A Final post about the Championship that Pete Carroll handed to the Patriots Before we move on to all the exciting Dolphin news this offseason

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We’ve all seen the images by now.  Non-Patriot-fans will suffer forever as we cannot get the pictures out of our heads.

Meanwhile, the Patriots and their fans will not acknowledge that the title was handed to them.  They actually thought they earned the win.  They are filled with “yeah, but…” whenever you bring up that Pete Carroll made the worst decision in sports history.

I wanted to point to a couple of images to prove my point about what a lucky gift the Pats receive from Carroll.  We’ve all seen Tom Brady celebrate touchdowns over the years.  He is pretty demonstrative.  He runs to his receiver and gets in his face, as if he were about to kiss him.  Then he head butts the receiver, all the while pumping his fist in jubilation.

Here’s the way Tom Brady celebrates a great play that he deserves. Pay no attention to little Julie Edelman in the background.

We don’t hold that against Brady, and we’ve all seen it a hundred times.

Here is another typical Brady celebration.   Again, he has just thrown a TD pass, and he deserves to pump that fist as hard as he can.

Another common Brady reaction to a great play he just made.

But now we must look at the Seattle play and Brady’s reaction.

First of all, note that his helmet is off.   Have you ever seen Brady when he WASN’T ready to get out there and play?  He KNEW the game was over.  He knew it.

Now note the reaction.  Is he head-butting anyone?  Is he pumping his fist.  No.  He is jumping for joy like a kid who just received the best gift ever.

Does this look like a man who just earned a well-deserved victory? Or does it look like a kid who just received a great gift. The face tells it all. He is uttlerly shocked.

How can any Patriot fan watch this and then still keep on saying that “they never gave up” or that the ending was “not  a surprise because we had faith in our defense.”   Nonsense.   Just nonsense.

And speaking of celebrating, here is how coach Bill Belichick celebrated the free gift that Pete Carroll gave him:

Nothing wrong with kissing your loved one on the lips…unless it’s your grown daughter for God’s sake!
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  1. Classic Dolphins/Philbin:


    What…we couldn’t hire away the guy that coached the 31st or 32nd ranked D-Line? Great to know we are aiming high. I’m sure N. Suh will be persuaded to join the team and refine his craft under this clown. This organization is complete freakin’ joke.

    1. Nope they got Williams who was like the 5th worst in the NFL although they claim the line was a positive for the raiders but I’d have to see the sake totals before I be lived that. 3 and 13 seasons don’t indicate many sacks taking place and that was a problem the last half of the season and bringing in this guy who has no decent wxperiance anywhere except texts a&m is just another in the teams long long line of idiot moves

  2. I sure the hell hope that the exciting offseason news isn’t a 5 year Philbum contract extension or how we trade away Mike Wallace for a sixth round draft pick or some other bullshit. I know I’m being negative but with all the other news and coaching changes happening in the AFC East there is no way we will get out of last place next year.

  3. I keep thinking about the London games. We all know that the NFL wants a permanent team in London. Our owner jumps at the chance to play there often. Due to our stadium being kinda empty the past several year…has anybody thought that our Dolphins will permanently move to London? This has been worrying me a lot lately. I could totally see Mr. Ross doing this too. Pack up the team and move overnight just like when the Colts moved from Baltimore.

    “Carroll knew he was going to throw the ball at least once in that goal-line sequence because he didn’t want to leave enough time on the clock for Tom Brady to drive down the field with an answer. If the second-down pass had fallen incomplete, Carroll planned to run on third down — and again on fourth down, if necessary.”
    There are several wrong assumptions with the above scenario.
    Time has become a factor when it shouldn’t have not.
    The moment Lynch gets tackled at the 1 yard line there is still about a minute on the clock and 3 more downs to play, with one timeout. How sweet it is! Gleason would say. With less than that time left, at the end of the first half Seattle just managed to score driving from about midfield (!).
    The problem was: in a scrambling for worrying about Brady too much, Seattle forgot some basic rules of Red Zone, two minutes offense.
    They took so long to set themselves and snap the ball for 2nd down, that THEN (and only then) time started to become a factor.
    Brady did the trick from the bench, just by casting his long shadow when there was no need to fret.
    Even if Seattle scored in the ensuing down (by aligning quick and, why not, running exactly the same play with a simple “repeat” call from the sideline). Brady would have been left with some 30-40 seconds to drive the field:
    1. If he scores a TD with that little time, he deserves the Superbowl.
    2. If he gets the Pats in FG range (which is also no kids’ game) and they score, you live to see another day and go to the OT.
    But worrying about Brady and then “burning” precious seconds mulling over the next play call was what killed the Hawk.
    As a player, when you play goal line is crucial to get a breather from the offense to align. If Offense just runs a quick play (especially on the 1 yard marker!), no matter how stacked is the box or goal line, chances are the ball will get in (a QB sneak might do it). Surprise factor is everything while you don’t even give the D chances to talk or change personnel.
    Matter of fact, should the Seahawks align quick for 2nd down, I guarantee you 99 out of 100 Belichick is forced to use a timeout himself before the ball is snapped. And being Carroll, you are then a happy camper for you can run three times with Lynch without worrying about time.
    Just trying to keepin’ it real, Chris Wesseling.

    1. Nicola, as the Admin pointed out a while ago, Bill Belichick suckered Pete Carroll into fearing Brady’s shadow. When Seattle completed the long passs to the five, you just KNEW that New England would call timepout to conserve time. Everyone knew it, and Pete Carroll expected it. But guess what? NE did not call timeout. Right then and there, Seattle’s timing was off. They were rushed and a bit confused. I guarantee you that the Hawk players and Pete Carroll were both keeping an eye on the clock and thinking, “Why isn’t NE calling a timeout?” NE had gotten into their heads, and you saw the result.

      1. I don’t disagree with that, even I was wondering why aren’t they calling a T.O.

  5. Jimbo: “has anybody thought that our Dolphins will permanently move to London? This has been worrying me a lot lately.”

    I disagree and see this as a BEST case scenario. I’m a lot more negative and down on Ross than most Dolfans. I think he’s satan and the absolute root of all our problems. Every foul thing about the organization starts with this moron. As much as we bitch about Clueless Joe, remember that someone had to be dumb enough to hire him in the 1st place…AND then keep him on despite the overwhelming evidence.

    That said, I see the only way we get out of this mess is if this idiot (Ross) either dies, or sells the team. Since neither of those things are likely to happen anytime soon, the other scenario is the one Jimbo mentions. MOVING THE TEAM TO LONDON!

    Sign me up for this immediately IF we get to keep the name, colors and history of the team with assurance that Miami will get another franchise. Similar to what happened in Cleveland when Modell took the original Browns down to Baltimore and they became the Ravens. The people of Cleveland got to keep everything traditional about their franchise and now most people think of the current Browns as the ONLY browns. I would welcome this scenario with open arms if it played out that way. Let Ross and his dumb ass…and his retarded coach and front office go to London. Maybe we get lucky with a new visionary owner of our own like Kraft. Starting from scratch is way better then this endless cycle of mediocrity and ineptitude.

  6. Author

    Many years ago, when Baltimore moved to Indy, I remember thinking, “Big deal. Colt fans will still like the team no matter where they are.” And when Cleveland moved to Baltimore, I thought the same thing. Also, when the Rams moved to St. Louis and of course the Raiders going back and forth from Oakland to LA to Oakland. Who cares? A team is a team.
    But now that I think about it in terms of my beloved Dolphins, my eyes have been opened.
    It would really suck if Ross moved the team. I don’t think it will happen, especially with Ross dumping a billion bucks into revitalizing the stadium (that no one asked him to do), but the possibility is there. Ross’s top priority is not to win. His top priority from day one was to provide a grand spectacle. That’s why he wants celebrity owners and nightclubs in the stadium. That’s why he is so concerned about hosting a Super Bowl that his Dolphins have zero chance of being in. He simply has zero grasp on the devotion it takes to win. For example, if you want to win, you do not give away one of your home games to go play in Europe instead. If you want to win, you do not re-hire your coach on the day when he got your team eliminated. Who on earth rewards a man for failing?

  7. Admin, I agree with you wholeheartedly couldn’t of said it better myself I agree ross couldn’t care a less about winning all he cares about is money ,money and oh Michigan University .I am afaid us Dolphin fans are in for a lot of disappointment in the next few years as far as im concerned this is all on Ross.

    1. Author

      Ross devotes far too much time and money on things that have nothing to do with making the Dolphins better, and it shows.
      We’ve covered this for a long time, and the list continues to grow.

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