Impressive Win. Very impressive

A lot more to come during the week, but for now, this win feels good, doesnโ€™t it?

Fitz continues his god-bad-good-bad inconsistent season.

Jason Sanders is an All Pro kicker.

Defense blitzed and mixed up the scheme superbly.

Gesicki is better than Kittles.

Our offensive line, minus a left tackle, is still playing ten zillion times better than last year.

Adam Gase is next up.

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  1. I think the key is that they are progressing. If Fitz can just be consistent the team may make the playoffs.

    Glad to see Hunt playing at RT he did well didn’t notice him which was a huge win in itself. Davis was very good at LT too and so many said he’s garbage. Well I’ll take that garbage over that stinking mess the last decade.

    Hopefully Gase makes it the rest of the year or more we need that idiot to stay on with the jets…

    1. Author

      Yes, Hunt was impressive. The announcers really did a disservice by barely mentioning our line all day. Granted, the story if the game is how overrated the 49ers are, and the announcers had to talk about their shock. But still, a missing left tackle could have been huge, but it became a non-factor because everyone stepped it up.

  2. I feel like it’s pretty early to be talking playoffs. It was a very impressive win no doubt, but let’s keep it in context. The 49ers have been ravaged by injuries on the defensive side of the ball and Jimmy G clearly was coming back too early in my opinion. It was shocking to me that Vegas was giving them 8pts given all that. Just shows the constant lack of respect we get.

    We’ve got some winnable games coming up on our schedule with the Jets, Rams, Cardinals, Chargers, Broncos, Jets and Bengals coming up. It’s not inconceivable that we could go somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-2 in that stretch putting us at 7-5. But then we finish the season running a gauntlet of Chiefs, Patriots, Raiders and Bills and we haven’t proven we can beat teams of that caliber yet. So I see us finishing somewhere around 8-8 personally. But 8-8 and trending upwards with another draft with lots of high picks and a potential franchise QB ready to take the reigns, an OL primed to take another big step forwards with a year under the belt of our young OL. I’ll gladly take that!

    Go Fins! And go whomever is playing the Texans! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. And of course all that is with the assumption the season isn’t impacted further by covid… I could easily see the season getting shortened sadly, but trying to stay optimistic.

      1. Author

        Tomorrow we will know a lot. If they let the Titans play on Tuesday Night Football, then the schedule can work itself out. But if tomorrow’s game is cancelled again, the whole thing is a messy mess.

        1. Don’t get me wrong Mike I am by no means guaranteeing playoffs but they have been in every game and only lost to teams that most believe will make it in. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Of course if they somehow lose to the Jets on Sunday then it would make it highly unlikely and they are not close to ready. They also need a few good things to happen along the way it will be a fun ride let’s enjoy their growth.

          1. Absolutely! And you never know… if they can even break even on that last stretch…. 9-7 might be enough to squeak in there ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Author

      My cousin sent me a typo in the newspaper that had the 49ers favored by 407 points. They did not cover.

      1. bahahahah!!! Even just the 8 points I put a bet on them…. no way was SF going to beat us down like everyone thought

  3. A very nice win indeed. I read somewhere that the Dolphins has not scored more than 40 points on the road since 2003. I thought we might see a little Tua action but no….

    1. Agreed, that was the one thing I was disappointed by. Going into the 4th quarter the outcome of the game was really no longer in question…. why not give Tua a couple series? Is there something more going on there we should be concerned about?

      1. Author

        In theory, you put the second string guy in there to protect your starter when it’s a blowout. However, in this case, we’re trying to protect our second stringer for the long run, and our starter is the more expendable of the two!

        1. Fair point…. just would be nice to get him some game action when the game isn’t on the line.

    2. Author

      Yes, in our chatroom I was saying they will put Tua in to take a knee. But nope!

  4. if Fitz wins the big one, he’s in hall of fame territory.

    1. Author

      That could be true! His longevity, combined with a championship, might do it. Long way to go for that, however! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I agree, impressive on both sides of the ball. A bit premature for playoff talk, especially since there appears to be a lot of competition for the wildcard spots. But a winning record looks promising. And for me, the biggest stat is their scoring – during the last four games, they are averaging 31.25 points/game. 31.25!!! I do not think that has happened since the Marino era..

    1. Author

      Also, I’ll have an upcoming column soon about this…but we have to point out some things. The interceptions that Garapolo threw, for example, were pigs. Horrendous passes with a clean pocket. Two terrible overthrows. Yes, we give McCain and Howard credit for interceptions, but let’s be honest…
      In addition, we have to critique our nonexistent running game. Obviously you don’t need to run when you are passing well. No need to “mix it up” (Too bad Adam Gase never realized that).
      So there is still room for improvement, but for now, let’s all be happy !

  6. I hope we crush the Jets by 30+. It always feels good to expose Gase for how horrible a coach he is.

    1. I wish I had the money to buy the Jets. I would hire Gase permanently.

      1. Author

        LOL. To me, I stuill hate the Bills and their fans a million times more than the NY Jets. At least Jet fans wear Fire Gase t-shirts and they know their team sucks. Bills fans, even during their lean years, still think theuir team is the best. We beat them twice a year throughout an entire decade, and they STILL talked shit. Hated them them and hate them more now!

  7. I know this might be sacrilege to even hint at right now… But anyone seeing what Justin Herbert is doing out in SD and praying we didn’t screw up big time not drafting him? Yeah every now and then he might throw a head scratcher but damn that kid has an elite arm and is a baller.

    1. Yeah that first TD was incredible.

    2. Iโ€™m not really worried about us not getting the right pick. From what Iโ€™ve seen Tua is accurate af. There is no doubt in my mind that Tua is going to be a superb qb. The only question is his health, but to me is too big a gamble to not make.

      1. Author

        I wanted Tua all along. I was doing a Zoom Draft Party with our member Just4midable and when they announced Tua, I cheered. I thought for sure they would blow it and select a mediocre WR or something.

        1. I don’t follow college football too closely but fans seem to hate every QB coming out and most have actually done well of late. Ie. Jackson, Murray, Herbert…. I would expect Tua if anything to be decent as he did even more in college than those guys.

          1. Author

            I like Fitz starting. I don’t want to throw Tua in just for the hell of it. However, that being said, when Fitz is clearly having a bad day, and when the game is still within reach, Flores needs to try Tua. I’m a huge believer in benching ineffective players, and if it’s the QB, then so be it. I’m leery of waiting the entire year to see Tua, because his rookie season will essentially be next year, and he’ll have to get used to the nuances and everything…all the stuff Burrow and Herbert are doing now.
            Plus, what if Fitz gets to to 9-7 or 10-6 or so. (unlikely, but what if). Do you dump Fitz next year and say 10-6 isn’t good enough?
            If we end 6-10 or even 8-8, then it’s easy to bench Fitz. But we may end up better than that!

  8. I love Tua waiting in the wings behind Fitzpatrick! Let him watch and learn how to lead and have fun! But tonight…let’s go Tanny and the Titans!

    1. Yeah I agree… Didn’t hurt Mahomes to sit for a year and there weren’t any injury concerns there.

  9. Bahahahaha Adam Gase does it again. Jets release Leveon Bell because Gase is an egomaniac who can’t deal with players that are upset with how he runs a team. And normally I’ll side with a coach in a situation like that but Gase’s track record speaks for itself. The man simply has no business being a head coach.

    1. You leave Gase alone, he is doing a great job with the Jets. I hope he has a long career in NY.

  10. I love how the Titans play! 1 day of practice not knowing what team they were going to play! Vrabel is a good coach!

    1. How about we finally give Tanny some credit. It’s not his fault that gase single handedly tried to ruin him now he’s doing it to Darnold. Is Darnold now bad? Of course not it’s the common denominator gase. Cowherd just put up stats for Tanny and Jackson guess who’s slightly better??? Sometimes players get screwed by bad coaching thank goodness the Fins have no where to go but up with Flo. No one can be worse than gase maybe philbum.

      1. Yeah it really does go to show you our coaching (whether Philbin, Gase etc) really failed Tannehill rather than Tannehill failing them. You put him in the right system with talent around him and he can clearly be a very good QB. You would see glimpses of it in Miami but whether it was scheme or protection problems he was just never able to truly excel with Miami….

        1. Also lets not forget that Parker and Gesicki were busts under Gase and look now, both legitimate stars.

          1. Author

            That’s so true. I was on Parker’s case his entire career, then all of a sudden under Flores, he started to make an effort and grab up-for-grabs passes and hustle…all things he never did under Gase.

            1. Tanny obviously had a lot to learn but when the oline was ok he did well with the Fins even with gase. But then he got hurt and it was over. It was best for him to leave but still frustrating that we lost those years truly hate gase for this.

              Parker was also ruined too now he’s magically ok. Like I said common denominator is gase….the idiot.

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