AFC and NFC Championships Predictions and who are we rooting for

Well, it’s pretty obvious that most Dolfans are or should be rooting for the Broncos to defeat the Evil Empire, the lying and cheating Patriots.

But can Denver actually pull it off?

The Patriot Express is very difficult to derail.   For all of its predictability, it still works.  Little Julie Edelmann will run a crossing pattern.  Gronk will run through a seam.   Amendola will cause traffic jams.   And Brady will run a QB sneak when they need two yards or less.  Without fail  100% predictable.

Then why can’t anyone ever stop them?  It’s mostly because defenses overthink things.  “Oh my!  What if Gronkowski runs an end around and Brady pitches the ball back to him?   We better be leery of that play and shadow him with a linebacker.”  Or else “Maybe Edelmann will actually run a long post pattern into traffic and fight for a ball.”   It’s that kind of thinking that dooms opposing defenses.  The Patriots don’t do that stuff, so there is no need to look out for it.   They run about 5 different plays.  Period.

In the Super Bowl last year, Pete Carroll did a good job of stopping Gronk by keeping him well covered with good DBs.  Except for ONE play.  Pete tried to be cute and covered Gronk with a linebacker.  The result:   Gronk burned the LB easily, and Brady connected for a long touchdown.   Cover Gronk with a LB and you will lose the game.   It’s not rocket science.

No matter how awful the Dolphins are, we find a way to beat New England at least once a year.  We do get burned by Gronk, but for the most part, we contain him and we’re able to win one of the two games.  Let’s hope Denver learns a thing or two from the Miami Dolphins and finds a way to beat the Pats.   Ha!  Imagine a team studying the way the Dolphins did something!!

Peyton Manning has a decent offense to work with, and the Bronco defense can be good.   I think New England will eat up either the Cardinals or the Panthers.   If New England is going to lose another game this year, I think Denver is the only team who has a chance.   Please, Denver, please.

Remember, however, that the NFL will try everything in its power to give N.E. the win, just like they always do.   Watch out for bogus penalties on Denver.  Also, why is the Western game on first and the Eastern is later?   Makes no sense for the Denver game to be BEFORE the Carolina game.  It puts Denver at a big disadvantage to have to start its game earlier than usual.

As for the Cards and Panthers…I guess we’ll see if the Panthers offense is for real.   Dolphin castoffs Ted Ginn and Cortland Finnegan are playing well for the Panthers.  Cam Newton has made all the right plays all year long.  Carson Palmer has stayed healthy.  It should be a good showdown.

I’m going with Carolina.   I think the Card defense is stellar, but Newton will find  away to zig-zag out of the pocket like he always does and frustrate the Cards.

Carolina 24, Arizona 16

Denver 24, Patriots 22

What do you readers predict?


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  1. I too think that Carolina will prevail but I think Denver 24, Patriots 22 is a pipe dream.

    I don’t think that Manning is anywhere near as good as he was 3 years ago when he beat Brady and the Patriots 26-16 and the other problem is that Brady may actually be better!

    Payton is over 40 and has been hampered for much of the season couple that with the probability that he will be hit early and often and I think that his age and existing injuries will show.

    I see the patriots jumping out early and never looking back on this one.

    Sorry Dolpfans…… (although I hope I’m wrong)

  2. I’m rooting for the Pats because they’re the biggest dynasty ever and from our division. Brady is amazing and has proven he’s the greatest ever no matter what inflation the balls have.
    Pats 27-20.

  3. It is now 8 years without a winning season. It was not a secret that Gase was hired because he agreed to keep Tannehill as the starter for next year. Miami brass sent feelers out to more qualified (veteran) head coaches and those feelers resulted in NOBODY promising that Tannehill would be their starter, Gase was hired on the promise he would keep Tannehill as the starter for 2016.

    1. Where’s your source for these “fellers” that were sent out?

      I suspect if there were any inquires into qualified coaches they would have declined because of Ross long before the thought of tannehill popped into their heads.

      There were several coaching vacancies filled this offseason with more qualified (dosnt mean they will do better) coaches who took over teams with worse QB then tannehill

      1. Worse than Tannebust?? Impossible.

        1. There is no QB worse than Tannebust at winning games. How long do the Dolphins go with a pathetic QB?

    2. Uh oh looks like another down season if this kid believes in turdhill

  4. Whatever happens I’m pulling for the NFC team in the Super Bowl

    1. How can you root for the NFC? That’s like rooting for Russia in the Olympics.

      1. The NFC is Russia but the Patriots are Syria, Iraq and Nazi Germany all rolled into one. I would not root for NE is my life depends on it

        1. Funny, I couldn’t root for the NFC if my life depended on it.

  5. I hope the NFL equivalent of Leb Ron James goes down in a heap. Yes,Cram Newton. That obnoxious prick makes me sick-sort of hoping he goes down like that POS Joe Theismann did. Let’s see if he has that ugly mug smiling afterwards. I know all of you are too young to remember Theismann told the Dolphins not to draft him out of ND because he refused to play for us. Fuck him and fuck NFL Leb Ron. Cardinals & Broncos for me.

  6. As long as Tannepuke is the QB all the coaches should rent rather than buy homes. LOL

  7. I’ve seen numerous NFL hall of fame qbs and I have to grudgingly admit that Brady is the greatest one ever because he has accomplished more with the least talent around him.

    Thus, I’m picking the patsies over the donkeys. I’m also picking the prancers over the turdinals.

  8. Peyton Manning was also great but to me he is a bombastic megalomaniac.

  9. Since my Dolphins (fan for over 40 years) suck so bad, I’m living vicariously through my wife’s team. She has been a Panthers fan since they joined the nfl. (We are from South Carolina but live in Orlando now.)

    I try to impress on her how special it is to have a really good team to pull for since I know how bad it stinks to pull for a mediocre team.

    Mine is miserably mired in mediocrity.

    I bleed aqua and coral, but I’m all silver, black and blue this post season.


    1. @ Thomas
      6-10 is NOT mediocre!! 8 years without ONE winning season is NOT mediocre!! No playoff win in 16 years is NOT mediocre!!We WISH the Dolphins were mediocre!!

      1. I was being generous calling them mediocre. We’re not bad enough to get a too pick, but not good enough to make the playoffs either.

        I’m so effing jealous of my wife’s Panthers.

        They were granted a franchise and have now been in TWO Super Bowls while my squad has been completely irrelevant.

        Just saying

  10. Broncos defense elevates them to a close win over the Pats and the Panthers continue to roll at home. Panthers over Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

  11. Being cellar dwellars is NOT mediocre!!

  12. I’m pulling for the Pats or whatever team comes out of the AFC East.

    1. Author

      Ed Hochuli already handed New England a free turnover. No way should he overturn that call

      1. Yeah, Denver really should have hurried the next play so Belichick would not have time to pull the flag from his sock.

  13. Author

    And now a guy pushed outa bounds and a ref 80 yards away throws a flag. Welcome to a typical Pats game

  14. Author

    How about Brady’s first pick when the Denver guy had no one in front of him after the pick. He falls down on his own. How does NE get so lucky ?

    1. Brady must be banged up pretty good. He’s not as sharp now.

  15. Author

    NE defense dancing around after every good play. Manning needs to race to the line and catch them

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