Albert Wilson Agrees to Less Money to Remain a Dolphin

I hate to break away from the Don Shula thread, but life does indeed go on, and we can certainly discuss The Coach at any time.

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that Albert Wilson is staying.  He agreed to a salary cut and contract renegotiation in order to stay put.  As many of you know, I love both Wilson and Jakeem Grant, but with Malcolm Perry getting a lot of buzz, there are only so many fast little guys the Dolphins can keep.  And with both Grant’s and Wilson’s injury history, I’m sure that’s why they drafted Perry.

I think Perry is an insurance policy, should anything happen to one of our WRs or RBs.  He looks outstanding, but there must be reasons he was an afterthought 7th-round pick.  It will be interesting to see how they use the WR sets this year and if they give Perry a fair chance to make the team in camp, or is he just a feel-good draft choice who they plan to cut.

Also remember, Preston Williams looked fabulous in the little time he had, but he’s coming off a major injury.  So they needed to secure Wilson without insulting his value.  I’m glad they got this done.

Except for the Miracle in Miami, this is my favorite play from the last decade, as Wilson and Grant celebrate on their way into the end zone:

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  1. I’m happy about this! Wilson has speed and remember he can throw the ball as well! TUA JERSEY NUMBER 1! I actually like it a lot! I never thought about #1. Warren Moon and Jim Thorpe!

  2. I just want this dam season to start. I know its early but there have been no sports for too long.

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