Philbin Discusses Tannehill and the upcoming London Trip While the Raiders are already Over there Practicing Hard

As Joe Philbin talked to his media friends about the challenges of the upcoming trip to London, time zone differences, unfamiliar stadium, extra media attention from the British press, etc…while all of that was going on, the Raiders quietly arrived in England much earlier in the week.

Joe Philbin was offensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers, but his head coach did not allow him to call plays.
Philbin learned the fine art of putting your head down in shame early on in his Green Bay days. Joe Philbin was offensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers, but his head coach did not allow him to call plays.

The Raiders are already used to the time zone.   They’ve done their walk through at Wembley Stadium.  They’ve met the British press.   And they won over many many fans who originally were going to the game as neutral fans, but now they will be vocal Raider cheerers.

The Raiders accomplished all of that before Joe Philbin and his team even packed their toothbrushes.

This is a frightening lack of preparation, and we at Dolphins Truth are very concerned.

We hate to say it, and this hurts, but we feel that the Dolphins will lose to yet another winless team.   We absolutely hope we’re wrong, but I think other Dolfans have the same fear as well.  Do you?


Well, first of all, there is the lack of preparation and common sense as we noted above.  It takes a few days (not a few hours) to shake off jet lag.  The team who is already used to it has a tremendous advantage over a team who not acclimated.  It could be a non-factor in the end, but it’s not worth the risk.

Secondly, Philbin refuses to play his best quarterback.  We would give Philbin credit if he at least THOUGHT about benching Tannehill, but he didn’t.  All the rumors about Matt Moore starting were rumors created by desperate writers in the Miami area.  As Dolphins Truth reported from day one, there was no chance in hell that Philbin had the courage to bench Tannehill.

Philbin won’t even take a chance on going for it on  4th-and-1 from the KC 30, so no way will he take a chance on Matt Moore.

Philbin rarely admits mistakes.   He makes atrocious decisions on Sunday, and then on Monday he defends himself.   If he won’t admit and apologize for mistakes he made yesterday, so do you think he’ll admit that he was wrong about Tannehill every single Sunday for 3 years?  If he allows Matt Moore to play, then he’s admitting he was wrong about Tannehill for three straight years.  And Philbin is far too stubborn to do so.

During the week, Dolphins Truth received a lot of comments and emails that defend Tannehill and mention all the dropped passes.  Yes, the receivers sropped a lot of easy catches, and none of those are T-hill’s fault.

However, you have to look at the things that ARE his fault.

And it’s these things that called for us to bench him.  He just doesn’t have the proper instincts.

Reason one is his lack of pocket awareness.   One of our commenters mentioned how envious he was when he saw Big Ben step up into the pocket to avoid a rush, and then deliver a great pass.  Tannehill never does this.   When he scrambles, he runs right or left.  What Tannehill lacks is the instinct to just step straight up.

He doesn’t have to tuck the ball and run.   He can just step straight up, and then the guys charging him from the right and left are safely behind him, instead of targeting him in their bullseye.  It’s a simple motion that buys valuable time, but Tannehill lacks this ability.

Second, he does not see the running lanes he has.   At least a half dozen times last Sunday, Tannehill rolled out and had lots of running room in fron of him.  Sometimes there was a fat lineman in front of him that he could have easily juked, and other times there was no one at all.   In every instance, Tannehill stopped and threw the ball.  Russell Wilson doesn’t stop.  Geno Smith doesn’t stop.  Ryan Tannnehill stops.   Those stops are not physical flaws of T-hill but mental.

If he calls a pass play and the receiver is covered, he thinks he MUST throw the pass as called in the huddle.   He thinks the play is over.   He does not quickly assess the situation and run.  Everyone except Joe Philbin sees this.

Three, he lacks the in-game leadership and intelligence that is required of an NFL QB.   In the Chiefs game, Tannehill got tackled at the 7 yard line with 8 seconds left in the half. and a timeout still on the board.  AS SOON AS HIS KNEE hit the ground, he should have been signalling for a timeout.  We had a chance for one more TD attempt, but Tannehill’s ignorance forced us to settle for a field goal.

A lot of Tannehill defenders blame Joe Philbin and think he should be fired as well.   That’s mixing apples and oranges.  Joe Philbin should be fired, absolutely.  But that will not give sudden, miraculous abilities to Ryan Tannehill.

It IS INDEED Philbin’s fault when the Dolphins do no go for it on 4th-and-one.   It his fault when we try pass plays on 3rd-and-inches.  I could list hundreds of other Philbin mistakes here, and I do so weekly.  But it is NOT Philbin’s fault when Tannehill throws a pass instead of running for easy yardage when no defender is in front of him.

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