AFC East Still Belongs to the Patriots

Yeah, I know the Bills are 3-0, but they are a very lucky and overrated team.  If not for an iffy pass interference call, the Rams beat the Bills.  I’m more impressed by the Patriots.   Let’s face it, we all thought that when they got rid of Brady, their play would suffer,  But it really hasn’t.  Cam Newton is still learning the Patriot way, but it looks like he’s been in the system forever.

The Jets are on the opposite side of the spectrum.  We can give some blame to Adam Gase, but those Jet players are atrocious.  I just don’t get the management of the Jets and the things they try.   They drafted horribly and gave a big contract to Gase, who failed as the head coach here in Miami.    I don’t see their logic.    I remember when we beat them last year for our first win.   The NY papers roasted the Jets, and I thought (at the time) that the Jets weren’t THAT bad.   But they really are!    We were sorta kinda tanking last year, and we still won anyway.   The papers said that the Jets lost to a team that was trying to lose on purpose.   It was a funny story.

The Bills will come down to earth once they play some teams with better defenses.   I think the Pats will stay where they’re at.   The Jets can’t sink much lower.  But somehow they will !

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  1. Crazy schedule to have the patsies, bills and hawks in the first four games most power rankings have them in the top10 or closer. They could still end up 2-2 somehow which is actually pretty incredible.

    1. Author

      And keep hoping Houston loses, no matter what!

  2. I like the setup for upset in Seahawks game, they are traveling cross country for a 10am game, coming off tough exciting win against the Cowboys.
    ‘mediocore’ Dolphins are slowly improving and have extra days of rest due to Thursday night. hmm…

    1. Yes travel and heat you just never know. They also figured out their pass D when to more zone so that should help a bit. They probably beat the bills if they played more zone in that one.

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