A few random thoughts about recent Dolphins events. You can agree or you can disagree, but here at Dolphins Truth, it’s all about careful analysis and truth-telling to keep Dolphin fans as the best-informed fans in the NFL.

Michael Egnew has been cut. This news is two years too late. We’ve been screaming for his realease for years. Here at Dolphins Truth, there’s an old lady who comes in and cleans our garbage bins each night. That old lady has the same number of NFL touchdowns as Michael Egnew. He was a wasted draft pick. A bust if there ever was one. The sad thing is not that Egnew was a bust. Busts happen to every team, so that part isn’t too bad. The saddest part is that it took Joey Philbin two full years plus this year’s training camp to realize it. And in case you disagree, then just note that 31 NFL teams had a chance to claim Egnew on waivers, and 31 teams said, “No thanks.”

Dan Marino is now a team employee in the front office. No one is sure what his role will be or what powers he has, but for the most part, we hear it’s a figurehead title. It’s great to see Marino back in the Dolphins family, but we don’t see how this move will help the current Dolphins win ball games.


We got our first look at the Dolphins Stadium turf this pre-season, and it’s awful. What’s up with the stencils used for the yard markers? They couldn’t fill in the numbers? Looks terrible.

Fans continue to hate hate hate the new uniforms. That sky blue on the home jersey is a slap in the face to the famed Aqua and Orange of old. The new logo continues to suck.
These are sad examples of team management giving us stuff that no fan ever asked for or wanted.

If you had your choice between stenciled yard numbers, a new logo, and Dan Marino running around the front office OR having Reggie Bush and Jake Long back, which would you pick?? We know what mangement picked, we just don’t know why…

Jamar Taylor and Will Davis continue to win accolades from some media members, but neither has an interception in the preseason, despite receiving huge amounts of playing time. Makes you wonder what some Dolphin “experts” are watching.

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  1. I noticed the stencil type numbers and wasn’t bothered by it. For all we know its another pre season experiment so the yard lines can be tracked in some way electronically. As far as the uniforms go. Well I don’t really like the new logo and prefer the old one. The color of jersey is lighter and I do prefer the true aqua but was too interested in watching the game to care much. So in closing this reader is asking DolphinsTruth to please give us an analysis of the Tannehill interception and the first team offense’s inability to score more than 3 points. Personally I slow motion watched T-Hill’s pass that was intercepted and I just cant explain it. He looks Hartline’s way almost the whole time. I know nothing about quarterbacking and wouldn’t have thrown that one. Yet his sight follows him right down and he seemingly on purpose throws the interception. I know you think Im crazy for saying on purpose. But humor me. Watch the replay with the belief he does it on purpose and tell me if what you see doesn’t match the narrative. Because I have never in my years of watching NFL football seen a worse pass ever. So why would he do this? Perhaps to throw off New England and give them false sense of superiority maybe. And on that note, the Wallace deep pass just seemed too bad to be real as well. But remember people we know one of our toughest games and perhaps the tone setting of our season is our first game. Its not out of the spectrum of strategy to start throwing off your opponent by not showing off your progress too much. And with New England still being a dominant force. This is something I would consider doing to keep them from knowing to much about our capabilities. Just a thought. Phins Up Out.

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