Denver Beating the Patriots and the Refs at halftime

There’s no explanation about why perennial screw-up Ed Hochuli is allowed to call this game.   But he’s already doing everything in his power to help the Patriots along.

That lateral -pass was close.   But the video evidence was not 100% certain, so the call has to stand.    Guest ref-commentator Mike Carey agreed.   Ed Hochuli, however, took the game into his own hands and gacve the pats the ball, deep in Denver territory, which was essentially giving them a free touchdown.

How much did Robert Kraft pay him for that one?

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  1. Lol I used to think it only went their way in Foxboro.

  2. This is Grimes’ fourth time being selected to participate in the Pro Bowl, and his third as a member of the Dolphins in his three seasons in Miami

    1. Author

      Lol Sean. We wrote at same time !!

  3. Author

    Phantom holding on Denver. Lol

  4. Author

    Catch. Then down by contact. New England ball. Kubiak is a moron

    1. No kidding! I thought for sure they would tie it up and win in the end.

  5. The genius royally screwed up should have kicked the FG I only thought Philbin did stuff like that.

    Also a bad oline and no balance sounds familiar was Lazor hired or something thank goodness they didn’t wait for McDaniels… so was this loss all on brady or was it a combined effort??? Either way karmas a bitch Belicheats!

  6. So happy we kept Patsies out of SB 50.

    1. Yeah, if we lost to NE, then today’s game woulda been in Boston and they win easy at home.

  7. The ONLY thing that kept it close was Manning having a shit game. He should have had 5 TDs.

  8. Just proves that even HOF QB’s need protection or they struggle. The Fins must improve the oline…

    1. @FlyerFinFan

      Tannepuke has as many pro bowlers on his OL as any team in the league. And that’s not enough???
      I guess he needs to be surrounded with 10 pro bowlers just to be average!! LOL

      1. Author

        If the real QBs keep dropping out and getting hurt, Tannehill might be next in line to play in the Pro Bowl. Tyrod Taylor just made it !

        1. Tyrod Taylor had a great year… ranked 7th in the NFL in QBR, beat TannePuke twice and looked like Joe Montana compared to TannePuke! LOL

      2. But the G’s are amongst the worst and the OT’s keep getting hurt with no depth behind them. Did you not see how bad Fox was? Brady is a HOF and he had trouble with a shit line…same with Rogers.

        1. Going to the championship game is “having trouble”?
          Going deep into the playoffs is “having trouble”?
          We wish TanneBust would have that “trouble” .

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