Adam Gase Mad at himself; fans still mad at Kenny Stills

Adam Gase had his first post-game press conference today, and there were some interesting highlights.

First of all, he is mad at himself, and that’s a good thing.   He has to learn from his mistakes, and getting mad at himself will do the trick.

He was talking about Tannehill’s touchdown drive…and why it took the Dolphins so long to score.  “I was mad at myself because I should have went to what we ended up going to earlier in the game. I kept talking myself out of it. He (Ryan T) kept pressing me to get to that stuff, basically that drive that set up those plays. And I kept talking myself out of it. And finally, once I listened to him, we marched the ball down the field. It was a great lesson to me; when he says go to something, we’re going to go to it.”

Although I HATE HATE HATE a head coach who admits he needs lessons (didn’t we get enough of Philbin trying to learn each week?),  I see the context is different here.   Gase seems like a guy who could get genuinely fired up and learn what he needs to learn..

Failing on their 4th down attempt (instead of kicking a field goal or else running a quick QB Sneak):  “I put a lot of that on myself. I had a terrible formation for putting our tight ends in there.”    If the formation was terrible, then why not change it?  Why not call a timeout?

Comments like that are very troublesome.    Philbin never recognized plays that were doomed.   Gase does recognize them, but does nothing to correct them.   Which is worse?

In addition, Gase gave the standard head coach answers about injured players (We’ll see how they are during the week), and said Jay Ajayi is back and practicing and everything is behind them.   Good !


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  1. Philbin would continue to do retarded things and would never listen to his players or take advice. At least Gase is willing to turn over every stone I have no problem with this.

    Good on Ajayi they need all hands on deck for this game. They simply aren’t at the level yet to plug in a bunch of scrubs and win at NE. Hopefully there won’t be any BS in this game it seems every year they go up there they get screwed.

    1. Author

      “Philbin would continue to do retarded things…” LOL, yep!

      1. Ok admin the pre game interviews are in. I especially thought of you for … wait for it… the very first question of Clyde Christianson’s interview regarding the offense…. and can you guess what the reporter asked? In summation, the 4th and 1 and was the quarterback sneak part of that option? No he didn’t ask if it was against the rules lol!

        Now I understand Gase calls the plays on offense but still. Heres the link. Enjoy and your onto something when reporters are asking things you mention ad nausea here. That meant respectfully BTW because I feel the same.

        1. Author

          I saw that PhinsUp !
          Clyde gave a convoluted answer about how they had different options and the play failed because they missed a block and they didn’t properly seal the ends and…
          I tuned out after that cuz I was so mad. If you run a simple QB sneak, then blocking the ends is irrelevant. And even if they Don’t ruin the sneak, can they at least hurry? We are constantly giving the defense the chance to rest, in in our so-called hurry up offense.

          1. I was so wondering why we didn’t go to the 2 min offense? I think Gase for all of his talent was the one overthinking things. Hey his first outing as an HC and not bad but still not good enough. Im confident as he himself professed he will improve and dare I say have a tad more faith in his players. He even said we don’t need to make things more complicated than they need to be. But in the end he woke up too late and by then the D-fense was worn out. Hey props to Vance Joseph I just had a good feeling about him when he was hired. I think hes a coach that can get players to buy in.

            1. Author

              Good points. I wish he learned his lesson a little sooner in the game though!

              Did you see that idiot Rizzi’s explanation(s) for the missed field goal? “Lots of other teams missed field goals too” Great rationale.
              “It’s hard to simulate in practice what the other team is going to do” Really? Like there are 50 ways to rush a field goal?


    HOUSTON — Running back Lamar Miller never became a priority in the Miami Dolphins’ offense during his first four NFL seasons.

    After one game in Houston, it’s clear he will be for the Texans.

    On Sunday against the Bears, Miller rushed for 106 yards on 28 carries. The 28 attempts were the most he’d had in his career; he’d only eclipsed 20 carries two times.

    But the heavy workload likely will become the norm for Miller this year, who also had four catches for 11 yards.

    “Just coming here, an organization that’s a winning organization and just getting the opportunity to show my skill set and my ability, it feels good so far,” Miller said.

    Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler said after Sunday’s game that he was really impressed by what Miller did against the Bears.

    “I loved everything about it,” Osweiler said of Miller’s performance. “I told Tom [Savage] and Brandon [Weeden], the other quarterbacks, just now in the locker room it’s a lot of fun watching that guy run from the field level. He does some special things. He runs hard, and finds little creases that maybe other backs wouldn’t. So it was a lot of fun to watch him play; I thought that Lamar did a tremendous job.”

    1. Author

      Yep. It took me two seasons to really appreciate Miller, then I thought he was outstanding. Apparently, the Dolphins management felt otherwise.
      So many Dolphins’ castoffs had big games for their new teams. And yet all the guys we picked up elsewhere did nothing.

      1. And Miller stood for the National Anthem. The guy we replaced him with (Foster) didn’t! Double whammy!

  3. Miller sucks dropped 15 fantasy points on over 30 touches against an awful team.

  4. How is 28 carries for 100 yards good? In what universe is 3.4 yards per carry good

    1. Author

      I remember his electrifying plays. Like the 95-yard TD rush where he was literally faster than the DBs who were chasing him. Of against the Jets, when he took one for 80+ yards. That is explosive running to the hole, making a move, and then turning on the speed. I don’t think anyone on our roster has that skill set. Foster can be a beast, but he’s more thunder than lightning.

      1. I’m not saying he isn’t good just saying he sucked this week. Foster played better for us than Miller did for the Texans especially since Forster had to go against arguably the best defense in football. Miller was my 1st round pick I expect more than 15 point

        1. I agree with you partially that Foster was better for us. But I noticed that on many of his plays it seems he was a bit slow when hitting the hole. Hes a far better a runner in space than in traffic. I could be wrong but it just seemed that way to me and dont get me wrong I know our Oline leaves much to be desired in the run blocking category so it could be that too. I think he’s more of a juke in jive type of running back rather than burst speed. We really need a compliment to him or we need to develop plays that allow him to be more dynamic. In my opinion overall is he better than lamar? Yes. No way Lamar makes the type of moves Foster has and did on sunday. No way. And only recently has Miller been more resilient when staying upright after first contact and just barely so. As i remember the constant complaint is he would always go down even if a defender simply outstretched an arm in his path with no leverage . Foster would have swiped that out of his way like he brilliantly did on Sunday. That was a thing of beauty to see.

          1. Agreed there defiantly needs to be a better change of pace back than Damian Williams. Hopefully as the year goes on drake starts getting playing time

    2. Learn the game, son and read the teammates comments.
      And it was 106 yds not 100!!
      Not to mention 4 receptions and a win!
      A workhorse effort.
      Fantasy is fantasy, boy!

    3. Author

      One more thing… I know this is NOT what the general rule of theumb says, and I know most people disagree with my logic, but…
      I do think that 3.4 yards per carry is good. Why do I say that?
      Well that means that is you hand it to him 3 times in a row, then he will gain 10.2 yards. And guess what? Those 10.2 yards keep the chains moving and the drive stays alive.
      The problem is with modern offensive “geniuses”….they would consider it a sin to run the ball three times in a row. So you never get to see my theory in action. “You have to mix up the plays to keep the defense honest.” You hear it all the time, and it’s hogwash!

      1. Ive had the same feeling about the YPC for a long time. I always thought that the division of that average times the 3 downs needed would be acceptable if not appreciable. Meaning that 3.4 or higher YPC decreases the yards needed for a first down by the minimal efficiency needed to sustain a drive indefinitely. But as they say, reach for the stars and you will assuredly land on the moon on you’re way. So maybe for excellence and stardom a higher average is needed and should be aspired to. But for a win we just need effectiveness.

  5. DEAR NFL,

    Don’t expect me to pay or watch people disrespect our country!!

  6. See the interview with Kenny Stills? He was smart to not stand for our country, because that way, reporters asked him about being an activist, and didn’t ask him how he dropped the long td pass. Cost us the ball game, but doesn’t have to answer questions about it.

  7. Miller is ok but I would have rather have had Anderson as he can also run over you. Miller needs space to make a play and with the Fins oline they just aren’t good enough at run blocking to create holes big enough for him to be effective. Foster is a little more savvy to find that crease and Ajayi can power through a little better. We’ll see what happens but why spend money on a player that doesn’t fit your scheme or team in general?

  8. Pats without Brady are 6 1/2 pt favorites!

    1. Overreaction in Vegas and people look at the past which is irrelevant. Not saying it’s a gimme but I’d take the points. Hopefully Mario plays…look like Parker is in.

  9. Since 1978 only 24% of teams starting 0-1 have made the playoffs.

    And Williams looks very doubtful this week.

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