Schedule Release Day

Week 1. Sept. 13 @ New England Patriots.

Week 2. Sept. 20 BUFFALO BILLS.

Week 3. Sept. 24 @ Jacksonville (Thursday night).


Week 5. Oct. 11 @ San Francisco 49ers.

Week 6. Oct. 18 at Denver Broncos.

Week 7. Oct. 25 Los Angeles Chargers.

Week 8. Nov. 1 Los Angeles Rams.

Week 9. Nov. 8 @ Arizona Cardinals.

Week 10. Nov. 15 New York Jets

Week 11. BYE

Week 12. Nov. 29 @ New York Jets.

Week 13. Dec. 6 Cincinnati Bengals.

Week 14. Dec. 13. Kansas City Chiefs.

Week 15. Dec. 20 New England Patriots

Week. 16. Dec. 26 or Dec. 27 @ Las Vegas Raiders.

Week 17. Jan. 3 @ Buffalo.

Bolds are away games.


Usually, the rumors start trickling in by now, so if you hear any news about the Dolphins’ schedule, please feel free to share.

It looked originally like the first 4 games will be our NFC games:  Rams, Niners, Seahawks, and Cards.   The league set it up that way so that if early games need to be canceled for Coronavirus, then at least only the lesser, unimportant games will be cancelled.   However, that is clearly just a rumor, as there are numerous reports to say it isn’t true.   Just like the draft, it’s a bunch of reporters and amateur bloggers trying to break important news simply by making it up out of thin air and hoping they are right.

Those 4 NFC teams all sound decent on paper right now, but they may  not be as fierce as people think.  The Rams never recovered from their Super Bowl loss, and they’re a so-so team right now.  The 49ers have Kyle Shanahan at the helm, and all he does is lose big games.  The Cards are a long way off; the Seahawks are  still formidable, but still are a one-man offense with Russel Wilson.

Our London game has been scratched, but they’re not automatically letting us play that game at home.  It may be a neutral site in a non-Florida state.

Other than that, I’ll be very interested to see how the parity and fairness plays out.   With New England out of the picture, I expect old favorites like Dallas and Pittsburgh to get all the perks.    And I expect Stephen Ross to remain clueless about how badly the Phins get screwed each year by the schedule makers.  Until the NFL recognizes Miami as a legitimate team, it will continue.

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  1. Author

    1. Dolphins end the season vs. Buffalo. I’ve seen one report that it’s in Miami, and another that it’s in Buffalo. Makes sense that it will be in Buffalo, because we almost always have to hit the road for our final game. Ross refuses to fight for home games. Bills get to open at home as well vs. NYJ. As I’ve always maintained, starting off the season at home is a huge perk, and ending at home is a bigger perk. The Bills get BOTH, just like New England always did.

  2. Author

    2. Another “leak” says we open at New England.

  3. Author

    3. Or we open at San Fran. Opening and closing on the road.

  4. Author

    4. Shaping up that our mandatory Thursday game is on the road. Again.

  5. I’m just hoping that I’ll get to go to the game here in Denver!!!

  6. Schedule so far.

    Week 1 – at New England
    Week 2 – vs. Buffalo
    Week 3 – at Jacksonville (TNF)
    Week 17 – at Buffalo

  7. We might be playing the Chiefs in Christmas.

  8. Author

    Yeah, it’s the same old lack of respect the NFL hands us each year, and my annual column about the schedule will be coming.
    I gave up on Stephen Ross caring about this team a long time ago. He just doesn’t care (or have anyone on his staff like me) to point out to him the unfairness of opening AND closing on the road…PLUS the dreaded Thursday Night game being on the road every single year.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Sean. I hadn’t seen that one yet.

  9. From Adam Beasley:

    Full Dolphins schedule:
    Wk 1: at NE, 1
    2: vs. BUF, 1
    3: at JAX (Thu), 820
    4: vs. SEA, 1
    5: at SF, 4
    6: at DEN, 4
    7: vs. LAC, 1
    8: vs. LAR, 1
    9: at ARI, 425
    10: vs. NYJ, 4
    11: Bye
    12: at NYJ, 1
    13: vs. CIN, 1
    14: vs. KC, 1
    15: vs. NE, 1
    16: at LV, TBD
    17: at BUF, 1

  10. Author

    There it is. Kudos to Sean for being on top of this all day !

  11. Can’t wait to see Stidham against our secondary. I predict a win to open the season.

    1. Author

      Agreed. We start off with a win

  12. Patriots have the toughest strength of schedule entering 2020 based on 2019 opponents’ record (.537 win %)

    1st time w/ toughest SOS entering season in Belichick era

    1. Author

      We have the 4th hardest schedule. That is why I’ve been against the rotating schedule for years. Why do we have to play Seattle, San Fran, LA Rams, for example (3 recent Super Bowl teams, and that is why our strength of schedule is so high) in the same year? Wouldn’t it be nice to the doormat NFC teams instead, like Detroit, Carolina, etc.

  13. Not the right post but I’ve been waiting to do my draft grades and looking at what is out there so here goes

    Tua – A or D
    I think We’ll either look back at this pick and say wow he was one of the best players in the class or we’ll say he was never able to capture that magic again after his injury. I like what he is able to do and a lot of people were saying his success was because he had a good O line and WRs and blah blah but I think that’s the point is to surround him with talent. Look at Tannehill, he was always his best when he had a good running game and good protection. We can’t expect Tua to do it all by himself but put talent around him and he will succeed in my opinion. The only knock outside of his health will be his height, shorter QBs like Brees always struggle when they get pressure up the middle because they can’t see downfield but to be fair Brees seems to be doing fine.

    Austin Jackson – C-
    Needed OT help sure but seeing Wirfs slide I think the Dolphins should have moved up for him. I mean Jackson isn’t spectacular and will need development not someone who will be at his best until 4 or so years down the line I think. Didn’t see the best opposing talent too playing at USC. But like his size and mobility just not sure he will be a good player ever.

    Noah – C
    I get it, if there is a position you can’t have too many good players at its DBs for sure. But this is a reach at #30 especially when Xavier Mckinney was still available. But love his size, it is nice to have big DBs and athleticism, but another case of very raw and I’m not sure he will be ready to be at his best until years later.

    Robert Hunt – C+
    Need all the O line help we can get for sure. Love his style big guy mauler. But Definitely a reach. Played at Louisiana-Lafayette never saw any real competition. I think there was some weight concerns and technique concerns for sure. But if he’s able to run over NFL talent anytime soon like he did in college hell of a pick. But at this point AJ Epenesa was still on the board and I think a better selection.

    Raekwon Davis – B+
    Multi year starter at Bama. 6 Foot 7, sure his instincts and probably technique needs work but at this stage in the draft everyone does. Good addition to a bad defensive line and can help with the rotations between Godchaux and Wilkins. Good pick here for the value.\

    Brandon Jones – B-
    At this point its about scheme fit over player ability and the coaches like what he could do. Versatility is important for Flores but honestly shipping a guy like Fitzpatrick away to be replaced but Rowe and Brandon Jones is not ideal for me. But he’s a versatile guy who can line up a lot of places on the defense, although must say the Big 12 isn’t exactly famous for their defense.

    Solomon Kindley – B+
    I like Kindley more than Hunt. Played at Georgia and saw real talent year in and year out at the D line. Is a big guy and weight will be a concern as well as his technique but for a fourth-round pick I think this is as good as it gets.

    Strowbridge and Weaver – A
    I’m putting these 2 together because they’re the same for me. Strowbridge is a reliable pass rusher didn’t have crazy numbers but did play in the ACC so that has to count for something. Weaver at Boise State, saw him play well against FSU but what pass rusher didn’t. Still DE was a need and while they passed on better players they got 2 gems here who don’t need to see immediate playing time especially with your new FA additions.

    Blake Ferguson – A+++
    I mean, can’t believe he didn’t go in the first round. Absolute stud. Probably a lock for ROTY and wouldn’t be shocked if he is in the MVP conversation.

    Malcolm Perry – B+
    At this point in the draft you’re taking a chance, doesn’t matter who you pick really. With that said versatile and could find a spot for him especially since we like running those trick plays now.

    Overall Grade – B+
    It just depends with this class, we picked a lot of “high ceiling, low floor” guys. Some picks like Noah I think there were other players that had similar ceilings but lower risks. This class will take a lot of coaching and in the future we will have to wait and see. Regardless, it makes sense because I don’t see us being good this year anyway. Also thought we did better later in the draft too. I know a lot of fans have higher expectations but the AFC East has the hardest schedule this year. So immediate impact isn’t why we drafted our players but still when all is said and done I’m going to guess we have a lot of misses here. (Except for Ferguson, he is going to have a Brady-like career)

    1. Author

      LOL…. Axek is president of the Blake ferguson has a fan club!!
      Actually, I agree with many of your grades. Each time the Dolphins made a selection (except for Tua), several of the announcers would say, “He’s a great player, but I don’t know if…” You can then fill in the blank with the question marks. Is he ready? Is he strong enough? Did he face elite opponents? Is this a reach? Very few of our picks (according to most pundits) are able to contribute on day one. We’ll see…

      1. I can’t argue but Jackson was rated highly by a lot of people and mocked around 18 for a reason. If he was healthy last year some said he would have went higher. Do you trade back a few spots so he gets better value and lose him? No way I’m fine here even if it takes him a year or so.

        CB’s are a more valuable position than S especially with the 5th year option. If McKinney was so good why didn’t he go right after 26? Just because the tall foreheads say a guy should have went in the first does it make it law? All that it takes is one team to take your guy a pick later so if you like him draft him. Besides they have flexibility Jones can move to S if needed or possibly Noah as he’s a damn good athlete. Sure he can bust but so can anyone.

        Overall I liked that they went after the lines there will be lots of competition. Let the best man win which will make the lines better.

        1. Yea both points true and it is important to note it doesn’t matter if any of these guys play day one anyway because we won’t be good next year. A lot of these guys will need development and I think the coaching staff is good at that, I mean look at Nik Needham playing, I imagine a guy like Noah will thrive after a while too.

          I don’t hate this pick or any other, I just think there were safer picks at the position which provided similar upside and limited downsides. Except for Ferguson, can’t believe all teams passed on him!

          1. Yeah I hear ya. We also have to remember that X may be suspended and is often injured so they wanted their guy. I bet someone else was sniffing around too. Jackson was such a huge need I don’t blame them and maybe long term they liked him better than trading up.

  14. Admin did you see that NE plays a thursday road game? But guest what….they play the Sunday and Thursday both in LA! They don’t even have to take a bus. Talk about convenient. I thought the Fins caught a break with a Thursday away game in Jax but they are worse off than the patsies. Guess when Miami last had a Thursday night home game….2014! Yes and they won it against Buf because its an advantage they rarely get. Meanwhile the patsies have had 5 Thursday home games since 2014 and won them all….how does that happen if you are being fair with your scheduling? Let’s not even bring up how many home games have the patsies given up to play in England…we know the answer to that. You don’t even have to make up this kind of bias.

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