Bye Bye to Ryan Fitzpatrick

The guy just wants to play football.

A losing team with zero chance of making the playoffs?  He doesn’t care.

A doormat of a team so bad they call themselves the “Football Team?”   He doesn’t care.

A team with a horrible offensive line that will get him killed?  He doesn’t care

He just wants to play.

As much as WE loved him in the role of mentor/backup/teacher, Ryan Fitzpatrick did not want to be any of those things.  While most of us selfishly wanted the guy to stick around as an emergency backup, the Redskins wanted him to be their starter, God knows why.  $10 million just to have an old guy come in with zero chance of succeeding?  No NFL team has been stupid enough to do that since the 2020 Colts thought Philip Rivers was their answer. LOL.

Selfishly, we’re angry at Fitz for doing this.  But we have to respect him.  It wasn’t about the money.  He didn’t make up the typical lie about  “I’m going to this team because…”   He’s just  moving on cuz he likes to play.   Losing is fine with him, and so it has to be fine for the rest of us.   I will miss his spunk,

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  1. I will definitely miss him and his energy and ability to make things happen (even if sometimes it leads just as easily to Fitztragic). And honestly Washington has a better team than people think. They have a good defense.. they have some pieces on offense…. if they can shore up their OL… he could have a respectable year for them while they groom a Trey Lance or Mac Jones if one of them falls to them…

    Sad to see him go, but happy for him personally.

    1. I have no ill will and wish him the best of luck. He wasn’t going to work here as Tua would constantly be looking over his shoulder. He’s good enough to make a come back from the bench but not good enough to make the playoffs as a starter. Maybe just maybe that division is so bad he may squeak in.

      On a different note Brissett is the new backup. I like the move as he could come in and hold the fort but won’t be looked at as the magic man. Hopefully his cap hit isn’t too bad but they needed someone with experience or they would have had to draft another guy and hope they don’t need him next season being a rookie.

      I like the approach so far as we’re already seeing decent players still being cut and they will come cheaper. Meanwhile patsies are on tilt breaking every rule they used to abide by. Sure they’ll be better next year but not going anywhere fast and will blow their future up…love it.

  2. What do we think about bringing in Brisett?

    1. Good enough to win games in a pinch, not good enough to be a franchise QB… After losing Fitz I think it’s a solid choice.

  3. ADMIN, you’re saying a one year signing for $10 million that could grow to $12 million with incentives had no bearing on Fitzpatrick’s decision?

    If you believe that, then I think you’ll be interested in buying some acres on Mars that I own.

  4. Anyone else confused by Miami’s free agency strategy so far? I’m okay with them not breaking the bank…. They’ve done that in the past and it got them nowhere. But I look at the players they have acquired and I see two, maybe three players that I’m confident will still be on the team week 1. I’m okay with filling in holes with tier 2 players but so far I would call most of the signings “bubble players”…. Very underwhelming

    1. I’m actually ok with what they’ve done so far it’s also way too early to call for failure. Just because you spend money doesn’t make it a success. Look at the past. This team needed depth and in some cases they found it for a cheaper cap hit. Godchaux was double the cost and is he really twice as good especially off injury? Draft picks also won’t have to be forced in unless they earn it. They also won’t have to reach for much in the draft but have the picks to do as they please.

      Look at the patsies they drafted two tight ends last year and now went on tilt to replace them. Is that a success because they had to spend to fix a double error? Yet they get praise.

      1. Oh I don’t disagree with that… I didn’t want then to go off on a spending spree just was hoping to see them acquire at least one difference maker on offense and those guys are disappearing fast. As most know, I’m not really sold on Tua, but whatever your thoughts are on him he needs weapons to maximize his potential and so far we’re just not doing anything to help him.

        1. Author

          Armando had an article today talking a lot about the salary cap and how the Dolphins’ free agency, so far anyway, has been a dud because we have no money. As I’ve said for years, the salary cap is not the problem. It’s not a problem at all. There are infinite ways to get around the cap, from restructuring a player’s deal to back-ending it. Time and time again, we see teams who are already over the cap or in cap trouble…they still go out and sign free agents. There are workarounds, and shrewd accountants know this.
          So no, the Dolphins’ lack of signing any good players is not about money. It’s about philosophy. For example, let’s say we had 90 zillion-gillion dollars to spend this off-season. Do we suddenly go out and overpay everyone we want? “Buying” a team has never worked out in the NFL, and especially not for the Dolphins. High-priced free agents receive contracts because of what they did in the past, and that is no guarantee of how they will perform as Dolphins. Just ask Duante Culpepper.
          So while I am a bit disappointed that our squad seems weaker than a week ago, I’m confident that this is a marathon and not a sprint. There were no sure-fire stud free agents that I coveted, so who did we really miss out on? (Besides or own quys we let walk to New England!)

          1. Agreed and armando is an idiot if all of us only had hindsight. Has any team been perfect in FA and the draft of course not! We have to remember that they have a lot of draft capital some very high picks. The WR room is already pretty full and if they add a top FA and draft another where is everyone playing? Preston is also coming back and if he stays healthy it’s another body. Plus Wilson and Herns. Sure it would be nice to beat some out but I’d rather a cheap rookie than a high price FA with no guarantees. Especially with a deep WR draft. Don’t get me wrong if the price is right sure but these guys are asking a lot.

            1. Author

              I had actually forgotten about Wilson and Hearns for a minute there.
              I think the offense will be okay. It’s a new system. so everyone is one page one. Vets won’t have advantages over rookies. Tua really needs to step it up. When you think back to 2020 and all the great plays, I mostly remember the defensive touchdowns we scored, plus some of Fitz’s drama. Sadly, I know Tua won a bunch of games, but all I remember off the top of my head is that he fumbled on the first play of his first start.
              Let’s hope he grows and hope our draft class contains some beast defenders.

  5. I wonder if all these Dolfans who were licking their chops about Deshaun Watson are salivating about him now?

    1. I’m praying that they stay away I’d rather a solid team allowing for even an average QB to have success. Mahomes couldn’t win when his oline fell apart how will Watson succeed under the same circumstances? We all know the answer as it just happened last season! Don’t need the baggage either.

    2. Author

      Yeah, and now the sexual allegations against Watson? I don’t believe that stuff until it’s proven in court…but three different women all with a similar story? It doesn’t sound too good for Watson at this point. He is denying the lawsuits, and I tend to believe him. They sound a bit fishy.

  6. Just acquired Will Fuller and the Ravens center.

  7. Yeah, a half-year deal with Fuller, Who is still serving his steroids penalty suspension

    1. Fuller only has 1 game left on his suspension but is injury prone. Between him, Parker and Preston they should get a full season. With all of these WR’s I think they should either go Pitts or Parsons. I’d still like to trade back but would they miss out on one of them if they did?

      I like the ravens center he was injured but before that he was a top center. If he comes back 100% great if not I’m hoping they draft one to groom. Either way today was a good day.

      1. Author

        My mistake. Flyer is correct. He can play in Week 2. The deal just got a lot better!

      2. Author

        I think Ted Karras was well-respected and was a good anchor for the 3 rookies near him on that line. I’m scratching my head why they didn’t keep him.

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