We’re not sure why the Dolphins brought in Brady Quinn in the first place now that he has been cut.  It seemed that Quinn would be a decent third-stringer, especially after we released Pat Devlin.

Rookie tight end Arthur Lynch was placed on IR, so he will be unable to play this whole season.   The same for  Mike Gillislee.  We liked Gillislee a lot, and a lot of people disagree, but we feel he is a better all-around back than Lamar Miller.   Miller has had two years to shine, and he simply hasn’t done it.  But we seem pretty deep at RB, so the loss of Gillislee is not a major blow.

Arthur Lynch intrigued us, and it’s too bad to see him hurt.  Even an injured Lynch is better than a healthy Michael Egnew.   Let’s hope Dion Sims and Charles Clay don’t get hurt.

A few other Dolphins were cut, but no real surprises.

Ryan Tannehill is not expected to play more than one series, if at all,  this week vs. the Rams and Michael Sam.  Let’s hope he does better than last time.  As reader PhinsUp reported accurately, Tannehill’s interception against the Cowboys was horrible.

It was so bad, we can only speculate that the ball slipped, AND Hartline ran the wrong route, AND Tannehill misread the coverage.   An awful lot had to go wrong on that throw in order for it to be so awful.   Even the great ones throw odd passes like that occasionally, so let’s hope that one is fully out of his system…

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