Bill Belichick reviews the Dolphins game

I don’t often link to other blogs and sites, but I found this one exceptional and wanted to share with you.

Listen to Belichick dissect a couple of key plays, including a third-and-two on our very first drive.   Not one thing went correct on offense.   Every single receiver was covered, including the primary target Damien Williams.  The line broke down.  Matt Moore couldn’t do a thing.

It’s worth watching:

Look especially at the 4:16 mark.   You will see how badly Julia Thomas “blocked” his man.   Belichick speaks respectfully about the Dolphins’ players, as he always does.  Thomas is about 10 yards away from Kenyan Drake, and yet Belichik shows you that the fumble was pretty much Julia’s fault. Fantastic breakdown analysis.


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    1. Author

      LOL. He’s trying to say that Van Noy made a good play, but when you watch it, all you see is how slow “she” reacted.
      Beforre the snap, Julia knew the play was running to her left,. The defender did not know that yet. All Julia had to do was step left and get in the guy’s way. But no.

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