Jay Cutler Healthy and Ready to Start Sunday Against Fancy Vancey Joseph

While I still think it’s arrogant of know-it-all Adam Gase to foist Jay Cutler on the Dolphins, Matt Moore certainly hasn’t proven capable of sustaining a winning streak either.

I have no problem with Cutler starting; I just wish Gase said something like, “I’m going to evaluate both QBs and see who’s playing better.”   Instead, we get this from Gase: “I know what’s best and I’m never wrong and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.  Ha ha!”

In Cutler’s last game vs. Tampa, he actually moved the team well.  DeVante Parker’s laziness and clumsiness cost Cutler two interceptions that were not his fault.  Jarvis Landry fumbled a ball after a catch.  Adam Gase didn’t run any QB sneaks on multiple short-yardage downs.   All of that cost Miami points, and none of it was Cutler’s fault.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a huge Cutler fan.  He does nothing much to earn that fandom.  However, the losses and many of the picks are not his fault.

Hopefully Gase opens up the offense this week.   When Gase breaks away from the three typical plays he runs all the time (handoff up the middle, screen pass to Landry, flat pass to Julia Thomas), then we have success.  The screens to Williams and Drake are working.  The play actions are working.  The flea flicker never fails.  Bootlegs are effective.  These plays move the ball, but then for some frustrating and baffling reason, Gase decides to stop using them.  He instead tries a low-percentage fade route to DeVante Parker.

This week we go up against our former defensive coordinator, Vance Joseph.  Vance led the Dolphins’ D last year to an impressive 31st finish out of 32 teams.  And yet he still got a head coaching job.  What was John Elway smoking?  Now we know why it’s called the Mile HIGH City.   Usually, only the Miami Dolphins promote someone who just failed.  This time, it was Denver.

The Broncos won a Super Bowl 2 years ago, and now they are a mess.  No chance for the playoffs.   No offense whatsoever.  A formerly stout defense that is now easy to beat.  Oh, and All Pro Bronco CB Aqib Talib will be out due to a suspension.  Which means some 4th string rookie CB will be covering DeVante Parker and get a pick or two.

Remember when Adam Gase lied to us and said that players who don’t perform will be benched.  I guess DeVante Parker doesn’t count.

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  1. It honestly doesn’t matter who starts

    1. Author

      I agree. And even Gase saying “it doesn’t matter who starts” is preferable…rather than Gase acting like Cutler is some kind of phenom with a 75-2 record and a handful of Super Bowls on his resume.
      I don’t care if Cutler starts…I just hate the idea of Gase being so cocky about it.

  2. I’m counting on a win this week. I’ve NEVER said that before but to reach the 7 wins I predicted it’s a must have. Yeah,when everyone else had the word “playoffs” in every sentence,I said 7. Of course that was a pipe dream weeks ago. I am still amazed at the folks who know football best,the odds-makers. They were 1/2 point off last week. Just like when I went to the Indy 500 in mid-90s,when it was still worth watching,and the over/under for cars to finish the race was 18 I think. They missed by 1 car.This team is crap and has regressed from last season. Everyone beneath the owner needs to move on,and I mean the entire front office and every coach. We have maybe ~20 playeys that make another 53-man squad,and I’m not talking about a god squad. This team and most of the organization is shit! I’ve been a fan since 1965.

      1. Yes,I think they are backing Roy Moore.

  3. My brothers a bronco fan and he sees this as a get right game for the bronco defense. I hope he’s wrong but with the oline we have that bronco dline might finally have a good game

    1. Author

      I fear your brother is very correct!

  4. We booked this game before this debacle of a season began!… In hopes it would be worth a lot more! Now it’s just the “Toilet Bowl”! We live in Denver and we have Bronco fan friends from Denver meeting us at the game so if there is one game I want to win all year it is this one! I don’t want to go back home to hear the shit I would take if we lost! LOL! Admin I’ll send my info on your email! Hope to see you there!

  5. This guy, KARMATOURER, pats himself on the back at being so good at predicting… makes one wonder why he didn’t predict Tannehill going down and the Dolphins signing Jay cutler?… hmmmm…………

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