Austin Jackson on I.R.

Just when we’re all noticing how solid our offensive line is playing, we lose our outstanding rookie left tackle.

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  1. Just saw this! That’s going to hurt! O line has been much improved this year from last!

    1. Author

      I’ve been shocked at how well they played. Sacks allowed are down significantly, and it shows. At times, it seems Chan Gailey is using this season as a long preseason. He’s feeling out his young line to see what they can do and how much they can handle. Next man up will be tested Sunday.

  2. I see a big difference on the OL as well…remarkably better and this is where our next player up gets his time to show what he can do…our depth is key to keeping the good momentum the offense has had so far. THIS is what I look to in our scouts! Scouting good players for just the reason….we shall see what the Dolphins can do in this situation.
    Admin-the Gase hate-a-thon keeps going with Jet fans…what did the really expect? A QB whisperer, guru, head coach? BWHAHAHAHA!

  3. So awesome to be on the good side of a blowout! Very complete game by everyone! Coaches, offense, defense, and special teams! The only real gripe would be dumb penalties by the defense in the 3rd quarter to keep drives alive for SF. Otherwise damn good team win! I like the progression of our franchise so far for sure!

    1. Most of those calls were bogus. The league told the refs not to call ticky tack penalties but they forgot to say that included the Fins. Lots of BS but they fought through it which I’m proud of but it shouldn’t have to be that way.

      Very pumped that Hunt went in at RT and didn’t hear his name all game. Davis also played well at LT. Oline is vastly improved…

      1. This is the standard “keep it close” officiating. Every sport has it. Watch a hockey game and pay attention to what happens within the next 1-2 minutes after a goal, a guaranteed penalty on the scoring team. This is what we saw yesterday. Had to keep the 49er drive alive to keep the TV audience interested.

  4. Sanders is turning out to be a GOAT

    1. So many FGs lately and he don’t ever miss !

    2. Author

      Jimbo! Where ya been, my friend ?!?!

      1. I’ve been around. Cheering my Dolphins on here from Indiana. Sucks I can’t watch the games on tv much, but I listen to every single game on my Sirius radio. They’ve been around for awhile, but I must say I really do love the Dolphins radio broadcasters. Give big props to them.

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