So much for a long detailed search

Stephen Ross has done it again.

In yet another slap to the face of all Dolfans (and there have been many slaps), Ross abandoned a long, thoughtful and meaningful coaching search.

Instead, he listened to his inexperienced and unaccomplished search committee and hired some guy who some other guy told Ross was a hot commodity.    Not a skilled championship coach with experience… But rather a guy we hired because someone thinks another team wanted him.

Thus we are stuck with Adam Gase.   A young Joe Philbin.   The latest offensive guru who is gonna turn us around.    Just like Cam and Joe and Lazor and Campbell and Sherman all did.

The hiring of an inexperienced coach doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that Ross did this all in 4 days. After telling us how thorough the search would be, Ross lied and hired the first guy his yes-men staff suggested.

Never mind Shananhan or Billick or Coughlin or other championships coaches.    We have a kid named Gase!

let’s hope we’re wrong here.  Only time will tell.   But past experience is an indicator of future success.   And the way Ross keeps hiring offensive geniuses to turn us around has worked out so well in the past…

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  1. How does Ross keep screwing the fans year after year with garbage teams yet still keeps making money? Doesn’t seem fair.

  2. Will be begging to have Philbin back after this season You just wait and see.

  3. So….our HC has never been a HC before, our OC has never been an OC before, and our our DC has never been a DC before. Can u say we stink AGAIN! Amazing what progress Ross has made in just 8 years!! LMAO!!

    1. 2 weeks ago said 3-4 wins next season. Let me downgrade to 2-3 wins a POSSIBLY the TOP DRAFT CHOICE-(where we can draft a QB).

  4. I really would have preferred a head coach who actually has head coaching experience but I also wasn’t crazy about what we had to choose from. Please don’t anyone try to offer up Mike Smith as a better choice though. And I really don’t want to hear about coaches who have been out of football for years and about how they were viable options because they had something to prove. Anyone who gets the job has something to prove. In the end, this decision is unpopular and makes all of us Dolphin fans feel like we’re perennially walking the hamster wheel but I’m still willing to give him a shot. Call me crazy if you want.

  5. When philbin came in it was well documented that he never called plays in Green Bay. For gase he is know for being innovative and was sought after on the open market. So pretty much the opposite of philbin, just cause there both offensive coordinators doesn’t make them the same. There are a lot of different ways to run a successful offense and I for one am looking forward to seeing what gase can do with this team

    1. Uh, Lazor was also,”known for being innovative” We see how that worked out. As was that idiot Kelly in Philly and we see how that went when he blew up the roster and couldn’t win an easy division.

  6. For once Miami gets a head coach other teams actually wanted and all y’all do is complain, I mean beside nick saban have Miami hired coach that was well known before coming here? No they haven’t this guys is well known tho and I think it shows a turnaround that the first person who gets offered the job accepts it, unlike before when philbin was like the 5th choice


  8. Gase had one year in Chicago with a bad oline an injured Matt forte, injured alshown Jeffery and there rookie receiver was hurt all year

    1. Which just proves he can’t coach. You and I could have coached the talent he was blessed with in Denver. Move along.

      1. If me or you could coach that offense they why did it suck this year? Before u say manning was hurt, he was also hurt the second half of last season and gase found a way to turn cj Anderson into one of the best weapons in the league. This year Anderson sucked he had like 3 good games and got outplayed by Ronnie hillman. Gase got a lot out of Langford the bears backup running back no one ever heard of. With the backs Miami has we should be excited for this

        1. How did Peyton Manning ever survive without Adam Gase? LMAO!!

        2. Wait. What? Denver’s offense sucked according to Zach…. You mean the Top Seed Denver?.

  9. I know the Dolphins made yet ANOTHER crap choice but I do have good news. This guarantees a very high draft pick for the next 3 years.

    1. No,it will be top pick as early as 2017 with the schedule we have coming up.

  10. Hey, nobody decent wanted to work for the Ross circus….

    1. And not as long as TannenBOMB calls all the shots too. There IS not light at the end of the tunnel. We need to start a pool TODAY guessing when he will be canned.

      1. Re: above statement-when Gase will be fired.

  11. This just in my e-mail:

    We are excited to announce that Adam Gase has been named our 12th head coach in franchise history.

    Adam comes to Miami from the Chicago Bears, where he served as offensive coordinator in 2015. The Bears implemented more of a balanced offensive attack that improved the team’s rushing totals from No. 27 to No. 11 as the unit averaged 25.6 more rushing yards per game.

    Adam also brings a wealth of knowledge and success to Miami as the offensive coordinator for the greatest offense in NFL history. While Gase was the Denver Broncos’ offensive coordinator in 2013 and 2014, the Broncos led the NFL in scoring offense (34.0 points per game), total offense (430.1 yards per game) and passing offense (315.8 yards per game).

    Visit to watch the live press conference at 3 p.m. and learn more about your new head coach.

    In addition to our commitment to winning on the field, we are committed to providing the best in-stadium fan experience. With the addition of the shade canopy and 4 HD video boards, the all-new stadium is a world-class facility. Thank you for all of your continued support and we look forward to seeing you throughout 2016.

  12. I know more football than this kid….

  13. More of the same – this time it’s a coach who never played college or pro football. He’ll get the boot after the 2016 season ends. Ross and his gang of incompetents have again made another blunder.

    1. Yes, if not a coach with head coaching experience, at least hire a coach with playing experience. Nope

  14. I personally think that they need an experienced coach to put the team in the right direction. A guy like Shanahan may not be innovative but they need meat and potatoes football. I just hope this kid recognizes this and can grow with the team. On a good note he realized he had a great thing with Forte and used him that’s already a plus over Philbin…

  15. Mike shut the fuck up u don’t know more football than a goddam 5th grader

    1. @Zach



  17. @Zach. Well at least you’re one of the few in here that actually stays abreast of the modern NFL game. Gase was arguably the hottest commodity on this year’s market. Coughlin is too old and I doubt that he’ll actually take any job that he interviews for. Shanahan’s philosophy may be outdated and Mike Smith is just another also ran. I find it interesting that Dolphins fans are pissed about the Gase hiring but Eagles and Giants fas are pissed that their respective franchises didn’t get him. I don’t know if he’ll succeed but saying he’ll suck for the sake it is just unfounded at this point.

  18. Another bad choice by Ross. Shanahan or Kelly might have turned the team around but this kid has no chance going up against Belichick and Ryan.

    1. Steve Ross, the worst owner in sports.

  19. Even homer Joe Rose is knocking the pick.

  20. The decision has been made and as fans we have to accept that. I’ve read and listened to the press conference and I like Gase’s demeanor and how he answered questions.
    I also read a really good article on the Phinsiders you guys should read that compared Gase’s coaching lineage to Joe Philbin’s. VERY VERY encouraging.

    At this point I feel the offensive skill areas are in good hands. The O line is still screwed. What I am more interested in now is how the defensive side of the ball will be handled.

    I’m glad we got the guy in demand this time.

    1. We accept it but don’t have to like it. Gase is another X and O guru on offense, but has zero experience managing a team or personnel decisions or strategic decisions. He always has a boss to do that for him. And now his boss? Stephen Ross.

  21. Half a century of hiring yet another coach who has never been an NFL head coach.

    A quarterback who has terrible pocket presence and who has has no long ball accuracy.

    With all the college QBs that get drafted this losing front office drafts a wide receiver as there QB with a huge paycheck.

    All this fits with Wallace fiasco, and the passing on Drew Brees for a useless Daunte Culpepper and years of drafts with less forethought than kids in a sandbox

  22. Gasse had to be hard up to go to such a sorry excuse of an organization like the dolphins

  23. At least he called his own plays and has said that he will call them here. Already an improvement over Philbin. We need to give him a chance as no one knows if this will be good or bad….

    1. You may not know but most of us do know.

  24. Ross, Tannenbum, Gassy, and Tannepuke! YIKES!!!!!!!!

  25. Philbin never should’ve been fired for this kid. We’re going from bad to worse. Has this kid reached puberty yet?

  26. He said that they’ll look at the roster and fit the scheme around the players not vice versa. By saying that he’s already proven himself to be smarter than clueless Joe. Hands down.

  27. Mine as well start now.


  28. Personally, I think Marty Schottenheimer should have been named the coach of the Dolphins a decade ago….all he does is wins, but I don’t call the shots.

    This kid has been given the keys and I say let’s see how it works. No middle management in the way of his decisions, he’s calling plays. If it rolls 7’s, then they can at least be a playoff contender. Remember when Miami was a perennial playoff team?

    Seems so long ago!!

  29. The entire AFC East is laughing. Except for that laughable win over the Pats, expect the same results next season. And possibly 2-3 wins and top pick in 2017 draft. (look at the schedule if you don’t believe me).

  30. As I have said countless times I really was hoping for an experienced coach who had proven results.

    We get a kid who supposedly fixed Payton Manning? Think about that just a minute. Manning has been playing almost as long as this kid has been watching football on tv and were to believe he had something to do with manning a great stats?

    I think this year with the Bears is a much clearer barometer of where we will end up in 2016

    That said now all we can hope for is a mass firing of the current coaches and this kid convince enough really experienced and qualified assistants to come and work for him

    …….which he (not Ross) may be able to do so that may be the bright spot in the whole deal

    Just my .02

  31. it’s okay everyone…i just bought the winning powerball ticket and with my 1.3 billion (well 800 million after taxes) i will buy the dolphins from ross,hire the worlds greatest GM and let him make all the important decisions,change the uniforms back,and give you all free season passes to a special new Finatic box…(except for jay).Then i will buy the patriots,fire bilicheat and hire philbin,trade brady to the raiders,and replace the rest of the team with peewee players!

    1. Author

      Can I be one of your celebrity co-owners please, like Gloria Estefan’s husband or J-Lo?

  32. To say as a long life Dolphin that I am severely disappointed is an understatement.

    I, like many, never heard of Gase before this. He is no household name in my football house. I EXPECTED a name I would recognize in the world class search Ross promised. Yes, I believed the moron owner-why was I so stupid? Our division rival coaches are Belichek (sp?), Ryan, and Bowles, (we let him get away). Just ponder over that a bit. They aren’t losing sleep over playing Miami.

    Ross screwed the fans once again. You local fans should pull your season tickets, in order to make Ross feel it where it will hurt, his wallet. Just another reason this owner really and truly is the WORST..

  33. I honestly feel sorry for all Finfans. Never a chance at a SB or even a winning team. This owner is the pits and delusional. No hope anymore for a once proud franchise gone to hell.

  34. As we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Once again, the dolphins have hired an offensive coordinator, with no head coaching experience, to be our head coach. They also have reportedly hired a defensive backs coach (Vance Joseph), again, to be our defensive coordinator. If that’s not stupid enough, he’s even from the same team we got the last guy from! Is it possible to fire an owner?????


  36. From Fan sided:”To start, Adam Gase will have control over the 53 man roster. Mike Tannenbaum made it clear that while there will be discussions and that Chris Grier would handle getting players to Miami, the final 53 man roster is Gase’s to control”.
    We’ll see but believe that is simply lip service-I doubt TannenBOMB will cede control. I call bullshit.

        1. You gotta be a sadist-masochist and dumb to still care about such garbage.

    1. “Control” over the 53 man roster means Tannenbaum will hand him the 53 players and he can play who he wants when he wants. Tannenbaum is still picking all the players for the roster.

      1. So Tannenbum “says” he isn’t going to tell Gassy who to play. WHOOPPEE!

  37. It really doesn’t matter who does what cause there isn’t a top football guy anywhere in the franchise.

  38. “During Gase’s press conference, we learned the youngest head coach in the NFL (37) now has full control of the 53-man roster. You might wonder if that power swayed him away from a place such as Philadelphia, where he was considered the number one target. On the other hand, how much actual power and voice will he get? Longtime NFL executive and current ESPN analyst Joe Banner says not too much”.

    Joe Banner 
    don’t think the public understands how little the 53 means. That’s cuts in August.Not draft, not FA, not UDFA, not waivers. Very very little.



    Ryan O’Malley joseph Sprock Ryan Booher Andrew T. McLeod UPTOWNE, USA Sean Walsh Beasts of the East

  39. Dolphins Owner and Michigan alum Stephen Ross on hiring Michigan State alum Adam Gase: “If a Michigan guy can hire a Michigan State guy to lead an organization, that tells you you really found the right guy.”
    He’s a genius for sure!

    1. That makes as much sense as the Admin saying he wants an inexperienced coach!! LOL

      1. Author

        Jay, are you nuts? I have been in favor of not only an experienced coach, but a championship coach as well. Billick or Shanahan or Coughlin were fine by me. Even Cowher or Gruden. I’d settle for Mike Smith or Doug Marrone. But Adam Gase? Why on earth would you claim that I wanted an inexperience coach?

    2. Author

      Yes, and Ross is repeating that same Michigan line in every interview he does, followed by his laugh. It’s so depressing to see the love in Ross’s eyes when he talks about Michigan, by far his favorite sports team. And then he gets to the Dolphins, his afterthought, and we get the same cliches.

  40. More often than not I note in this board noble pleas for Ross to sell the team.

    Unfortunately, these pleas are nothing more than an exercise in futility. Why? The NFL negotiates a billions dollar contract with tv. The proceeds are shared equally by all teams. The salary cap ensures that each owner will make a profit even if they don’t sell a single ticket or team paraphernalia.

    How can we hit Ross so he’ll leave? Simple. Stop watching dolphins games. Actually, stop watching NFL games. Ratings will go down, money will go down and the other owners will band together to kick Ross out of the league.

    Needless to say, do not attend dolphins – or any other team – games and give away your dolphin stuff to charity.

    Nothing would be more fitting than seeing a homeless wear a Tannehill jersey.


  42. So our Marlins hire HOFers Don Mattingly and Barry Bonds and the stinkin Dullfins hire Adam Gase and Vance Joseph?? WTF??


  43. Another year without playoffs…….

    1. Playoffs! LOL. Maybe 2-3 wins next season and #1 pick in 2017 draft. That’s what I expect. Maybe there will be a franchise QB in the 2017 draft.

  44. @dolphingang @bryan well guess we’re the only three sane ones left then most other fanbases would be excited about this but not the dolphins fans according to them it shouldn’t even matter who the coach is anyway cause tannehill will always suck right, so who cares if you don’t like the coach

    1. Author

      Zach, I myself am cautiously optimistic. But I watched the press conference, and I just don’t see any confidence from Gase. We all need to give him a fair shot, and hopefully this time next year, he proves everyone wrong.

  45. And I don’t like Ross but you do understand the the guy you keep calling an idiot is a billionaire, I don’t think any of us are billionaires so how bout we just say the guy might not know football that well but I doubt he’s an idiot

    1. @ Zach
      C’mon man. When anyone says idiot or moron in reference to Ross we all know they mean FOOTBALL IDIOT or FOOTBALL MORON!!!

  46. Dolphins Adam Gase retains Darren Rizzi fires rest. Rizzi is the one who had is head up Philbin’s ass constantly during games. Don’t like him but special teams are better.
    Again,2-3 wins next season and top pick in 2017,when we can draft a REAL franchise QB.
    The only 3 sane ones-LOL!

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