Both Dolphin QBs played like garbage. But who’s to blame?

Right off the bat, we all know our line sucks.

But even when they did a decent job on a few rare plays, the QBs didn’t help anyone.  Remember Josh Rosen’s first pass a Dolphin? He was on a rollout to his right and threw a poor pass.   Can’t blame the line there.   But Jakeem Grant kinda gave up on the ball.  Grant has to become a defender there, but instead he became a spectator.   I’m giving Rosen 85% of the blame there and 15 to Grant.

What about Fitzpatrick’s ugly interception on our first series?   That’s mostly him.  He tried to hurry a pass to avoid a sack, but man!  There were so many Ravens around our receivers.  That pass should never have been thrown.

Accuracy was missing.  Leadership was missing. It was ugly all around.

How much of the blame do the coaches bear for this debacle?   Well, Flores’s buddy, the inexperienced offensive coordinator, called pass plays too early, too often, and too late.  At least they shoulda practiced some running plays against the Ravens, instead of getting Fitz and Rosen killed. Down by 49, who cares if we run or pass?

And how about that fool Flores calling a timeout with 20 secondds left, down by 49.   I suppose he was hoping for a pick-6, then a 2-point conversion, then an onside kick and a hail mary…(repeat that scenario 5 different times within the final 20 seconds, and we could have won the game).   We were so close!  No wonder “Flo” called those timeouts.

In New England, they called our coach “Flo.”    But I think we’d be better off with this Flo instead:  (with apologies to millenials who have no idea who she is)


Go Saints tonight!

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  1. Author

    Oh, and I keep laughing every time Brian Flo gets credit for stopping the Rams in the the last Super Bowl. How about giving the REAL credit to Ram coach Sean McVay, who called the same basic 2 or 3 plays all night long during the Super Bowl.

  2. Author

    And if it makes anyone feel any better, Laremy Tunsil just gave up a sack on Houston’s first series of the season.

  3. I honestly can’t completely blame the QBs especially Rosen he only had a few plays. Fitz should have been a little better but he is who he is. Next week they may play lights out wouldn’t shock me. But they probably still wouldn’t win.

  4. Juwan James out with a knee injury tonight as well. All I know is our o line better get it’s shit together or no QB is gonna make it till midseason! You think 59 points is bad….this week N.E could put up 80!

    1. And they will try. Last season’s loss is still probably not sitting too well with them

  5. Why is Minkie Fitz on our punt team? I see him running downfield to cover a punt then see him run out of bounds when the play is over. I thought we used mostly slugs (90% of our team BTW) for punt coverage. Maybe he was being punished by Flo for his poor play up to that point.
    A few days ago when I said 2 wins,people laughed. Guess I was being generous.Who’s laughing at my prediction now?

    1. Revise your statement. How many games do you think that Miami will be within 20 pts of their opponent. We should start a pool each week as a new segment to this site.

  6. Author

    It was one ugly game, but I still think we will split with the Bills and jets, and find a few more wins elsewhere.

  7. I’m happy to see that Flores is taking his share of responsibility for the loss. He’s saying the right things that they all need to get better every week. Let’s see if he can pull it off I just want to see improvement. Fact is Jones, Drake, etc….need to play more they are vets and want to help. Don’t blame them if they are complaining as that’s the kind of complaint that you want to see.

    On another note gase is taking no blame and is running his mouth again he’s a cancer please don’t ask for him back. Everyone else’s fault yeah right… what a tool.

    1. The Jets fans turned on him early on and he’s only increased their ire since. it’s like he goes out of his way to be a prick. No wait,that’s his personality. When,not if,the Jets fire him,will any team be ignorant enough to make the mistake of hiring him as a HC again? He’s fooled 2 teams so far………..

      1. He made the comment that he can do whatever he wants as he’s the HC when asked why good players received little snaps in the loss. Why anyone would want that idiot is something else. I hope Flores continues to learn from mistakes instead of pass the buck onto others.

  8. A concern for me is the Pats having a perfect season. As I mentioned a few days ago they play no playoff teams in their 1st 8 games and admin said they play no teams with a winning record in that period,it is no wonder they have a great chance to go undefeated. But all it takes if for Brady to go down and it all changes.

    1. Author

      Playing the first 8 games against shit teams is indeed ominous. But even more troubling, is even when the Pats play a GOOD/GREAT team, those teams roll over for them.
      I know this gripe is a broken record, but when teams like the Falcons and Seahawks literally hand them a free gift championship by calling ridiculous pass plays, that bothers me more than the way the schedule maker loves NEPats

      1. You mentioned the schedule makers. it appears the Raiders have 1 of the most difficult schedules of all time,as mentioned on MNF. So their win carries even more weight. But they have 1 more win than us,which counts in the Tua/Herbert sweepstakes. And Arizona has a tie.
        Before the debacle on Sunday,I said I’d play close attention to other team’s wins in the sweepstakes and report back-that’s no longer necessary.

        1. Author

          True, but the worse Houston does, the better WE do !
          Thank you Saints!
          Actually, now we root against the Saints all year, because we own their 2nd-rounder.
          Kenny Stills looked so nice on that late TD, but Ted Ginn had an even more important catch later.

          1. The Ted Ginn Family and Stills,priceless. Looks like TTGF finally learned how to catch the ball. He caught several.
            I see Saints making Final 8 this season,but every spot counts.

            1. Somehow the saints still don’t understand the strategy of keeping an opponent inbounds when time is running out but not letting them flat out score in the process. They keep letting teams do this to them similar to vikes game yet this time they were lucky as they had enough time to kick a FG at the end. Just insanity on Houstons part in the end but I’ll take it…

              1. Agreed. Their defense is suspect for several reasons,including coaching.
                Jackson’s throwing prowess on Sunday won’t happen again this season. It was men against boys.

              2. Author

                The Saints nearly blew that game by not running sideline routes on the last drive. And they didn’t call a timeout until the last play.

    1. I didn’t know they were +4 in turnovers and still lost! Classic Gase who finds a way to lose. That team has talent,which makes the loss more glaring.

  9. AB accused of rape….now that was fast.

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