With the Dolphins Out, Who Do you Root for?

I’m more excited about the April draft than any of the games this weekend.   Just like last year when the season ended, I immediately shifted into “Draft Tua” mode.  The excitement was real.

This year, we “only” get two first-round picks instead of three, and that is what I’ve been studying and looking forward to.  But…there are also some non-Dolphins game this weekend, and I thought I’d share my thoughts and ask yours.

Note, these are not predictions on who I THINK will win…just on who I WANT to win.

First, I hate the Bills, so I automatically root for the Colts.  Frank Reich returning to Buffalo to break their hearts would be an awesome thing.  I remember so many times when Franck Reich would bail out the Bills and look really great (remember the famous Houston comeback after Jim Kelly had the Bills down 32 points and then “got hurt”?).  Reich would pull out these amazing comebacks, and the next week, Marv Levy would bench him and go let Jim Kelly lose more Super Bowls.

I also hate Pete Carroll for handing a free Super Bowl to the Patriots a few years back, so I’ll root for the Rams over Seattle, although the Rams aren’t a very strong team.

I’ll take Washington over Tampa, so that Tom Brady doesn’t begin yet another Super Bowl run.

Go Titans over the Ravens.  Tannehill beat them last year in the playoffs, and I’d like to see him do it again.

Bears over the Saints.  I don’t know, but Saints coach Sean Payton just seems overrated to me.  They’ve milked a strong offense for many years, and it’s time for some new blood.

And finally, I want the Browns over the Steelers.  Mike Tomlin decided to give the Browns a free playoff entry by letting his third stringers play.   I hope he reaps what he sows and gets lit up.  Tomlin decided to not even try last Sunday, and that cost the Dolphins a playoff appearance, and I hope he suffers for it.


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  1. Actually the Steelers is the only team left I don’t mind rooting for. And I’m not going to hold it against him for last week…. that’s a pretty common tactic when you really don’t have a ton to play for (either way they aren’t getting that first round bye and home field doesn’t matter AS much this year compared to most) so he was doing what he thought was best for his team going into the playoffs… can’t fault him for that. We didn’t take care of business and frankly don’t deserve to be in the playoffs after that poor showing.

    So I will be rooting for the Steelers, and against the Bills and Bucs for the same reasons you mentioned 🙂

  2. If my Phins are not in the playoffs, I always root for the NFC teams. Looks like it’s the Packers this year.

  3. Author

    The Bills signed Kenny Stills today, as their other WRs are iffy for this weekend’s game.

    1. I never had anything against Stills… I know his outspoken social activism sometimes rubbed people the wrong way but I never thought he crossed any lines…. hope he does well (but I don’t want the Bills to win lol)

      1. Author

        He could be a strong addition to the Bills. I don’t know why Houston didn’t use him more after they traded for him.

  4. Author

    Speaking of offensive coaches getting fired, I would fire Frank Reich before he had a chance to get on the team bus. After I praised him yesterday, he turned in one of the worst coaching performances in decades.
    If he went for a FG before halftime instead of trying for 7 points before halftime, and if he kicked the extra point instead of taking it off the board and unneccessarily trying for 2, the Colts win.
    The 4 free points he squandered would have been the difference, but he played that game like a teenager playing Madden.

    1. The two-point failed attempt was a wash with the later 2nd two-point conversion, but that decision to not kick a FG in a playoff game was stooopid!

  5. any of you watching the practice squad QB for Washington? Why waste a first round draft pick on a quarterback when you can grab your self a Heinicke!

    1. That qb will be starting somewhere in the NFL! Fun to watch! Accurate, fast, and his scrambling was unreal!

    2. Author

      I loved how the team backed him. Chase Young pointing to his jersey and all that. Washington D played their hearts out for the kid.

  6. Deshaun Watson wants to come to Miami according to reports…. 100% yes…. But only if it didn’t completely gut our team to make it happen. Thoughts?

    1. I say no. Tua will be fine once he gets his weapons.

    2. Author

      I’m with Sean on this one. Watson is a great player, but I think we need to see what Tua can do in season two with a real pre-season and some experience under his belt. Watson has awesome individual stats and all that, but there’s something about him that prevents Houston from getting to the next level for all these years. ( I don’t mean this year, which is a fluke-bad year for them).
      I’d rather grab JJ Watt from them so he can give us 3 or 4 good games before getting hurt again.

  7. Wonder how Minkah is liking his trade decision now. Steelers are nose diving and Fins look promising. I’ve never liked the Steelers because they get a lot of BS calls going their way I’m loving the Browns kicking their ass!!!

    Was cheering for Tanny as well caught a bad break when his receiver fell down. Anyone but Brady in the nfc….

    1. Author

      Yeah, the WR fell down, but the Titans seemed off all day. I didn’t hear the exchange, but it looked like Derrick Henry and Mike Vrabel had an argument?

  8. Author

    It was nice to see some redemption owed to Mike Tomlin. In Week 17, he let the Steeler scrubs play, thereby handing a free playoff berth to the Browns. He willingly gave the Browns a bye into the playoffs, thinking that they would be an easier team to beat than the Dolphins. (He never said that aloud, but his logic indicates it.)
    How did that strategy work out for you, coach? Ha ha ha. That’s what happens when you let your division rival coast into the playoffs without even trying.

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