Reshad Jones Out For the Year

The rumors and speculation were true.   Reshad Jones was officially placed on IR and is out for the season.

It’s a tough blow to the Dolphins, and frankly it surprises me that Jones couldn’t make it through.   He’s shown resiliency in the past, but I suspect this time, the torn rotator cuff is just too severe to risk playing.   I’d like to see what rookie Jordan Lucas can do in the secondary, but it will be hard to get him or anyone to perform at Jones’ level.

Tyrod Taylor is our next opponent.   He’s not a great passer, but he runs the ball a lot.   And scrambling quarterbacks have ALWAYS vexed the Dolphins.

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  1. Just the fins luck, finally get a big win and then lose one of their top players for the year.

  2. What’s the difference this year is finished anyway. They need to use the rest of the season to try and develop some depth.

    1. Author

      Develop depth AND develop a winning attitude. We saw a few guys make the extra effort last Sunday, and it was noticeable. It’s sad that we noticed, because it means it wasn’t there the first 5 games.

  3. After further reading, former Dolphin Mike Gillislee, might start in his place.

  4. Admin-That first comment was not from me. I think its Zach, because it happened before.
    This is the “Real Kelrvet” Ha ha

  5. Seems like whenever I sign into the chat then sign out it thinks I’m kelvert

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