Buffalo Bills Head Coach (and Former Miami Dolphin) Doug Marrone Quits the Bills

Yet another qualified NFL coach with a strong NFL pedigree is available to be hired. ┬áBut we’re stuck with Slow Joe Philbin.

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  1. Marrone was never on the Dolphins idiot.

  2. I just looked it up, and Brian is right. Typical Bills fan doesnt even know about his own team/coach.

    1. Author

      Rory, it is common. I know many Dolfans hate Jet fans, but at least Jet fans are knowledgible. Bills fans are much worse. These loudmouths just say anything and expect us to believe it all. Hell, Buffalo fans still think that losing four Super Bowls in a row is a proud accomplishment!!

      1. Admin- you can’t be serious?!?! Jets fans are the worst in the league. Obnoxious little pasty brats from Long Gisland who never owned a pair of cleats in their lives. Total tools..

        I know plenty people from Buffalo- it’s actually a place where normal people grow up. Can’t say the same for Jets fans- they suck the chrome right off a trailer hitch.

        By the way- Happy New Year.

        -BIG J

        1. Author

          Sure, Jet fans are obnoxious. But they will be the first to tell you that Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez both suck. Jet fans recognize that their G.M. is the pits and that they underperform each year. Jet fans don’t brag about how Ken O’brien once won a playoff game in the 80s.
          Bills fans sicken us because they are the opposite. They will brag about how Kyle Orton will absolutely lead them to the Super Bowl. They watch their coach turn their 4-12 team into 9-7 in two short years, and then say “he wasn’t good anyway” when that coach quits. They are passioante fans, but the least knowldgable in the NFL.
          They act like losing 4 straight super bowls is a Good thing. They still think it’s 1992 and brag more about Marv Levy and Thurman Thomas than any current Bill.
          Both teams have obnoxious fans, but I’ve always found it amusing to listen to Jet fans bash the Jets…but I find it annoying when Bills fans praise their own team.

  3. I just can’t stand that we are stuck with Philbin another year. Look I like the guy and I am sure he will forget more about football in a given year then I will ever know but I never thought him to be HC material. I mean how many other teams chased him for HC?

    I would have loved to have seen Ryan come to Miami (I belive he is a good coach who had poor talent picked for him) but we aren’t in a position to even talk to any coaching talent because Ross doesn’t want conflict.

    Its so frustrating to me

    1. Author

      Philbin does know more about football than any of us will ever know, but that doesn’t make one a leader. A teacher is not the principal. The army guy who diffuses a bomb is not the general. The guys who works a jackhammer is not in charge of the architects.
      Philbin has a certain skill set when it comes to demonstrarting X’s and O’s on a chalkboard. But his skills end there.
      Clock management, personnel, toughness, trusting your men, challenges… All of these are skills that Philbin lacks. He never once needed these skills in his 35+ years of coaching, so he didn’t develop those skills.
      Why on earth would anyone hire a man without those skills?
      Who would hire such an unqualified man? Thank you, Stephen Ross

      1. Been saying this forever, Ross is the biggest problem we have and really stuck with him! Moron owner. We will never improve with him as the guy pulling the strings and it’s his money so….

    2. So here ‘s my wish list for 2015….remember wishes are fantasy for the most part. Here goes: Ross wakes up and realizes his committing to Philbin BEFORE the season ends is a mistake and decides he’s not going to be the right guy as HC, says thanks Joe, but ” for the reasons you showed me, you’re OUT”, hires Rex! Damn, nice to dream. Getting Rex would give us possibly two div. games and he really didn’t deserve to be fired. We’ll miss out on that hire soon too. End our 2015 season now cuz I’m not going to be looking forward to it. Philbin-good man, good person-not HC caliber.

  4. I think we all wish the same thing. A Christmas miracle. Ross wakes up and says he was wrong.

  5. Dolphins truth did you see vontae Davis killing it for the colts today. He looked like one of the better corners in the league and Miami pretty much gave him away when one of our biggest issues is corner back. So frustrating being a dolphins fan

    1. Author

      Yes, I saw Vontae, plus other ex-Dolphins excelling today. The one thing about Vontae that we always point out is that Clueless Joe Philbin decided to get rid of Vontae after he committed a penalty in a meaningless scrimmage game. It wasn’t even a game that counted! This was all fully documented on HBO’s Hard Knocks. VD is now a Pro Bowler. Philbin got rid of Pro Bowler Sean Smith too. You have to question the rationale of a man like Philbin who thinks that Will Davis and Nolan Carroll are better players than Pro Bowlers Davis and Smith.
      Meanwhile, I just watched Reggie Bush score for the Lions, since Philbin said Reggie was washed up. How many Pro Bowlers has Philbin cast aside? Why does Stephen Ross allow this year after year?

  6. Yea Davis, smith, Karols dansby, who wasn’t that great but is a hell of a lot better than Phillip wheeler or Koa misi, jake long who we let walk in free agency even tho he hasn’t been to great our oline fell apart without him. Bush, Marshall the list goes on and on

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