carroll
    15-20mill/yr and give Seattle a couple of draft picks compensation? I think it would be well worth it.

  22. Oh No! its Joe Philbin and Cam Cameron revisited!! Can u say CELLAR DWELLARS??

  23. If this is true I just cant root for this “team” anymore. They are so hopeless and I am so done with them.

  24. Cheapo Ross picks the cheapest coach he could find.

  25. I see Coughlin may be interviewing with Eagles.

  26. From Miami Dolphins Update on FB:”DOLPHINS TO HIRE GASE? A team source tells Local 10 that the Dolphins are “making progress” towards hiring Adam Gase as the team’s new head coach”.
    I was wrong-I guess this WON’T end in my lifetime!

  27. UPDATE

    Dolphins hire Gase and will not have a winning season for the next 5 years

    This sucks

    Ross Sucks

    Our team will continue to suck

  28. And there you have it-15 minutes ago at 1145am-Welcome to Miami, Adam Gase! I just threw up in my mouth!

  29. LOL-you should see the blowback and outright hatred on Dolphins FB page. Only 1 guy so far is positive. They are getting blasted and so is Ross and entire organization.

  30. Tom Flores, Don Shula, Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Mike McCarthy, Mike Tomlin. What do all of this superbowl winning coaches have in common? Their first head coaching job was with an NFL team.

    Who’s to say Gase will not be a successful coach? He has to start somewhere, right.

    If he is so bad, why is he in such demand by many teams?

    Why would you want to bring an old, fired, “experienced” coach here?

    Brian Billick? Why not unearth Vince Lombardi.

    Would any owner fire an “experienced” championship HC? No way, unless the owner is the deranged crypt keeper.

    1. Are you related to Gase? Seriously! The guy is a slug. Have you read ANYTHING in this thread at all?

  31. How does Ross keep screwing the fans year after year with garbage teams yet still keeps making money? Doesn’t seem fair.

    1. It’s not fair but Ross is guaranteed a profit.

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