Chan Gailey Out (again)

Man, the Dolphins can’t even fire a guy right.

One day he’s gone and then he’s gone and then back, and now gone.

I hate this turnover, as it’s impossible to build on anything.  “learning a new offense” is a phrase a young team should go through once a decade.   Not annually.   He we go again…

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  1. I hear you admin but sometimes you can’t help when people want to leave. I think they had a slight difference of opinion and he decided screw it I’m out. Whoever ends up being the OC needs to game plan to the strengths of their players so hopefully they can bring in someone who will. Everyone needs to be pulling the rope in the same direction. Groom other coaches behind them so things won’t change much when people get hired off. Build that stability….

  2. I hear that Adam Gase is available. Haha it’s a joke so you guys can put down the torches 😂😂😂Hopefully we can find someone who will make a playbook that Tua can thrive with.

  3. Hey guys, I havent been around in while. Glad this site is still goin strong.
    Lots of fans are happy that Gailey is gone, but he’s not the one who tripped on his own two feet and gave the Bills a pick 6. Thanks to Devante Parker on that one last Sunday

    1. I guess you were sleeping during the Bills game and woke up just in time to see the play where Devante Parker slipped and fell which caused the ball to be intercepted, and then calmly went back to sleep after that. Yep, that’s the only snafu that caused that ass whipping the Dolphins received.

      1. Phil, 26 points is enough to win a football game, especially against an opponent whose starters only played one half. The defense and special teams gave up 49 points. DeVante gave up 7. I’m not gonna blame old man Gailey for any of those glaring problems.

        1. Then mention that as the reason you think the Dolphins lost the game which caused Chan Gailey to step down and not bring up one play with one player as an example for Gailey’s decision.

          1. Please send me your home address, so that next time I can have all my comments preapproved by you, by certified mail, so that I am certain my opinions meet your bossy standards.

            1. I see, another person throwing a hissy fit because somebody don’t care for the dumbass comment he made.

              Listen, don’t get mad at me because Admin included the ability to “REPLY” to anyone’s comment on this site. Like I said before, I’m not here on this site to try and be your buddy. You want a friend, get a dog… meanwhile, your dogshit opinions will be queried by me if I think they should.

              1. You didn’t even comment on my opinion, but instead you told me how to state my opinion, and how to mention my reasons. Refute my opinions all you want, but you don’t have to teach us rhetoric lessons.

  4. Originally, I was not too excited about hiring Chan Gailey, but I must confess, our offense did better than I was expecting this year.
    Does anyone know if there was any disagreement about which QB to draft? Curious to learn if draft politics played a role in his resigning.

    1. Author

      One of those tricky semantics things, where–I suspect and don’t know for certain–Gailey was technically fired, but due to contract issues, they ask him to resign instead. Tony Sparano and Dave Wannstadt technically resigned too, although we all know they were fired.
      Gailey’s offense certainly put up bigger numbers than last year. There were some quirks in his playcalling I didn’t love, but for the most part, his simplicity brought success for the Dolphins. QB sneaks on 3rd and one. Basic slant patterns to pick up 6 or 7 easy yards at will. These are NFL fundamentals that were lost over the years on guys like Gase and Philbin. Gailey corrected all of that, and I for one was a bit optimistic for how he would handle his second season.

      1. Yes, i have same inkling that he was fired, but in the respectfully gentleman’s way. He had two choices, resign or get fired. I also suspect fundamentally his firing had to do with QB draft pick politics (that Gailey was against drafting Tua). I was elated that the offense did those little things that you mentioned, QB sneaks on 3rd and one. Basic slant patterns to pick up 6 or 7 easy yards at will. That kept offense on the field for longer drives, led to more points and rested the defense.

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