Dolphin Fans Get to Watch Intelligent Head Coaches in the Playoffs this Past Weekend

Jason Garrett showed no hesitation.  His Cowboys faced a fourth-and-goal from the Detroit one yard line.  Garrett left his offense on the field.  The Cowboys then scored a touchdown.

Dolphin fans around the world were puzzled.  Is a team allowed to go for it on fourth down?  Our own coach, Clueless Joey Philbin, certainly never does this.  Is it legal?  Dolfans are unaccustomed to seeing sound football strategy in action.

As if to drive the point home to Dolfans, later in the game, Garrett went for it AGAIN on fourth down.  And AGAIN his team rewarded his courage by picking up the first down.  We at Dolphins Truth were truly truly envious that the Cowboys have such a bright coach…a coach who understands momentum, and risk-rewards, and basic Strategy 101.

As if to rub salt in our wounds, the Lions were driving at the end of the game for a game-winning touchdown.  They faced a hurried fourth down.  The next play would decide the game.  The Lions ran their play and failed.  Dallas won.  Why do I mention this?

Because right before the Lions ran their final play, the Cowboys did NOT call time out.  The Lions were running around, confused, and tired, and the Cowboys allowed them to be confused and tired.  The Cowboys did NOT give the Lions a free rest period like Joe Philbin does to our opponents all the time.  Once again, the Cowboys’ coach made a practical and correct decision, and his team won.

Dolfans can only hope for such a coach some day in the future.  We sure ain’t got no coach like that now.

Did you see Reggie Bush eat up the Cowboys defense on a spectacular TD run?  You remember Reggie Bush, right?  The guy who Joe Philbin said wasn’t good enough to be a Dolphin.

Did you see Vontae Davis eat up the Bengals?   You remember Vontae, right?  The guy who Joe Phibin cut because he committed a penalty in a meaningless summertime scrimmage game.  But don’t worry.  Philbin hung onto guys like Nolan Carroll and Will Allen because he knows they are better than All-Pro Vontae Davis.

Just like Marlon Moore was a better option than Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall.

The list of incorrect Joe Philbin decisions seems like it never ends.

The Cardinals and their 4th-string QB made it to the playoffs in a tough division because of determination they learned from their coach.  Joe Philbin led his first-string QB nowhere at all.  Again.

John Harbugh led his team to yet another tough playoff victory in Pittsburgh.   These guys lead their team s with virtually no stars.  Except for Joe Flacco and Larry Fitzgerald, can you name ONE SINGLE OFFENSIVE player from Baltimore or Arizona?   Nope.   No one can.  These teams are in the playoffs because they have the proper playoff mentality and play team offense.   The Dolphins’ offense has far more talent than those teams.

But, unfortunately, we also have Clueless Joe at the helm.

The Sun Sentinel reported today about how anonymous Dolphins complained about Joe Philbin’s lack of communication, practice schedules, and more.  Ste[hen Ross needs to take a look at this.

Ross thinks the fans are behind his decision to keep Philbin, but they’re not.  He thinks the players are behind Philbin, but they’re not.  It’s absolutely baffling why Mr. Ross decided to bring Slow Joe back.  There is not a single NFL expert, insider, player, announcer, or even a fan who supports this decision.

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  1. Great post as usual. There are a few fans who support Ross’ decision, but they are delusional. They think that clueless Joe is an average coach who the team will improve under and by hiring another average coach, think that it would set us back. But they are missing the point that Philbin is much below average. He is so awful I would rather have no coach.

  2. I’m thinking of rooting against the Dolphins next year. Maybe if they lose enough, Ross will wake up and get rid of Joe. You forgot to mention in your list of boneheaded moves by Joe in prior articles his cowardly decision to repeatably kickoff with squib kicks allowing the opponent to start at the 40 yard line. Nothing beats his defensive timeouts (which are always followed by a successful play by the offense) though.

    1. Author

      Rik, one of our readers a few months ago studied all of Philbin’s defensive timeouts, and virtually every single one backfired.
      As we always say about Philbin: His mistakes make us angry. But his refusal to learn from his mistakes makes us infuriated.

  3. …and what infuriates me more is to hear for the 13th time I guess (I lost count) my Pats fans friends from Boston asking me
    “Which number is it to call the Dolphins?
    8-8, 8-8, 8-8, 8-8 correct? ”
    Followed by a loud laughter.
    Hard to foresee an end to it….

    1. Author

      Uggh, I had never heard of that phone number joke. Unfortunately, the Pats have bragging rights, and there’s not much we can do until Joe Philbin resigns.

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