All Eyes on London as Miami Dolphins Prepare for Oakland Raiders

If the Dolphins have any chance whatsoever of a successful season, it must get turned around tomorrow in England.  We just lost to two terrible teams in a row, with a third one on the way in the U.K.   The players must make a statement, and a strong one at that.  We cannot lose to inferior teams like Buffalo and Oakland and expect to do well.

The Coach talks to Joe Philbin.

As you know, Dolphins Truth believed well in advance of the Bills’ game that Week Two would tell us all we need to know about our team.  And they told us that they can lose by 19 points to some fellow named EJ Manuel, who was ranked 33rd out of 32 QBs in the NFL.   Yes, he is truly that terrible.  Yet he beat us.   I think that shows that the 2014 Dolphins just aren’t that good WITH THE CURRENT PLAYERS AND COACHES.

The only solution is to shake things up, which Joe Philbin refuses to do.   He’d rather take a stand and lose ball games with Ryan Tannehill than give Matt Moore a shot.  He’d rather throttle Bill Lazor than open up the offense.  He’d rather say “We will get things corrected” for three straight years rather than actually make the corrections.

This poor coaching method cannot be tolerated.  Let’s hope Stephen Ross realizes it too.

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  1. I was wondering where that 1st article got their info – in all probability the source is this article from CBS, which contains a lot more info and nuances. Once again, however, it states that one big clash Philbin’s having with the front office is that he WANTS to put Matt Moore on the field instead of Tannehill.

  2. Annnd as I’m working @ my computer waiting for the game, this next story from the Miami Herald rolled of the proverbial presses. It contains some inside info about Coyle getting pissed off at whatever player(s) leaked that they were unhappy with the playcalling last week. (I am well aware this blog exists to get at truths, and not to just repeat what the mainstream media puts out there. However, these stories I’ve posted today hint at major rifts on the team that haven’t been written about in the major media yet.)

  3. Author

    Very intriguing rumor. If it’s true, then Dolphins Truth owes Philbin an apology, because we have been saying that he refuses to play Moore.
    I don’t know how true it is, however. For one, a coach is not required to name a starter. If Philbin were truly behind Matt Moore, he could quietly take Moore aside and tell him, ‘Be ready for London.’. He doesn’t need Dawn Aponte’s permission if he does it that way.
    Two, I’m sure Aponte wants to win too, and winning games if more important than Tannehill’s reputation.
    But one one part of the rumor that makes it seem true is that the rumor names Dawn Aponte herself. If some blog joker is just spreading rumors, they would say Philbin is fighting with owner Stephen Ross. Or they’d say Philbin is fighting with GM Dennis Hickey. Why would someone start a rumor about someone else on the management staff who isn’t well known (like Aponte).

  4. Yeah, I agree the whole thing is weird. As to your point about Aponte’s desire to win games though, it’s hard to say. Certainly it makes the most SENSE for her to want that; but corporate types don’t always want what’s best for the organization. I’ve been in many situations in which bosses clearly play favorites and also try to drive out others who they don’t like; having nothing to do with, or even at the expense of, the organization succeeding.
    Having said that, those articles also make me wonder if indeed the Dolphins organization is truly done with Philbin, and indeed may have sanctioned or encouraged (or leaked) some of this info to the mainstream in order to start focusing the public’s doubt on Philbin.
    If that’s the case, they’re actually exposing themselves in a pretty negative light. They’re making Philbin seem more like a sane (but weak) coach stuck in a screwed-up organization, rather than a screwed-up coach bringing down a great organization.

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