Dolphins Get C Skura and WR Fuller

I don’t like the revolving door and the center position, but at least we got someone to replace Ted Karras, who we should have kept.  Anyway, Matt Skura is serviceable, but I don’t see him as a long-term answer.  the Dolphins don’t see him long-term either, only giving him a one-year deal.

We went undrafted, so most of the NFL ignored him when he came our of college.  And then there is this troubling tidbit:  “Last season, Skura was benched after making three costly errors during an inclement weather Week 10 game against the New England Patriots in Foxborough. Skura reported abuse and threats directed at him and his family following the game…”

Can’t judge a man for one poor game, but still…

The other notable signing is Will Fuller, again to a one-year deal.  As you know, I don’t get excited about WRs.  I don’t like trading for them and I don’t like drafting them early.  We know Fuller is fast, but is he that much better than Preston Williams or DeVante Parker?  Granted, Parker and Williams are not speedsters, but speed doesn’t help you when your QB is being sacked and chased around.   I don’t think the Dolphins lost games last year due to weak WRs.   This is a nice signing, and I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see Fuller as any kind of game changer who instantly takes us to the next level.

Remember, we won TEN games last year and still didn’t make the playoffs.  If that hold up, we will have to win 11 next year to make it.  There is no wiggle room.  We MUST improve.

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  1. I agree on all counts. Hoping they draft a future C in the second or third after they fill more pressing needs. Skuda at least buys them flexibility and they don’t have to reach for one in the draft. Fuller is definitely a boost for the receiving core because we really don’t have anyone that gets that kind of separation routinely and at least at this stage of Tua’s career he needs players that can get separation. Now let’s just hope he can stay healthy.

    On another note, Isiah Wilson has already been released. It was worth the shot, the talent was there…. Shame he just can’t recognize the opportunity he’s blowing… Not just with the Dolphins but with the entire league.

  2. I’ve been hearing that Karras wasn’t a very good center and they want to improve the position. Hard to say as the oline was pretty young but I can understand this if true. Skura at one point was a top center but was injured and it affected his game. Ravens moved on and found a good replacement but it doesn’t mean Skura may not regain his form but if not this buys the Fins time to groom another. I’d like to see competition and let the best man win.

    Fuller’s only issue is health as he can catch. He won’t drop the deep ball if it hits his hands like Grant. I think its worth grabbing him and same situation if he’s great they can tag or sign him long term. If not adios and they should be grooming a draft pick in the meantime.

    Too bad on Wilson but never hurts to try. Waller was the same thing and look at him now. I bet the patsies grab him and he turns into a an all pro….I hope not and highly doubt it as this kids obviously an idiot!

  3. Pitts apparently ran fast today. I still believe that they trade back a bit and if so should they take him or Parsons? I think WR can wait they have a ton of them right now. Pitts may just end up being crazy very intriguing.

  4. Author

    Interesting tidbit… Patriots’ defensive tackle Lawrence Guy is visiting the Dolphins and could be our next signing.
    Guys who play in the trenches go unheralded, but this could be a good signing since we lost Godchaux. I like Christian Wilkins, but I think he need inside help and is not a dominant player on his own.

    1. Ya Guy would provide solid depth and not too expensive. Don’t forget they already grabbed Butler and have Davis plus Seiler. I guess you can never have enough of those guys. I can see Wilkins taking another step forward he was looking good later last year.

      Guys will normally support their friend until the truth comes out. It doesn’t look good.

  5. Author

    New Dolphin Will Fuller supports Deshaun Watson in the sexual lawsuits pending against him.

  6. I hope this team stays as far away from Watson as possible. Way too much going on there to knowingly bring in a problem. He could find a home with the Jets…they take on challenges!

    Admin-I know you aren’t on keen drafting WR’s high or trading for them…but this team, and we as fans, have not had a solid, speedster, with Gorilla Glue hands in what seems like forever! I can’t recall a WR on this team that has had me crazy with excitement watching what translates into football ballet when catching a ball and making it into the end zone. Our core of receivers has not made a who’s who list of late. I think we lack that threat. Your thoughts.

  7. Lawrence Guy back with the patsies and former Dolphin Raekwon Macmillan.

  8. What scares me the most about the upcoming draft is that just about every mock draft I’ve seen so far has the fins drafting a WR – either LSU’s Chase or ‘bamas Smith – with the 3rd pick.
    Not that those mock drafters have any inside info or any great instincts regarding this, but it is interesting that just about ALL of them have the fins doing this.

    1. Author

      For me, I typically pay attention to the players’ rating among the experts, not so much who will pick who. For example, I still say we need (desperately) a playmaking linebacker at #3. I look then at who the best ones are. It seems like Parsons and Ojulari at the moment.
      As Dolphins fans, THAT is who I’d like to target. But these pundits read each other and may not follow the Dolphins year after year. The popular thing to say is that Miami needs a WR so they all jump on that bandwagon.

      1. I’ve been reading a lot of comments about this and it’s a tough call which is probably a good problem to have as they have options. My first thought was Sewell to make the oline dominant but the oline should be better as is with more experience. Hunt played well down the stretch so the comments about needing a RT may be false. If anything take some competition later as playmakers are more urgent with that first pick.

        I wouldn’t be upset with Pitts as he seems to be a generational talent. They already have Gesicki but they can get them both on the field which would be tough to stop.

        Any of those WR’s would be great too. They do have a lot of WR’s right now but some may not be around especially after next season. The only thing to ponder is that they could take one at 18 as one may fall or in the 2nd round as its a deep WR draft.

        They could use a pass rushing OLB as admin mentioned so Parsons could be a great fit. Probably can’t wait until 18 but could possibly trade up from there although he may go top ten.

        Unless there is a player that they really want take him at 3 I’m fine with that but with all of these options I’d love to see them move back and stay in the top 10 if possible. Acquire more picks and a 1st next year would be awesome. QB’s will be taken so one of these great players will fall to them inside 10 and possibly even later. How can they go wrong? I think the key to this is that they’ve done a good job in FA to plug holes the draft can be used to find those star players. That’s my thoughts on this again it’s nice to have options.

  9. Author

    Kyle Van Noy yesterday said “No Comment” when asked about Brian Flores. He is one of the few people who does NOT praise Flo. interesting take.

    1. Could be sour grapes as he was basically cut. They maybe would have kept him if the cap was normal but they had to adjust things or perhaps his injuries were concerning. I think they managed to fill some of the holes created with cheaper possibly better players. The only thing Flo has to worry about is his PR so he doesn’t deter other FA’s from coming here.

  10. Just in.. the Dolphins traded the third pick in the draft to the San Francisco 49ers.

    1. Phil beat me to it… but we get three first rounders out of the 49ers so could be a great move…. their 12th pick and a 3rd from this year as well as first rounders in 2022 and 2023. Still might put us in a place to get Micah Parsons… Chase, Pitts and Sewell are probably out of reach though. What does everyone think? I would have preferred not to drop quite that far but I still think it’s a good trade overall.

      1. Would have preferred inside top ten but they’ll still end up with BPA for one of the positions of need and could trade up from 12 if necessary. Love it as I didn’t like sitting at 3. They will win in long run for this!

        Parsons or a WR will be in play. ..

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