Buffalo Bills Game Day Chat


Oh, no.     We have the chick announcer calling our game.   Nothing against her knowledge, but it’s a man’s game, and her grating voice just detracts.  Is she truly the very best of the best announcers in the world, or was she hired as a novelty so that CBS can say they have a female announcer?  You do the math.

I don’t know about you guys, but I despise the Bills and their fans far worse than the Jets or Patriots.   There’s something about a sports fan who doesn’t see the utter humiliation of losing 4 consecutive Super Bowls, and then still braggin about “at least we got there” 20 years later.   This team and their fans still thing they are relevant, and it’s time for the Dolphins to show them otherwise again.

I expect the Dolphins D to oversell trying to stop Lesean McCoy, which means the Bills screen passes and play actions will give us trouble.   Also, QB Tyrod Taylor knows he has a 4th-string arm, so he’ll probably run a lot, which is another thing the Dolphins never seem to stop.

I see the Dolphins winning this if our offense stays creative and hungry.   I see our defense doing well if they mind their responsibilities and not get into a guessing game with McCoy, Taylor, and Charles Clay.


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  1. Her voice just grates on me! She is fecking clueless and I am watching the game and listening to radio play by play,as bad as it is. Fuck you CBS. I know you have boxes to check regarding race and gender,but I’ve been hoping she’d never do a Dolphins game. Sorry butch bitch!

  2. We always make automobile front suspension component Taylor look like an All Pro.

  3. Was a piss off today they weren’t playing well all day. Cutler definitely shouldn’t be back. Drake looked awesome. Buf still barely hung on.

  4. Sure enough titans lose Fins missed a glorious chance today. Still mathematically in it but highly improbable.

    Patsies continue to catch every break known to mankind. It truly is unbelievable.

  5. Looking forward to seeing drake and tannehill next year, should be able to mix some zone reads in there. Get a real NFL tight end Julius Thomas dropped another touchdown today, and some real NFL linebackers. Did you guys know that Kiko Alonso is statistically the worst cover linebacker in the NFL. It’s terrible how bad he gets burnt by running backs and tight ends every single week.

  6. Honestly for having a bad quaterback a bad oline and bad linebackers it’s crazy Miami even won 6 games this year.

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