Conference Championship Day

Once again, the entire world outside of Boston will be rooting against the Patriots.  Does Jacksonville have what it takes?  I think not.  However, what the players lack in skill set, their coaching makes up for with grit and smarts and experience.  Former Dolphin Doug Marrone leads the Jaguars, and I guarantee you that he’s smart enough to study how easily the Dolphins beat New England last month, rather than studying what Pittsburgh and Tennessee, among others, did wrong.  You beat a bully by punching them in the face, not by trying to be cute.

In the NFC, it’s a battle of a couple of forgotten QBs, both of them third stringers who are better than any Dolphins QB.  But when you study how good their defenses are, plus the other skill positions on offense, you see why these teams succeeded.  Eagles coach Doug Pederson is another ex-Dolphin taught by Don Shula who rightfully learned and earned his way to a head coaching job (compared to a certain Miami head coach who never played pro ball a day in his life, and who learned under a series of unknowns and underachievers).

If this game were played last Sunday evening, right after the Vikings scored that miracle last-second victory, I’d give the edge to Minnesota.  But momentum tends to wane after a week, so I think the Philly home fans will make it tough for the Vikes.  Meanwhile, the refs will make it tough for the Jags.   Probably both home teams win today, but we can hope otherwise.

In other news, the Dolphins officially hired  Dowell Loggains as our new offensive coordinator.   The Pats, Jets, and Bills are now terrified.

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  1. Author

    Wow, the refs are starting to show up. Last 6 plays had 5 Jax penalties. Are you serious?.

  2. Author

    And NE’s second down right after 2 minute warning, the guy got tackled in bounds, and refs said he made it to the sideline outta bounds. Uhhhh, no

  3. Author

    Jax, you may want to cover Amendola. Oh, and now is NOT the time to stop your pass rush. Who is coaching you, the Atlanta Super BOwl staff from last year?

  4. Author

    I have to repeat this. Why not cover amendola? Is it illegal to cover the tiny fellow?

  5. Author

    I said this well before the game…you have to rush Brady. The lowly Dolphins beat them because they beat up Brady. Jax decided to sit back in cover-3 instead. Why why why?

  6. Author

    Man, jay Cutler is better than Bortles. He didn’t throw one single ball on the money all day

  7. Admin that catch by Amendola was great and the batted ball by Gilmore might have been the best defensive play of the year it was awesome.

    1. Author

      Yes, it was a good catch, which was the result of a perfect pass from a QB who barely faced any pass rush after the 1st quarter. Jax played not to lose once they scored 14 whole points

  8. Author

    The Patriots were called for 1 penalty against the Jaguars

    It is the fewest penalties called on one team in a playoff game since the 2011 AFC Championship… when the Patriots were called for 1 penalty in a win over the Ravens

  9. Pats vs Eagles super bowl, I’m expecting another patriot win, how dam long can they keep this up?

    1. Author

      I take back my morning blog today about Doug Marrone’s intelligence and experience. Tony Romo is a nice guy, and even he was pointing out mistakes, starting right before the 2-minute warning when Marrone gave NE several free plays. Then in addition to giving them free plays, he went to an all prevent D the rest of the way.

  10. We (the officials) will get you back in the game and save you Pats!

    That was one bullshit personal foul call on that hit that rocked Gronk’s world. And the pass interference call on Jax after that on the next play was also bullshit.

    This team, the Pats, wouldn’t be shit without the officials always helping their asses.

    1. Author

      I suppose the helmet hit had to be called. But the PI while the WR was already out of bounds? Unheard of.
      Gronk will play in the Super Bowl. I’m sure some quack doctor on NE’s payroll will clear him

      1. No, that was a purely shoulder to shoulder hit on Gronk, and being that it’s impossible to hold your neck straight in one position on a hit like that, your helmet can’t help but tap the opponents helmet you collided with. That’s why they wear helmets when playing football because there helmet to helmet collisions all game long.

        Gronks ass got rock by a smaller defensive player and officials couldn’t stand it!

    2. Author

      Did you see the video of who was the very first person to shake Brady’s hand after game?

  11. I know it’s in our blood to hate the patriots but the receiver was shoulder bumped out of bounds by Jacksonville, Grong was hit helmet to helmet on a defenseless player and no the Patriots didn’t get a bunch of calls there way, they got real calls called. Brady getting hammered in the first half two seconds after releasing the ball didn’t get called and I saw that at lest four times.

    My hope is that NE keeps being the best in football long enough for the Dolphins to actually get good enough to take the crown from them rather then Brady and Belichet retiring and NE goes to hell. I want to be them at the top!

    1. I want to beat them at the top……

    2. Author

      I see your point, and the Dolphins do their own fair share. At least once a year (with an exception or two) during the Brady era, the Dolphins beat the Patriots. We always seem to have a mediocre team, but we beat New England anyway. What infuriates me is when NON-mediocre teams just lay down for them.
      Seattle and Atlanta had stellar teams, and both refused to call a simple running play. Jacksonville yesterday had a great team, and their coach had no answers once they took the lead.
      Pittsburgh always chokes against New England, whether at home or the road. The Saints this year were a scoring machine, but against the Pats in Week 2, they decided to “trick” New England by trying a run-first offense.
      Combine that with the Jets and Bills bowing down twice a year each when they face the Pats, and it gets ridiculous.
      Point is, the Dolphins need help from other NFL teams if they are ever going to surpass NE some day.

    3. First of all it’s Gronk, not Grong. Second, the ref stopped a sure touchdown after a fumble yesterday, so yes, the Patriots DO get a lot of calls their way. That was a touchdown in the game against Pittsburgh. Brady fumbled the ball against the Raiders. I could go on an on but you know the script. The officials are always saving the Patriots asses.

      It’s not hate, it’s just the truth!

      1. Author

        I think Grong sounds funnier.

    1. Yes I thought that it was ironic that Jay Ajayi would be getting a Superbowl ring (Win or lose) and Adam Gase’s season was over well before the end of the regular season!

      However even behind the great OL that the Eagles have I haven’t seen Ajayi do much. Last night it was a lot of cleanup carries for 3 yards and there was no explosive runs like we saw all the time two years ago.

      1. Author

        He fumbled in his first Eagles game and fumbled last week in the playoffs. But he got right back out there and had some decent runs. Nothing spectacular yet though

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