Awful 2015 Continues for Dolphin Fans

Pro Bowl guard Richie Incognito is now a member of the arch-rival Buffalo Bills, and that is bad news for Dolfans.

It’s just another item in the long list of exciting news that is occurring for the 3 other AFC East teams, while Stephen Ross keeps the Dolphins mired in morbose mediocrity.

Why keep a Pro Bowler when we can let him go to the rival Bills instead?

2015 has been filled with exciting news for 3 of the 4 teams in the AFC East.

  • The Patriots were handed a free Super Bowl victory.
  • The Bills got a tough-as-nails head coach with a chip on his shoulder.  They also got Richie Incognito, a Pro Bowl guard who Miami should have kept.
  • The Jets got a cerebral but inspiring head coach who, besides Bill Belichick, is the only head coach in our division with a winning record as head coach.
  • The Dolphins got nothin’.  Again.

Speaking figuratively and not going literally by the calendar, the Dolphins’ 2015 began on the day when we were eliminated from the playoffs at the end of December.  On the day were were eliminated, Stephen Ross stabbed us all in the back by doubling down on Joe Philbin.   Ross condemned us to another 8-8 season next year AT BEST.

It’s baffling why Ross rewarded Philbin at all.  But it’s infuriating that Ross rewarded him on the very day we were eliminated.

There is no logic to explain Stephen Ross’s logic.

Last year, the Dolphins were involved in a situation where some linemen teased each other.  One lineman, Jonathan “Judas” Martin, turned his back and quit the team.  Before the NFL could say a word, the Dolphins came down hard on Pro Bowl lineman Richie Incognito, suspending him indefinitely.  The Dolphins held counseling sessions.  Stephen Ross toured the country in support of anti-bullying campaigns.

This year, the Patriots were caught (or at least accused) of cheating in a playoff game.  The Patriots suspended no one.  Patriot owner Robert Kraft did not tour the country to apologize for his players.  On the contrary, Kraft DEMANDED and apology from the NFL.  The Patriots did not allow the distraction to stop them.

The way the Patriots handled their crisis is the 180-degree opposite of how the Dolphins did it.  One team over-reacted way too quickly and cost itself a playoff berth.   The other team ignored the scandal,  stuck up its middle finger to the NFL, and got a world championship.

Dolphin fans hate the Patriots, but we’re forced to admire their leadership.  We’re jealous of it.

Just imagine last year if Joe Philbin and Stephen Ross would have stated, “Richie and Jonathan teased each other, and 100% of the Dolphins attest to Richie’s side of the story.  We’re very sorry that John Martin chose to walk away, but we replaced him and we’ll move into the playoffs.  And we demand an apology from the NFL for calling this bullying.  It was two grown men.”

The difference in leadership is palpable, and it was demonstrated all through January by the way the Pats ignored or denied the cheating.

The message boards are abuzz on the Jets, Bills, and Pats sites.  Meanwhile on the Dolphin sites, fans are complaining (rightfully).  Or, worse, fans aren’t saying a word.

But Stephen Ross is okay with that.  He doesn’t care if fans want the Dolphins to win.  He only cares about moving home games to London, changing our beloved logo, and removing 11,000 seats from our home stadium.  He is the only owner in sports history who tells fans what they want instead of listening.

Or instead of reading our begging and pleading on this site.

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  1. I saw that Incognito news last night, and was too tired/annoyed to post here at that time. Amazing. I was explaining to my wife how the Dolphins didn’t get worse per se since the end of the season – but everyone else in the division got a whole lot better. Crossing my fingers for next season.

    And by the way I agree that it preposterous to remove 11,0000 seats from one of the largest capacity stadiums in the NFL! If Ross wants to host a Super Bowl so bad, doesn’t he realize that capacity is a determining factor?

    Most other teams WANT a larger stadium. Amazing.

    1. They can always add seats like the Cowboys did when they hosted. Besides, at the rate the league keeps screwing Miami, does it really matter?

  2. I am just sick that bonehead Ross has stuck us with loser Philbin for at least another season ,and you are right if Ross wants to host another superbowl capacity is definatly going to be a factor,like who is this guys advisors and I want coaches that aren’t related to philbin .I want coaches that come from a winning team that knows how to win ,not coaches from losing teams.I hope the stadium is half empty to send a message to our stubborn and mediocre owner.

  3. Uh, he’s a cancer…he and Rex are going to ruin that franchise, so this is “exciting” news for Dolphins fans.

  4. Still defending Incognito despite his country club charity event antics and the the fact that he’s been kicked off every team he’s been on since college sans his first stint with the Bills. Insane.

  5. Author

    Dolphgang, we do not support Richie’s country club behavior in any way. We condemn it. But don’t confuse the issues here. Richie was not kicked off the team for a grope. He was kicked off the team for “bullying” a 350-pound giant. Except for Martin, EVERY SINGLE DOLPHIN took Richie’s side of the story and supported Richie. Every single one. Yet despite that, the Dolphins kicked him off the team anyway. Even before the Wells Report came out. What kind of an organization disregards the statements of its entire team and instead coddles the little traitorous baby?
    We desperately need a tough interior lineman, but instead we just gifted him to an arch-rival instead. It was an unwise move.

    1. Unwise to a degree because after a year out and older, we don’t know if Richie still has it – but Miami did the PC thing. The Bills are facing criticism IN Buffalo from an anti-bullying group for signing Incognito. That is exactly what Miami wanted to avoid, bad PR, and Buffalo is getting just that. For now, WIN, Miami.

  6. I agree with Admin. I was pissed when we let Richie go. Bullying in football is the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard of. These men are supposed to be tough, not babies.

  7. Jonathan Martin is a wuss and a terrible offensive lineman. That we agree on. Winning NFL teams operate like families. They have each other backs and pick each other up. Not the opposite. Regardless of talent, and one Pro Bowl trip or not his talent is nominal, you don’t win anything meaningful if a guy like him is the strongest personality in your locker room. So what if a bunch of guys not used to winning shit gave him a vote of confidence? They don’t know any better because they don’t know how a winning NFL locker room is ran.

  8. First off, none of this “everyone getting better” is Ross’s fault, he is not the GM, Dennis Hickey is our so called GM. He is the one in charge of bettering the roster and/or helping make personnel changes that make the organization better. If blame is to be put on Ross, Hickey is just as much to blame.

    Now, lets discuss Incognito. I think you are comparing apples to oranges with the Patriots being accused of cheating and Kraft not touring against cheating as oppose to Ross touring for anti-bullying. It is ridiculous to compare the two situations as one is about the integrity of the game and the other is a hot button issue in society as a whole, not just limited to those in one tiny minority or grouping.

    Ross did what he had to do to save face with the public and show the community as well as the country that bullying won’t be tolerated. The Patriots have been accused of cheating for the past decade, Kraft couldn’t care less if the rest of the NFL or the country thinks his team cheated because he just wants to win and will do it anyway he can. And just for the record, I do like Richie and would have preferred he still be with Miami, but Miami doesn’t/didn’t want to deal with the media circus that Buffalo is NOW facing and will continue to face that entails have Incognito on the roster.

    Rex tough as nails? LMAO! Since when? this was a guy that cried and during post game interview looking defeated after losing a game in his rookie season saying how disappointed he was that the Jets were eliminated from playoff contention when mathematically they were still in it, and eventually made the playoffs. Rex is no genius, this is the guy who was a ride or die bitch, refusing to give in to the reality that Sanchez just wasn’t a franchise QB and stuck by him no matter what (had he not, the Jets probably would have won a SB) …much like Ross is sticking by Philbin and showing faith in him and wanting continuity.

    I do agree with you, the front office and upper management sabotaged their season by siding with Martin because the players stopped playing the last two games for the way the organization handled the whole thing, and the way Philbin hid from responsibility. But there is NO WAY IN HELL Miami could have just swept the “scandal” under the rug. Martin put on a show with the meltdown, checked himself into a clinic, and got a lawyer involved, and the media was ALL OVER IT from the start and gave it life and kept it alive for months and months. This was not going away, nor could it be swept under the rug. To think Miami could have done so would be like me saying Kraft showed poor leadership in not standing by Hernandez when he was arrested because Kraft didn’t, instead the team immediately offered a refund/exchange program for anyone with a Hernandez jersey even though Hernandez has still yet to be found guilty. But just like you, in that situation I am comparing apples to oranges.

    Ross is doing all he can as an owner. Had he fired Philbin, who was going to replace him? Koyle? don’t be absurd, he can’t coach the defense, let alone a team. Lazor? He would be an even bigger ego-maniac than what he is, plus he barely has coaching experience at the NFL level. Yes, he has been in the league since 2003, but only until he joined Miami did he reach OC, before that, the highest position he attained was QB Coach. So, you really have no choice but to bring in a new guy who would bring in his own guys and Tannehill – who showed great strides in Lazor’s handicapped system – would have to learn a whole new system for the 3rd time in 3 years – THAT IS A FORMULA FOR FAILURE!

    While it may not be the popular choice to stick with Philbin, continuity has to start at some point. And not everyone is a winner out of the gate, Belichick and Pete Carroll weren’t that great when they finally became HCs, yet they are widely regarded as among he best in the NFL right now. I’m not saying Philbin will turn into a winner, but he could, as those previously mentioned coaches looked like duds in their first stints in multiple seasons.

  9. It’s bullshit to keep saying that learning a new offense and getting a new coach is a bad idea. These are pro players and athletes who can learn a system in a few weeks. That’s what the summer is for. Practice practice practice.
    For three years the Dolphins have been practicing average plays for an average coach, and you saw the results 3 years in a row. Cam Cameron had Cleo Lemon and John freaking Beck as his starters. Cam had no chance in hell. But the players played hard for him. No Dolphin plays hard for Philbin.

    1. Wow, the players played hard for Cam… conversation is over, I won’t even bother addressing your other “argument”.

  10. Rod,

    I respect everyone’s opinion and you made some valid points…BUT you completely lost me after: “Ross is doing all he can as an owner.”

    Ross is hands down one of the worst owners in the NFL if not all of sports. He is completely clueless when it comes to leading an NFL organization and his half-measures have led us to an unending cycle of mediocrity. All you need to know about this blind clown is that no reputable GM (remember the GM search last year) or coach (remember the coaching search before that) would ever agree to work for him.

    All our problems start and end with him. I strongly believe our only salvation is either Ross selling the team or…dropping dead (which I wouldn’t wish on him or anyone else). Unless one of those 2 things happen, he may fire Philbin next year but then go out and hire the next loser because his track records indicates he has zero judgment when it comes to winning in the NFL.

    1. Bingo! Until Ross drops dead (which is a horrible wish) or is pressured to sell the team (please!!) We’ll be right back here again next year, and the year after, and after, and after.

    2. Hmmm, I never said he was the best owner, just “Ross is doing all he can as an owner.” which you pointed out.

      Did he not try and get Jim Harbaugh? Of course, even though fans couldn’t stand Sporano, they thought it was dirty they way Ireland and Ross went about doing it … which is true, but had Harbaugh said yes brought us the same success the 49ers had, I doubt those fans would have continued to think so.

      He has allowed and Ireland and Hickey to use up the cap every single year since he has owned the Dolphins – and that isn’t something every owner does. As far as GMs goes, yes, Hickey is a garbage GM, but let us be honest, no GM wanted to walk into the situation that Miami had, which was basically on a one year deal and the head coach has more power than you do – and rightfully so in that situation, Philbin has a better understanding of his team than Hickey does.

      He has fought hard many for many years trying to get the stadium renovated one way or another and has finally gotten it done this past year. He has given the team a new upgraded facility and was successful in bringing a fan favorite and icon in the organization in Dan Marino. Not to say that Tannehill’s development from last year is owed to Marino – because it’s not – but it is a good move from a PR perspective and it is what the fans have been wanting.

      He has done everything he can for the team. Could he do more, of course – EVERY owner can do more for their team. Personally I think he should have made Joe fire Coyle like he made him fire Sherman… oh, that is another thing he did that was good, making Joe fire his buddy Sherman who Joe wanted to keep. Can he and should he fire Joe, maybe, but only for a guaranteed winner and outside of Bruce Arians and Belichek, I don’t see anyone as a sure fire hit and those guys aren’t going to walk away from the teams they have.

  11. MoonBear ,you are right bang on about Ross he just don’t have a clue .He thinks with all the glitter and glammer the people will come ,me I couldn’t care a less as long as the fish was contenders each year Id be very happy although we haven’t had anything to cheer about for a long time.

  12. I guess the real point Admin wanted to put across wasn’t much about Incognito yet about how lame of a franchise organization we have become and how other teams start building up their winning records BEFORE the first whistle of the season is blown by cementing their policies, professing real habits and values of mental toughness and growing players and coaches (look at Def Coordinator Patricia in Boston).
    We have an owner who is clearly foreign to all of this and his Brass can only reflect what the overall franchise environment in Miami has been the last 15 years.

  13. Moonbear, laser precise comment! Ross is the biggest joke of NFL owners. I see no way out of this black hole other than a Trump or Mark Cuban offering Ross a big chunk of cash and damn I wish that would happen. I cannot see this organization/team turning around UNTIL Ross is no longer the owner. He doesn’t have the internal makings in his DNA for the competitive sport that is professional football. Buying an NFL franchise is a trinket on Ross’s line of things I own, along with his several buildings and real estate. And yes, NFL owners have other businesses besides them owning a team, BUT their football team is #1. we have the owner who is the laughing stock of owners. Don’t wish him I’ll will, just sell the team and let us fans and players get back that football passion that we haven’t been able to capture for many years. Ross has ruined my Dolphins and I feel nothing will change until he’s no longer the owner. The coaching endorsement of Philbin confirmed Ross’s incompetence as owner. No other NFL owner would have EVER done that. Re: new coach, new system to learn again-these guys are professionals getting paid big bucks, have all summer and training camp, with film, classroom and practices and they can’t learn new plays, play calling and system? Hard to feel that would be a reason NOT to fire a coach. Look at all the teams with new coaches this coming season, they aren’t whining! Let’s face it Dolfans, we have little to be excited for again for 2015.

    Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
  14. Oh Rod u are so misguided. Why on earth do u defend Ross? The guy just isn’t personable.

    1. I back my claim up with facts…you have baseless comments so whatever. Is he isn’t as bad as everyone makes him out to be. You want this worst owner is sports or most impersonable, you have to look no further than James Dolan of the Knicks … we we could always being doing a lot worse Floridian.

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