Big Game Day Here

Feels odd to play to Saturdays in a row, but here we are.   As always, join us in the chatroom at

You may have to register or log in first, but once you’re in, go to the chatroom.

Dolphins will need to step up today and play like a winner.

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  1. Steelers-Ravens only on NFL Channel tomorrow.

  2. I know, like me, the rest of you Fin fans must feel exhausted also after this game with buffalo………………..whew!

  3. 5 years were taken off my life span… But a win is a win.


    *assist from Ajayi

    1. Author

      Technically, Jay is right as Matt Moore did indeed win on the road. But man he played a rough first half.
      Not to mention our defense playing a rough first half AND second half

  5. Even I wouldn’t try to ice my own kicker.

    1. You also wouldn’t win 10 games. Be able to run the ball effectively to have one guy run for 200 yards 3 times a season, twice on the same team. Win games with a back-up QB (You could barely win em with a starter). Beat the Bills on the road. There’s alot you wouldn’t do.

  6. I had to listen to the last 2 minutes on the radio here in Ft Myers.The 3 morons,Joe Rose, Boob Greasy and the play by play clown are clueless. I know Joe Rose has undiagnosed brain damage and Greasy hasn’t been able to complete a sentence in at least 3 years with at least 1 pause,but both of those clowns said we have no chance to finish 5th,instead of KC. Do they know anything at all? So happy we won but even after the kick,nobody said they made it or missed it.Idiots. How do these clowns waste air time? We could pick 3 guys from this forum and do a better job!

    1. Why don’t you apply for the job since you think you could do better?? LOL

    2. Author

      Houston can still catch Pittsburgh and be the 3 seed, in which case i want to be 6th !
      Also, the Raiders are done for the year, so that means New England easily coasts thru the playoffs with home field throughout…again!

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