Final 49ers Pre-game post

Dolphins 23, Niners 17.      A tighter victory than I’d like, but we’ll take it.

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  1. Someone explain why Gase punted from the SF 35 yard line earlier in the game. Who doesn’t go for a 52 yard field goal these days?

    1. If Gase feels they can’t attempt any field goals over 50 yards, that’s a problem.

    2. Author

      Same reason he kept calling risky pass plays when we were up by 17 and just needed to run out the clock….he is NOT a good decision maker nor play caller

  2. What was up with the defense? 3rd and 12- they make it. 4th and 15- they make it. Up 31-14 and and they score again and again. I mean a win is a win, but damn…

  3. Had to miss the game, saw it was close though and it shouldn’t of been. The 49ers suck, teams like Baltimore won’t be so easy to beat.

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