Never Too early to discuss the 2021 draft…

I wanted to share this fun site with everyone, because it does a lot of the math and accounts for all the tiebreakers:

As of now, the Dolphins will pick 6th and 14th.   Neither one is stellar.   As a reminder, we want Houston to keep on losing, as we own their pick.

I don’t think the Dolphins are a playoff team yet, but pride prevents me from hoping they fully tank.  Would love to see Houston tank though.

I like where the Dolphins are slowly headed, but don’t be fooled yet.  Jacksonville is a pretty bad team with a flukey QB.  Our defense did well against them, but honestly, Mustache Minchew really helped the Dolphins.   Upcoming opponent Russell Wilson won’t help us as much, if at all.  After the Seahawks, we travel to San Francisco to face another tough offense, followed by an easy win vs. the Broncos.  I see us at 2-4 after those games.

Many early 2021 mock drafts have the Dolphins selecting a WR, but I feel we have to keep selecting defense, defense and more defense.   We just put up 28 and 31 points in our last 2 games.  The offense is adequate, and more experience and more practice will make it even better.   The defense doesn’t show up consistently enough, and we need to draft stud  pass rushers.  No more WRs and DBs !


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  1. I think the niners can be had with all of their injuries right now. You also never know with the hawks as they have a few key injuries too. Plus have to travel across the country.

    Still pissed that the bills got away with that PI in the end zone or they’d be 2-1….

    1. Author

      All true. A banged-up Seattle is still scary good! Also, the Titans and Vikings Coronavirus situation can throw a wrench in a lot of schedules as this develops.

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