Brent Grimes’ Wife Miko got herself arrested at the game just so she wouldn’t have to watch the debacle

Miko Grimes, social media darling and outspoken Dolfan, was arrested during the game today.

We can’t confirm yet what exactly she did, but there was speculation that getting arrested was a better fate than having to watch the game.

Apparently the cops told Miko that the Bills had scored 40+ points, and Miko kept asking the officers if they were serious.   Here is the proof.   Cover your ears if you don’t like the F word a lot.


Sadly, Miko was the most passionate player wearing a Phins jersey today.


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  1. Out of the many urgent things we desperately need, one (for the management) is:


    That’s the biggest concern, I kept saying for years now. Not the x’s and o’s. Not the “shall me put Koa Misi in coverage or having him blitzing in that situation”. If there was a team who desperately needed Rex this year, it was the Dolphins.

    Not because he is a Football genius like Belichick, but because he certainly is a man who can round up a team to fight and die for him.

    If one looks at the carousel of coaches through the revolving doors since Jimmy Johnson left (and since we stopped being a factor), we can see a lot of good guys, family men, personable, affable coaches, mostly ex successful coordinators.

    That’s not what Miami needs. Let me repeat it:
    That’s not what Miami needs.

    The environment is already too good there for comfort. Some might recall which kind of Club Med franchise we were prior to Shula stepping up as HC. Well, welcome back.

    Shula was notorious for his obsession with details and nothing less than, quote, ‘brutal’ ways. Listen to what Csonka or Griese have to say, since we talk a lot about 1972.
    Through Shula’s tenure, you were coming to Miami and you were to face a tough, physical team who was playing relentlessly in a prohibitive weather, with 70-80 degrees feeling like 100 because of the humidity.

    It was that kind of “Ohhh shit…” Sunday on your team schedule. Today is a much different story.

    Today we are the ones who get gassed and start going to huddle fists on the hips, trying to figure out what happened while other teams just come swinging with some ABC, hard-nose, push-those-mothers-back type of football.

    Nothing particularly elaborate in what the Bills did. They just came up for the kill, and they did it with a backup QB and a team who were featuring some less than 100% players and some key injuries.

    Doesn’t matter, this is the NFL.

    So, unless this season turns around somehow and we end up to the playoffs (it’s week 3, benefit of the doubt given), IF Philbin gets fired eventually I really want to see WHICH KIND OF GUY we come up with next (won’t mentioned here again that we had Todd Bowles, now with the Jets).

    If they don’t bring in a true leader (not a football scientist, not a chess player, not an ex Superbowl participant), if they don’t find that man, all the talent in the world won’t save us.

    The Miami Dolphins, as an environment and franchise, need a true leader more than anything else.

    Let me repeat it: The Miami Dolphins, as an environment and franchise, need a true leader more than anything else.

  2. Don’t be suprised if he ask to be traded soon.

  3. She entered a restricted area and refused to leave. She then head-butted an officer and arrested for battery. It was probably delivered with more force than all of Suh’s tackles combined.

  4. Here is the problem:

    1. Awful owner

    2. lousy QB (cant throw with accuracy even if his life depend on it, holds onto the ball too long)

    3. Bad head coach

    4. mediocre offense and defense coordinators

    5. terrible OL

    6. Terrible GM

    7 Terrible RB

    8 Crap WR’s and TE

    other than that, we are good LOL

  5. We need the reincarnation of the 1970’s version of Don Shula.. Or someone with a SERIOUS emphasis on discipline and no tolerance for bs.

    The dolphins, geographically, are located in a place where it’s too easy for players to give more of a shit about night life over playing football.

  6. These guys play like they just shot up some heroine before the game. What’s with the defenders worrying about getting dirty? On the Clay TD, I saw 3 defenders look like they were afraid to get dirty for the tackle.

  7. For me this game is on everyone the front office the coaches and the freaking players who care more about their checks than you do about the hearts of the fans. or the heritage of this once great team this is unacceptable

  8. All seriousness aside, I love the inherent joke of Admin’s post! The “are you serious??” fit perfectly with the idea she’s just been told the score of the game – nice!

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