What should the Dolphins do with Kenny Stills? Gase vs. Seattle


A.   Cut him for costing us the game by dropping an easy touchdown.

Thanks a lot, Kenny and Company.

B.  Cut him for disrespecting the country that gave him the chance to become a multi-millionaire.

C.   Cut him for committing a holding penalty on our very first play of the year.

D.  Cut him for getting in Jarvis Landry’s way on 3 different plays when Landry was trying to run.

E.  Trade him to New England for Chris 7-11 Hogan, who we never should have cut in the first place.

Yeah, I know many of you will think this is an overreaction, but how else do you prove to 52 other players that inept mistakes will not be tolerated?

Going back to the Denver-Seattle Super Bowl, Adam Gase’s offenses have scored a grand total of 20 points against Seattle’s D.   Miami put up 12 and Peyton Manning put up 8.     When Gase’s offenses faces non-Seattle defenses, he fares much better.   We can only hope.


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  1. Lol can we stop talking about the national anthem thing man. Let’s focus on the actual game but for sure he should be cut

    1. Author

      Zach, I’d love to stop discussing it, but it became national news and Dolphin news for all the wrong reasons again. Can’t we ever be in the news for an awesome comeback or a great play?
      I mean, NBC’s pregame showed a close-up of these guys refusing to stand, and that news is going out to millions worldwide. Interviewers are asking players and coaches about it to the point where it becomes a distraction.

    2. @Zach

      What a spineless loser you are! You care more about a stupid game than THIS COUNTRY!! MORON!!


  3. Jay go fuck yourself u wanna come see how much of a spineless loser I am come visit northfield NJ and fucking find out.

    1. You’re a fuckin LOSER DICKHEAD!! You care more about a game than your country MORON!!!

  4. Sorry admin you know I don’t like getting personal on here but this troll has it coming

    1. Author

      I think it’s fine. I try not to censor any of the comments unless it gets out of hand.

  5. Folks, calm down. What makes this country great is your right to freedom of speech, opinion, etc. and that is country welcomes everyone regardless of their views. The flag is a symbol of your right to disagree and speak out and that includes the right to protest even when others disagree. Many police now display an dark blue stripe US flag vs. Red, White and Blue. No one complains but if it was Black Lives Matter folks that created a black version of the US flag, I am sure many would complain. This is not a communist country where people are not allowed to express THEIR opinion. Let’s move on already.

    1. Just sweep things under the rug and forget about it. Take the easy way out rather than make a difference??

      1. Kind of what Im thinking Anon. Make a difference not a publicity stunt. At least Kapp donated 1million and Im pretty sure he ahem uhh stands alone in that category.

  6. Maybe DeVante Parker will be healthy enough to play and Stills can be benched.

  7. As much as stills pissed me off we can’t overreact or it puts more pressure on the entire team and more of this will happen. I’d make every player earn their time at practice. The best play the worst sit. Give the guy a chance to redeem himself and if not move him. I like how Gase handled Ajayi and I expect him to rip the pats a new ahole next Sunday!!!!

  8. Football and all sports are not the places to address social issues. We are fans from too many different backgrounds to bring that divisiveness to our teams brand and fanbase. I have many social issues I support some controversial some not so much. . I dont bring them up here or when Im trying to watch football. But to balance my thoughts I also kind of feel the military, law enforcement, and other government agencies using the NFL to spread their propaganda and recruitment messages equally do not belong. Now that being said, on 9/11 of all days I feel they do and should be honored. Let it be about game and only the game for the most part. Maybe its the ever presence of law enforcement and all the honoring the NFL does for them that has caused this kind of backlash particularly in the NFL. Other sports aren’t so in bed with the government as the NFL is except maybe baseball. I dunno but its a huge distraction for me. It makes me judge the players in a way I dont want to regarding their personal beliefs which are not part of football the game. Its divisive to its fans and we already have examples of it here in previous posts. Its done more harm than good to spread a message the American public is already more than aware of anyway. So can anybody tell me what good has come from this? Who was so unaware of the social issues in the country that suddenly became aware when Kapp and others knelt during the anthem? And if awareness wasn’t the goal, then what have the aware done positively since they have been delivered this message by the players?

    1. Good post! And where/when does the disrespect stop? Does someone ring a bell that everythings ok now? What about the killing of white cops? No protests of that?

      This disrespect should not be allowed on the NFL platform and anyone with any morals will refuse to pay or watch such blatant disrespect for our soldiers, police, and our country.

      1. Author

        What is the Dolphins Truth world coming to when Jay compliments PhinsUp!???
        Nice to see my friends playing nice nice.

          1. I screen captured it . It should make Dolphins Truth headlines. Thanks Jay!

  9. It’s almost unprecedented to see an athlete from one of South Florida’s teams mock an on-field mistake by another.

    But there was a reason Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich retweeted Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills’ drop of a deep pass Sunday: He was unhappy with Stills for kneeling during the national anthem, something teammates Arian Foster, Jelani Jenkins and Michael Thomas also did.

    Yelich on Sunday retweeted video of Kenny Stills dropping a deep pass Sunday, with the caption: “Kenny Stills all hands team.”

    Yelich added the words: “Too worried about kneeling during the anthem. #Karma”

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article101423177.html#storylink=cpy

    1. Author

      Gotta agree with Yelich. You just don’t see mocking like that drop video among athletes. Fans do it daily, but for one Miami player to do it to another? Just another distraction we do not want.

  10. So….after week 1 TannePuke is ranked 29-30th QB on ESPN (depending on the late game).

  11. Any of you guys like hummus?

    1. Fucking love it lol my dad is from the Middle East so I’ve had it my whole life

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