Tank Carradine is back!

This guy wasn’t even good enough to make our main 53-man roster.  And if you can’t even make it onto the Dolphins awful defense, that says something.

He wasn’t good enough to be offered a job on our practice squad.

He wasn’t good enough for any of the 31 other teams to sign.

But… he has one of the coolest names in Dolphins history, so let’s hope he sticks around and excels.  And he’s a better DE than Charles Bust Harris.



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  1. Yet another warm body for our CFL-quality roster. A pundit described our roster to CFL-quality a few days ago. He also said it was the 1st time the CFL had played the NFL,roster-wise. I agree. Can it get worse-we’ll see.
    =19 and counting is the spread,1 of the largest this decade. Hoe many will we give up by halftime? And how many by game’s end? We have little say. Only opposing coaches can decide on the Mercy Rule. Harbaugh hasn’t heard of it. Have others?
    How about the articles talking about how little our few good players played on defense,especially Minkie Fitz? Both rookie coordinators refused to anser the questions why our best (LOL) players didn’t play. Rookie HC,OC and DC. This is OJT for them too.

  2. Author

    One of these days, we won’t have to write “Rookie HC,OC and DC” all the time.

    I understand the concept of letting a head coach start from scratch, blow up the roster, get good draft picks, choose his own staff and players. I get that. But NOT when that coach has zero experience doing any of that.

    Unemployed guys like Rex Ryan and Super Bowl champs Mike McCarthy and Brian Billick must be laughing at us.

  3. Along those lines,after the debacle last week,it shows just how much Jim Caldwell is missed.

    1. Author

      Yes, but… Remember, Caldwell was only an offensive assistant. Some joker named Chad something or other is our alleged OC.
      Even Caldwell could not have prevented that nightmare.

      1. He was far more than an offensive assistant. He was there to help guide Flores in many areas as his 1st season as HC. Flores has nobody to turn to-he’s on his own and it shows.

  4. Author

    Sam Darnold and LaVeon Bell both out for the Jets. It’s the curse of Adam Gase.

    1. The gift that will keep on giving all year

      1. Agreed. He in particular and the Jets in general will be my highlight this season. Plus a few others missed practice and 2 others may be out for he season.

        1. Author

          Watch the Jets get Tua and we get Ross saying, “We are happy keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick on a new long-term deal.”

  5. Ross has only one thing on his radar-Hudson Yards in NYC and the success that will bring him more money. He has priorities ahead of the Dolphins, and only when he croaks will this team and organization change. Been a fan for many, many years and don’t recall such hopelessness from fans. I expect very little from the entire organization. BUT, I will continue to put the blame at the top-we have a moron owner!!!

    1. His priorities:
      1-U Michigan

      Near the bottom-Dolphins

  6. Report: Dolphins grant Minkah Fitzpatrick permission to seek trade.
    The Dolphins have reportedly set too high of an asking price for Fitzpatrick, the 11th overall pick in the 2018 draft.

      1. Minkah hasn’t been good but they really haven’t made it easy on the kid by moving him all over the place. I think they should put him at free safety see how he does. Just leave him there.

        1. Or simply put him where he was the best of all last season,covering the slot receiver. But using a #11 pick to cover a slot receiver sounds crazy,right? Or put him at safety like you say.

          1. Author

            It’s NOT crazy nowadays. The slot guys routine destroy the Dolphins. Trust Minkah to take away the #1 slot receiver. Trust X Howard to take away the #2 long receiver. That leaves Bobby McCain to cover the opponent’s #3 receiver.
            Granted, McCain will fail most times. But at least we are forcing the opposing QB to go through his third progression. And by that time, hopefully he’s sacked. Highly unlikely, but the theory is sound.
            But Coach Flo doesn’t like sound game plans. He prefers to move pieces around every single play

      2. They are correct-this MAY be the worst team in history. I think of the winless teams in the 14 and 16 game era and we are right there among the worst.

  7. Karma-when the “Stephen B. Ross School of Business” at UMich gets named after him, he has and is donating mega bucks to say the least! I’m not saying he shouldn’t support his home state university but as this level of being an NFL owner,
    We have the one owner who cast the only “no” vote in the NFL owners’ 31–1 “yes” decision on the Oakland Raiders request for approval to move to Las Vegas starting in the 2019 season.
    One vote was No and we got him!!
    I apologize for my repeated rants on why Ross is the reasons the team and organization (it’s not only players) are not going to be relevant unless he is no longer the owner. There are other owners who have other business ventures as well as being an owner, but it seems apparent that NFL owner is their prime focus.

    1. Believe me,I hate him as much as you do! He’s a member of an exclusive boys club with only 32 members. Beyond that,he could care less.

  8. oops, at this level of being an NFL owner, the Miami Dolphins should be his priority focus.

  9. Author

    99 times out of a hundred, I side with management and I tell these overpriced millionaire players to shut their mouths and just catch the ball like you’re paid to do.
    However, with Fitzpatrick, he has a point. The glorified office clerk, Brian Flores, has not proven that he is smarter than Fitzpatrick. Hell, he’s not even smarter than Gase/Philbin/Matt Burke combined (yet. I want him to prove me wrong).
    So when Minkah says he’s being mis-used, I believe Minkah. He knows defense better than Brian Flores.
    Go ahead Flo, prove me wrong. Please.

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