Billy Turner Finds his Third Team in 5 days

The Denver Broncos are the latest team to take a chance on young Billy.  After getting cut twice by the Dolphins and then the Ravens, Turner tries again.

On other news, Reshad Jones is questionable for Sunday…and the season.   Her has a potential rotator cuff injury.   That’s not as devastating to a safety as it is to a baseball player, so I predict Jones will tough it out.

Three Dolphins are now eligible to come off the PUP list and play:  Zach Vigil, Chris Culliver, and our old pal Dion Jordan.    Vigil would probably replace Spencer Paysinger, who hasn’t done anything wrong, really, but he’s had a chance to stand out over the last month and he’s done nothing with it.   Chriss Culliver could add depth, especially if Jones really can’t play.   And Dion?   Well he’s the bust that keeps on taking.

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  1. Apparently jones might be out for the season, if that’s true the team might as well tank. Jones is by far the best player on the defense. Without him it will get ugly against teams that can pass.

    1. Com’on ZACH…tank?! You can’t be serious?

      One injured player don’t stop the whole show, no!

  2. Suh has to be in the convo for the best player on D. PFF ranked him 27th best player OVERALL recently.

    1. Jay, I for one won’t be singing any praises for Kong Suh. Remember, he is the highest paid defensive player in the league.

      Bout time he starts earning his money.

      1. Author

        I’m 50-50 on this myself. Suh certainly doesn’t get his named called very often on Sundays, and isn’t making stellar plays. However, we constantly hear about what he does in the trenches to free up other defenders. So just because he’s not getting sacks and not nailing RBs in the backfield, doesn’t mean he’s not being productive. But hen again, he played the same position in Detroit did a helluva lot more than just take on blockers. He took them on, tossed them aside, and nailed guys in the backfield. That’s what we want to see.

      2. Well, at least Suh is a very good player. The guy who really isn’t earning his money on this team is TannePuke.

  3. If gase brings dion back it will send the wrong message to this team. I doubt he will though. Dion has missed too much practice and cant possibly be up to speed. I say keep him on the pup and cut him when the time is right. He has no trade value and not enough playing time. I feel his career is over and its entirely his fault.

  4. I guess after that performance I have to think Ajayi (along with Landry) could be as good a draft pick as the Fins have made in many years.

    1. I like both of those guys, but they both fumbled at really bad times trying to do to much.

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