Colin Kaepernick Comes to Town…

Before the season started, I let all of my readers know my opinion of what Colin Kaepernick was doing.  As time went on, he made things worse, not better.  First by trying to justify his actions, then by sporting Malcolm X hats and Fidel Castro t-shirts.  He’s making a bad situation worse.   His own fans hate him, but mostly because he can’t seem to win a game.  As if Dolphin fans didn’t have enough reasons to root for our team to sack an opposing quarterback, there is added incentive here to win and to really crush the 49ers and their QB by about 40 points.

Unfortunately, the Niners still pose a threat.   Never mind a 5-game winning streak or the hopeless season the 49ers are in the middle of.   It’s a fact that we will lose again some day and the Niners will win some day.  It could be this Sunday.

The Dolphins best hope is that the culture really HAS changed.   Not just talk.  Not just appearances.  But a true, palpable change that demonstrates itself by beating an inferior team into submission.  In the past, the Dolphins rarely did this.   As recently as September, we were taken to the limit by one of the worst teams in NFL history.   If not for the Browns’ kicker miraculously  missing THREE easy field goals, then we open the season 0-5, and I don’t believe the Pittsburgh win and the others that followed would have occurred.  The point is that the Dolphins have had some luck in their last 5 games, and that’s a fact.

We haven’t had an easy-breezy game all year.  All our wins have been nail-biters, no matter who the opponent is, good or bad.   And let’s face it, they’ve mostly been bad.  None of our victories are against winning teams or anyone in serious playoff contention.   We got beat by some good teams, and we squeaked by some poor teams.

Sorry if I’m not as confident as some of you.  The Gase offense scored two touchdowns in Los Angeles and three in San Diego.   I’d like to see that increase.  I’d love to.  I’d like to see Gase learn more quickly; in all of our wins, there also seems to be some point where he corrects something, and it definitely helps.  Against the Rams, for example, he placed the team in the two-minute offense, and we got 14 points in 4 minutes.  You don’t need to be a genius to see a pattern there.  Our 2-minute offense is good.   So why Gase didn’t try it earlier is baffling.  Why he waited for 11 punts in a row to mix it up is baffling.  Sorry, guys, but I can’t just see a victory and state that everything is honky dory.  I’m simply not liking the fact that every single week, some player has to suggest a play to Gase or some coordinator needs to tell him to try a formation, or Jay Ajayi has to rush for 200 yards before Gase has an epiphany.  Gase has been good, and he is getting it.   But he’s not quite getting it quick enough in these games, and it could soon come back to haunt us.

And the 49ers are just such a team to do the haunting.   Especially with the Dolphins riding so high right now and (perhaps) over-confident from the 2 road victories.

That being said, the Niners are not an overly talented team.   You look at their Super Bowl roster from just a few years ago, and mostly everyone is gone, especially on offense.   They are near the bottom of the league in most defensive categories.   They historically don’t play well in early East Coast games.  There are no notable ex-Dolphins seeking payback (Remember Tannehil’s’ first pass of the day vs. Cleveland went right into the arms of Jamar Taylor?)   I’ve studied their roster and their last few games, and there is nobody to really scare you…but this is the same thing I said about the Browns too.   Perhaps more important is that Chip Kelly front-loaded his roster with offense, leaving some depth issues on their D.   So if the Dolphins can wear down an opponent in the heat like they’ve been doing lately, it could be a productive 4th quarter as the Niners tire out.




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  1. @Admin

    “None of our victories are against winning teams or anyone in serious playoff contention. We got beat by some good teams, and we squeaked by some poor teams.”

    Ok, I will agree with you on this, however, we almost beat two really good teams on the road……. Seatle and New England.

    We played them very well with less talent, less coaching, and much less discipline then the team has been playing with lately. Include into that Gase hadn’t learned how to call a decent game, that would come three more games in so well statistically your analysis is correct it doesn’t tell the whole story.

    If the story I see is accurate then the Dolphins should mop the field up with these clowns and it shouldn’t be close going into the fourth quarter of the game.

    We will see I truly hope that this team has turned that corner.

    1. Author

      If the Dolphins really do mop up the field by the 3rd quarter, then we’ll know we have a winner with a chance to make the playoffs. If they scrape by once again or even lose (God forbid), then we’ll know there’s still a lot of work to be done. I believe our O line will be without 3 starters, but we can’t use that as an excuse like we did in the Titans game.

      1. @Admin

        Yes I agree with you. If we were playing NE or Buffalo I would give some leeway over 2 or 3 OL being out but not against SF especially after as well as the subs played against the Rams who have a much better DL then SF.

        The Dolphins SHOULD absolutely have a field day rushing the ball and that should make it easy for the offense to pick apart SF league worst defense.

        Even if Kaper-Cry-Baby has a throw back Superbowl performance (which I doubt with the way our defensive line has been playing) our offense should easily outpace him.

  2. Yes they should win but don’t underestimate the loss of 2-3 olinemem. I don’t care who you play as it makes a difference this is still the NFL. The backups should be better and hopefully Tunsil plays but they are still backups. The Fins also have an uncanny ability of making life more difficult for themselves by having bad injuries at the worst possible times. If healthy I’m convinced it would be a blow out but now things are evened out a bit making it tougher than it should be.

    They still need to stick to the plan and run the ball or the D will tire out and we’ll get the same results as earlier in the season. You can’t just run no huddle all game although I agree Mix it up keep them guessing… although stills loves to drop easy passes in those situations. Drives me nuts!

    1. 49ers don’t have anyone major listed on their injury report.

  3. Our 2-minute offense is good. So why Gase didn’t try it earlier is baffling. Why he waited for 11 punts in a row to mix it up is baffling.

    Don’t you remember earlier in the season when Miami was activiely coming out in the hurry up offense at the beginning of games and it produced the same results. There’s a reason why no succesful team runs a hurry up offense the entire game because it doesn’t work it’s not rocket science bud.
    Just be happy we’re winning for now.

    1. Agreed! This offense needs to be balanced and not just focusing on either running or passing too much. When we stay balanced, our weapons are more effective.

  4. Gase is a rookie head coach, every rookie learns on the job. And gase has gotten better each week, I think that’s all we can ask for right now. With philbin this team would be 2-8 or 3-7 no doubt in my mind

    1. Also agree. The fact that he makes adjustments and they have always improved play shows that he is a good coach. He needs to take the next step and design a game plan that bows teams out from the start of the game.

      1. Author

        His adjustments are usually good, and we’re all agreeing. But he cannot wait until the 4th Q to adjust every week. Two weeks in a row we’ve been down 10-0 to inferior teams. That is not a good strategy, and it’s one that will haunt us if it continues.
        That Ram game was horrible for our offense. Tannehill threw 3 interceptions that the Rams dropped. We got extremely lucky. (Although the pick he did throw was DeVante Parker’s fault).

        1. The only disagreement I think we have is I don’t expect gase to be where you do at this point in his head coach career. He’s well on his way to becoming a good coach and learning to make changes quicker.

  5. I hated the 49ers since they beat us in super bowl

  6. I’d like to see a Suh throat stomp on Kaepernick, on accident of course!

    Us fans should start a gofundme to pay any fine that a player incurs for a shot that takes Kapernick out.

    1. Author

      I’d chip in to that fund !

  7. Over at ESPN they have a reporter assigned to the Kneelers and every week they have a story highlighting how many are still kneeling.

    It’s down to 11 losers now of course 2 of them are on the Dolphins.

    I don’t hope it’s some cheap shot that takes Kaepernick out (not that I wouldn’t be cheering if it happened) but I would rather his lowsy play and distracting personality keep him from “finding” a team next year and then we will see what platform he uses to protest from!

    1. Actually we WONT SEE what platform he uses once hes out of the NFL because very few people give a damm about what this idiot does or says.

      He’s about to find that out the hard way. Hope he didn’t blow all his money (I’m sure he has) because then he will have to move back in with the white man (his parents) and be oppressed again in their mansion.

  8. Hey I just saw this and thought this might give you guys (except Jay of course) a little boost before the game

    If you dont watch the whole thing you have to see 3:46 I’m assuming its the guy who made the video. He is awesome!

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