An ugly win against a horrible team

I thought we were doomed when Jamar Taylor of all people  intercepted Tannehill’s first pass of the day.

I thought we were doomed when Cleveland strip sacked Tannehill and lined up for the winning field goal, all within the last 30 seconds of regulation.

Yet somehow, we won this brutally bad contest.  We faced a team with its 4th string QB and gave him 17 points.  Shoulda been more.   Our offense has gone from 10 to 24 to 30 points in our three games, increasing each time, but none of us feel good about it.

Despite some great throws, Tannehill looks lost out there.    We went three and out in the 4th quarter three times in a row; an 11 point laugher of a lead became a nail biter.

The Browns slid both safeties to the line of scrimmage–directly over right guard and right tackle, and Tannehill didn’t see them.    He locks in his tunnel vision per snap like no one I ever saw before, the the results are all too familiar. Bad results.

I could go on, but I will turn it over to our readers here for comments, good or bad…

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  1. At least Gase didn’t seem too thrilled about the whole ordeal. Philbin would have been complimenting the team’s resiliancy, but the new one at least understands the whole team played shitty.

  2. There were so many discouraging things in this game

    1 – Tannehill – for every good throw (and there were a few gems in there) I think there were 10 that your scratching your head about

    2 – how can a 4th string qb rookie step in and punish us every time we blitz by hitting the free reciver but our fifth year franchise qb can’t do that one time?

    3 – why are we still throwing 3 yard passes on 3rd and 10?

    5 – how come everyone tells us Vance Joseph was one of the most coveted football minds this offseason yet on every play the opponents recivers are running free. I mean WIDE open. This is the Browns were talking about they arnt a good team!

    6 – everyone said Gase was the most coveted coach out there last offseason. Can anyone tell why? I certainly can’t. He was bassicly outmatched by a 3rd string rookie qb and a wide reciver and a coaching staff that is the worst in the NFL by a mile. We should have kept philbin another year and then give away the franchise to bring McDaniels down here but he may well stay in NE at this point and take over for Belicik

    7 – this team can’t start fast, can’t play fast, looks lathargic all game every game. I’m so tired of watching this. No energy, no drive, no incentive. Sad.

    I also could go on and on

    One bright spot

    The offensive line is really protecting Tannehill well the last few games. That is nice to see

  3. Just read this point by David Hyde over at the Sun Sentinal and thought this sums up the state of our franchise and aligns me….. oh dare I say……. with Jay on this issue.

    Quote from David Hyde:

    “Here’s all you need to know about how much Cleveland feared Ryan Tannehill: Jackson, as mentioned, deferred the overtime kickoff. He gave Tannehill the ball first in overtime, where one possession can win the game. That’s a sure slap in the face against the Dolphins offense in general and Tannehill, specifically. No one does that against a top quarterback. Jackson proved right. The Dolphins had to punt before winning the game on the second series.”

  4. “why are we still throwing 3 yard passes on 3rd and 10?”

    Cause TannePuke has no accuracy past 10 yds!

    Worst starting QB in the league?
    3rd stringer on any other team.

  5. This is also from David Hyde it was to funny not to share with you all!

    Four years after being a second-round pick, Jamar Taylor finally won a game for the Dolphins. On the Dolphins second possession of overtime, he bit badly on a double-move by Jarvis Landry. Landry was wi-i-ide open for a 32-yard completion from Tannehill. Ajayi took in the touchdown on the next play. To be fair, Taylor had an early interception on Tannehill. But that final play shows exactly why the Dolphins traded Taylor . Who knew it would’ve helped them in such a big way?

  6. The only thing I liked about this game was coach gase’s press conference afterwards. All he talks about is execution which leads me to believe the coaches are putting players in the right spots, the players just aren’t stepping up.
    Example 1) Maxwell might be the worst cover corner in the league. He got burned by Pryor almost every time. How is that the coaches fault? Beside reshad jones and the dline is any one on that defense worth keeping?
    2) The oline has played well despite numerous injuries. That’s prolly on the coaching doing a great job of play design. Yet even with this protection Tanny makes the worst passes/ decisions over and over again. He has no feel for pressure and stands in the pocket like a dam statue every play. How often does he ever even look at his second reed? Stands like a statue staring at one wide out every play.
    3) Tannehill doesn’t know how to read a defense pre snap, how many times was it obvious they were blitzing, it’s like the whole stadium but tannehill can see it coming.
    4) There’s absolutely no running game and that’s on the gm. You don’t get rid of Reggie bush and Lamar Miller in a 4 year period without getting a good replacement. We all knew foster would get hurt it was just a matter of time.
    5) Overall the team just doesn’t even have talent in the positions it needs it. No linebackers, no corners, no quaterback, no running back. This is a rebuilding year 5 wins at best.

    1. 5 wins at our current pace of needing to play 3 games to generate 1 win you are spot on. I knew seattle was a fluke after the pats game and i totally knew the 2nd half comeback was fools gold. The pats slow played us then because they knew at any time they could step right back on the gas if needed. This give us and their fufute opponents false hope and worthless game tape. Thats how you not only win the game but all of the sub games behind the scenes like helping us hang onto a bad qb cause he looked good in the 2nd half. And their future oponents think and try to duplicate our 2nd half success only to have taken the fools bait. Yes i feel belechik is that smart. And the 1st half of the pats game and this last game vs the browns is the true dolphins. Wait till the jets and buffalo repeat last years sweep of us.

      1. Hooefully tannehill is benched before the second time we play each of them. Gase really has some fire to him I wouldn’t be surprised if he started changing everything. I mean he benched our first round pick last year cause he wasn’t playing well. How many first year coaches have the balls to do that?

  7. Just watched another one of gase’s press conferences I actually really like this coach. With philbin I would always cringe but this guy hes not afraid to straight up tell it like it is. wouldnt be surprised to see him bench Tanny halfway through the season if it doesn’t get better.

    1. @Zach

      Bench him for who?

      The stupid Dolphins haven’t drafted a QB in how long that we have keept to groom.

      Don’t tell me Moore – His time has come and gone while he sat on the beanch. All he could do is come in and make our draft spot sink lower and lower. He isn’t better than Tannehill and he has no future so it’s not a viable move.

      So is there some QB out there we should go pay for off some other teams beanch and replace Tannehill with?

      I would think theres more then a few who are better but we would never get them.

      We will have to wait until next draft…….

      Same thing every year

      1. @Brian M
        Moore is far better than TannePuke!

      2. So sad Brian but I think youre right. While I still feel Matt Moore is the better QB hes much older now and so far from the pro reps he got the year he replaced Chad Spaghetti Arms Henne. Its going from bad to worse and thats saying a lot about how bad tannehill is. Yes a couple of good throws but far too little and far far too inconsistent. I honestly dont think Tannehill’s heart is in this. He’s here for the pay.

  8. So without the O line to blame I think the problem is starting to make itself evident . Our QB just doesn’t have “it” and the players dont play for him. They must play for Foster and look how badly they perform when he’s not on the field? Hes a leader even if offten injured.

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