September 27 Game Plan: the Buffalo Bills

Despite some negativity and doubt this week, the Dolphins have a team that can beat the Bills.   I am not convinced the Bills are a strong team, and let’s hope we can prove it today.

Here’s how:

Our offense must score points often, and that has not been occurring.   Philbin/Lazor simply MUST come up with a better game plan to beat the Bills and their stout defense.

It’s not rocket science.  We need to give Tannehill more time.  But Philbin stubbornly leaves Jason Fox out there in isolation, and we get destroyed.  We need to double-team BOTH of the Bills’ defensive ends.  Using extra tight ends and even an extra tackle on the ends will do the trick.

In the upside-down world of Joe Philbin, you fool the opponent by running the same offensive formations they've seen on tape for 4 years.
In the upside-down world of Joe Philbin, you fool the opponent by running the same offensive formations they’ve seen on tape for 4 years.

So that means if you use the 5 standard offensive linemen, and 2 extras to double team on each end, that is 7 linemen committed to pass protect.  Tannehill makes player number 8.

That means we can send 3 guys out running routes.  That is plenty.

New England routinely sends 2 guys out into routes and they still put up 400 yards passing a game easily.


We run far too many plays with 4-wide set, and Miller in the backfield.   It simply does not work, and that needs to be fixed.

So if we double the ends, does that make us vulnerable up the middle?   Perhaps, but that is something we can live with.

If T-hill has a little more time because the ends are taken care of, that means he will only have to worry about middle pressure.

But that pressure is avoidable.   Defensive tackle Kyle Williams, for example, is a slow, fat, white bull rusher.  Tannehill can see him coming a mile away and easily avoid him.  There are not blind spots when a bull rusher comes up the middle.

Tannehill cannot blame his line mates if he allows himself to be sacked by a guy you can see coming a mile away.

But all of this is moot if the Dolphins try nothing new.  And, very sadly, Philbin NEVER tries anything new.  Can you think of one single game in 4 years where Philbin tried to surprise the opponent?  I’m talking about a whole new game plan or a different scheme?   Or even a trick play?     Never.

Remember in the first Jets game last year when we were so concerned with Geno Smith’s scrambling ability and the deep threat of the Jets’ WRs?    Rex Ryan threw Philbin for a loop by handing off 99% of the time, and it nearly worked!   It took a late interception to seal that game, or the Jets were poised to win.   THAT is the type of game changer we never have in Miami.

We run the same two or three base formations constantly, and we fool no one. Ever.

I’m not saying it’s an easy fix-all to double team the Bills formidable pass rushers.  But I am saying we have to at least TRY.  Come out from the get-go and show the Bills some offensive spreads they’ve never seen on tape before.

Let the OTHER TEAM make the adjustments for once, and watch good things happen.


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  1. Hello All I have missed good conversation so I am back

    @Admin I have to ask you if this post is a joke?

    You know dam well that nothing your suggesting is ever going to happen. It’s been the same thing for 3 years now and its not going to change.

    Actually I take that back they are starting to allow Tannehill to throw the ball in the 15 – 20 yard range so that’s new.

    I have harped on the OLine or Lack of one since the end of last year and the dolphins have done nothing to fix it.

    Contrast that with the pat’s who had a third string center playing today and no one missed the other two guys.

    After watching the Pats score on every possession against JAX today it’s clear that the dolphins are absolutely ablismal on both lines and that = were done.

    Even if the dolphins incorporate all your suggestions we wont beat the Bills because we have no coaching.

  2. Author

    We can hope. It won’t happen, but we can hope and dream and fantasize…

    1. Why not?
      About sums up our last decade right?

  3. Maybe the fire philbin if this keeps up

  4. I am done watching this team for the rest of this year. The signing of Suh has made this team much worse than last year.

  5. EMBRACE THE SUCKING! it’s the only way we’ll hed a new head coach! #phirethephilbin

  6. This is one of the worst showings I’ve ever seen they’ve obviously given up on the coaches. At least Coyle should go after today. Very disappointed…

    1. Author

      Who do we go with if we fire Coyle? We don’t have a quality mature linebacker coach or line coach to take over. I agree that acolyte can hit the bricks, but will the new guy be better?

      1. Use a ball boy! I don’t think that the players like the guy. Just hearing too many players not happy. Where there’s smoke…

        1. I think the point with getting rid of Coyle is- This won’t be tolerated anymore. It’s sending the message that we cannot accept the status quo if that status quo isn’t working, or is a detriment to the team.

          Even if the next guy does worse, it’s only until the end of the year, but it’s more about sending the message that people who do not perform at a high level cannot stay….

  7. Finally run it have first and goal but pass four straight times without rolling out the QB to at least give him the option to run it in. I’m speechless…

    I can’t explain the horrible D the talent is there so Coyle has to go. McCain is picked on all game but they don’t give him help. Bye bye!

    On offense most of this stems from the oline. We’ve all said it yet no one does anything about it. Who goes for that error?

    1. Author

      Yes, flyer. I said the same thing in the chat room. No rollouts, when it has been working earlier

      1. McCain was giving at least 8 yards of a cushion on EVERY play and not only did they keep him in the game but game him no help. Where the hell are the in-game adjustments?

        A gut wrenching game and season.

  8. Tannehill cant hit the broadside of a barn more than 5 yds away. LOL

  9. I predicted last after last week that we would go 5-11 this year. Now I would be surprised if we win more than 3 games. Everything about this team is horrible. I would keep Landry and fire everybody else if I was the coach. Even Wake sucks this year. At this rate it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Patriots score over 100 points against us.

  10. Does the chat room work? All I get is a perpetually spinning circle when I click on it.

    1. That’s all I saw when I was watching the game

    2. Author

      Rick, we’re you on a iPad or iPhone? Chat isn’t working right on apple devices. We switched to a pc and Chrome browser works best

      1. Using Pale Moon browser on a PC. Can’t get into chat.

        1. Chat will work, but you definitely need to try Chrome or Firefox. Worked for me today, but then my Internet went down faster than my Phins.

  11. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a worse performance from a QB. Time to switch to Matt Moore.

    1. I am sorry but you can fire Lurch (Joe) Coyle (Mr Swiss Cheese) and it won’t make a difference. We have an owner that had an opportunity to get the best coach in the world and then all of a sudden chooses another year of Lurch!

      The reason is he sold out Dolphin fans so the University of Michigan. Didn’t he give The Wolverines $200 million and then ask the taxpayers to foot the stadium upgrades? We have an owner that has a conflict of interest and tried to hide his lies by signing Suh. As you can see Karma is a bitch!!

      How do you get rid of an owner? This is the worst owner since Bill Bidwell of The Cardinals and he is making him look like The Rooneys!!!

      1. record him making a racist comment?

  12. I don’t think thats the answer Jay. Tannehill played bad and should be the second person to take responsibility for this loss (the first being the coaches) but he also had no time in the pocket. He has the legs to use that Moore doesn’t have but the coaches don’t allow him to use them. I’m pretty sure I saw Rex Ryan allowing Tyrod Taylor to use his. I’ve defended these coaches out of a sense of loyalty and quiet optimism but I am done. If Ross doesn’t clean house with this coaching staff we are all doomed. No player or coach is going to want to play for us.

    1. Tannehill is slow to make decisions slow to release the ball and very inaccurate. Moore is far better IMO.

    2. Author

      I pointed out in my morning blog that we needed to double-team not one but two Bills on each and every play. Never happened.
      But then CBS showed the Bills game plan, and it was to double team Wake AND Suh. Imagine that!!!!
      It doesn’t take a genius like myself or Rex Ryan to realize that sometimes, your basic 5 linemen are not enough. Philbin doesn’tlearn.

  13. By the way last home game a blowout as well at hands of who? You guessed Rex Ryan who was available after being fired by The Jets. Yet Lurch gets another year because we have an owner who doesn’t care!!

    1. Author

      Imagine if Ross shook Ryan’s hand after that Week 17 loss and said ‘You give me a call if the Jets ever fire you.’

  14. What I thought was quiet optimism was really just wishful thinking and naivety.

  15. Only clueless sports fan and ball-watchers blame the qb for losses that are caused by poor preparation and a constantly underperforming team. Tannehill had a terrible game but that’s not his norm. Slow or either non-existent in-game adjustments, bad o-line play, and terrible situational game management are all the norm under this current coaching staff. And this next comment is specifically for the so-called fan on this post that always like to voice how Moore is better than Tannehill and should be the starter. There were several teams this offseason in need of a starting qb that went out and auditioned and signed several players to potentially fill their position of need or went with unproven back-ups. Namely Buffalo, Washington, St. Louis, and Houston to name a few. If Moore is so good then why not even as much as a serious sniff from one of those qb needy teams? Tyrod got signed, Fitzpatrick got signed, Hoyer got signed, and McCown got signed. All to new teams if I’m not mistaken. So if Moore is so good then why didn’t either of those teams offer him a serious contract worth some money? I mean he was one of the few free agent qbs on the market this offseason. Answer that one Jay.

  16. Author

    I want you guys to watch Tannehill on the second TD pass to Rishard Matthews. The pass protection broke down, and Tannehill ran for his life. A defender was after him, but Tannehill is much faster. T-hill kept running away from the defender, and eventually found Matthews open for the score.
    The reason I point that out is that Tannehill is flushed out like that a lot. Usually he throws it away far too soon. Last week he did it four separate times. Today he did it twice in the first half. There is no reason to throw the ball away when your speed can buy you time. I think, maybe, possibly, Tannehill learned that on his second td throw. Don’t give up on a play just because you’re running. Get away and find someone.
    I fault Tannehill for throwing the ball away too soon too often, but as they pointed out on the chat room, he’s probably coached that way.

  17. The QB is the biggest determining factor in the game and ours sucks bad.

  18. Miami made the controversial decision to give Tannehill a big contract and it has proven to be a major blunder.

  19. Like I said ball-watcher. Brees, Matt Ryan, and Eli Manning are good very qbs yet there teams didn’t make the play-offs last year. Two of those qbs are Super Bowl winners yet there teams have not sniffef the postseason recently. If having a good qb is the biggest determining factor why don’t those teams make the play-offs every single year? Huh Jay?

    1. That group are good (not great) QB’s and they make the playoffs 75% of the time even with bad teams. The top QB’s Brady, Rodgers, P Manning, make the playoffs nearly 100% of the time. There is no argument its a QB league and that’s why they are easily paid the most.

  20. I was waiting for the first troll to blame Tannehill for this one. Congrats Jay!

    Seriously, it should come as no surprise that every team has marched right down the field on us during their opening drive. Our defense is the most predictable one in the league. Kevin Coyle deserves to get his *ss kicked after this one. There is not a coach in the game that gets less from more like he does.

    It’s the same reason GB was able to split a TE out wide on us and get a match up against Phillip Wheeler. It’s the same reason that BUF went after Brice McCain time and time again.

    Was Will Davis really worse than this? I know he had quite a few injuries, but McCain was terrible, like Courtland Finnegan terrible. Must be the curse of #24 or something. The man was playing like he was wearing skates.

    Ryan’s first pick was unfortunate. The second one- probably should have taken the sack and not made a bad play worse. As someone previously mentioned, it seems like he’s been coached to do anything it takes to avoid a sack (like throwing ball away very early). The second pick was thrown under a ton of pressure. Sometimes, you just got to eat the ball and duck for cover.

    The third one I put blame on Jordan Cameron. The blitz was coming from the left, and Tannehill immediately looked right for his “hot” receiver, which is typically a TE who breaks off a route, or immediately looks for the ball. While he shouldn’t throw to a receiver not looking, you can’t put all the blame on him for that one.

    These coaches are going to “David Carr” the sh*t out our Tannehill. Think Ryan’s been sacked a lot? Well, he’s never been sacked 70+ times like Carr was and look what happened. You could see it today, the pass rush got to him and he hurried passes- threw to dump off when there wasn’t a lot of pressure and threw deeper passes sooner than he had to.

    Was it me, or was our first screen pass in the 4th qtr. Want to lose all our games?? Keep throwing the ball over twice as much as we run it. Check BUF’s box score- ran/pass was almost 2-1.

    If the teams switched coaches, anyone think Rex wouldn’t have won both times??

    Kevin Coyle has to go. There is no reason he is still here. Since the middle of last season, our D has been the worst in the league by a wide margin. Tackling is terrible, pressure is non existent, and turnovers are an endangered species. There are several teams that get by with far less talent than we have.

    (on a side note, when Suh stands straight up, which has been most of the time- he gets stuffed at the line. When he stays low, he blows up plays).

    What is our identity? Rex is the “Bully on the block.” What are we? We aren’t up tempo, we have no power running game, we have no vertical game, Our zone blocking scheme is awful and produces no cut back lanes. What the F are we? We’re a throw to Jarvis Landry (who I really like) 15 times a game team.

    Clearly, this is not a well coached football game. We know our O-line is a weakness, yet we keep Ryan pinned in 5 yards behind it like a sitting duck. No roll outs, no bootlegs, no changing up the drop backs (3, 5 step, etc). Snap count has gotten predictable once again.

    The only bright spot was seeing Devante Parker get some nice plays. Tell me that didn’t fire anyone up? Even the fade out of bounds- if Ryan can learn to throw a decent fade, Devante can make tough catches in traffic- which he did, albeit out of bounds.

    Again- coaches have it in Ryan’s head, “Throw it where only your guy can get it”. F*ck that!! He’s been throwing everything out of bounds. Throw it where you’re guy can make a play.

    I apologize for rambling, but this was about as bad as it gets, at least since the last time we played Buffalo early in the year, or when we last played Rex. We’ve seen what this coaching staff is all about, and it’s not up to any competent NFL standards. Hell, even Sparano got his guys to play harder than this.

    Rather than just bitch, here are some suggestions:

    – Kelvin Sheppard needs to play less- no impact plays, can’t shed blocks, can’t blow up run plays.

    – Brice McCain just worked his way to the 2nd or 3rd unit. Go with Taylor or Bobby McCain. Hell, give Lippett a shot.

    – Commit to running at least 30 times a game, with 20 going to Lamar Miller

    – Never have Ryan throw from the same spot twice in a row- roll out, bootleg, etc

    – Incorporate 4 screens per game

    – No more “Double A gap blitzes” We can’t do them right and get burned. Instead, bring pressure from outside and run more “zone blitz”

    – Do not let Reshad Jones cover 1-1 in a goal line situation. He is a coverage liability (who the h*ll shade outside in that situation????) Did he not watch the super bowl?

    – Move Billy Turner back to LT where he belongs. Branden Albert is and always will be an injury concern. Teams do not let pro bowl LT’s just walk, unless they are injury concerns (Jake Long anyone??) We traded up to get him (3rd round) and now have him stuck in Inactive Purgatory. There is a big difference between blocking 250lb guys and 320lb guys. He was a damn good LT at NDSU and this switch clearly isn’t working. Besides, Jason Fox has shown that he is not a NFL caliber LT. He is going to get Ryan killed one of these days, and we cannot afford that (despite what some a-hole named Jay says)

    – Commit to at least 2-3 deep balls to Kenny Stills.

    – Run more plays from under center- opens up play action, bootlegs, variations in drop backs, etc. Also, allows more hat on hat blocking for our O-line, which they seem better at anyway.

    That’s all I got for now, have a goo evening,

    -BIG J

    PS: Hey J, how do you keep an a-hole in suspense??

    1. Awesome post BigJ. I knod my head to your football knowledge and colorful way of stating your solutions. But what I do find interesting is by watching my team play football the wrong way Im learning a lot about football in general which is cool and sad at the same time.
      The last line in your post had me laughing so hard I almost fell outta my chair.

  21. So Tannebum had a 22 QBR in the 1st half …..but don’t blame him?? TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

  22. And Brees is a Hall of Famer who has missed the play-offs the last two seasons. Matt Ryan is a perenial Pro Bowl caliber qb that has missed the play-offs the past few seasons. Eli was good enough to garner two Super Bowl MVP awards but can’t sniff the play-offs recently. Hell Tony Romo is a top ten rated qb every year but only has two play-off wins. Football is the ultimate team sport. A good qb contributes greatly to winning but only if you have an ample supporting cast in place. Such as a good o-line, decent defense, and quality coaching staff. Continue posting and continue proving how little you know about NFL football. It’s not a crime but it a shame that you actually think you have a clue when you don’t.

    1. Keep making excuses for Tannebum!! He sux. no pocket presence, slow to make decisions, slow release and inaccurate. You are clueless!

    2. The same idiots that supported Henne support Tannebum.

  23. And you’re a troll. Plus you don’t no shit about football but think you do. Which is even worse than being a troll. Do the real football fans on this forum a favor and go troll somewhere else. You probably think Ireland was a good GM too.

  24. Here is the problem:

    1. Awful owner

    2. lousy QB (cant throw with accuracy even if his life depend on it, holds onto the ball too long)

    3. Bad head coach

    4. mediocre offense and defense coordinators

    5. terrible OL

    6. Terrible GM

    7 Terrible RB

    8 Crap WR’s and TE

    other than that, we are good LOL

  25. King Kong Suh must be having 2nd thoughts about his decision to join this crap franchise. THE MONEY AINT WORTH IT!!

  26. Moore was reeling off wins and was voted team MVP when he was playing every week. Philbin benched him for Tannebum! LMAO!

  27. Apparent Mike and Jay are either twins, coincidentally both idiots, or the same person.

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