List of Available, Qualified, Experienced Coaches Grows, while Dolphins Stick with their Nobodies

For many years, the Dolphins secondary was the weak link on the team.  But they started to reverse that once they finally listened to me and got rid of Jamar Taylor.   Since then, we’ve seen a few rookies and second-year men show some promise.  We’ve seen Bobby McCain slowly but surely win me over. We’ve seen a project like Tony Lippett turn into a success.   We’ve seen a trade for Byron Maxwell work out (although the Dolphins eventually gave up on him while receiving nothing in return).

The bottom line:  our secondary is now the strongest group on the defense.

I believe the DB coach Lou Anarumo was at least partially responsible for this major turnaround.  When Dan Campbell became our interim coach, Lou was promoted to interim DC, and he did a decent job.  But then Adam Gase came to town and demoted Lou back to DB coach.  Gase instead hired his friend Vance Joseph, who led the defense to 30th ranked.  Joseph left, and Gase then hired his pal Matt Burke.   Throughout all of that, Anarumo didn’t whine about being passed up.  Instead, he went back to being the DB coach and got that unit to play a lot better.  Our secondary is not stellar, no doubt.  But they were the best unit on a bad defense.  Anarumo lost Lippett for the season.  TJ McDonald was suspended.  Maxwell was always in Gase’s doghouse.  Despite all of that , the secondary didn’t embarrass us.

And yet, Adam Gase just fired him.

We all know the names that are out there.  Even if you don’t think guys like Del Rio or Fox or Rex Ryan or Pagano are any good, all of them have more experience in their little finger than Gase and his hand-picked cronies have in their whole bodies.  Don’t you think Gase should reach out to one of those guys to try to improve his staff?

On a side note, misery loves company.  It’s kinda nice to know that other teams, even those with recent championship pedigrees, make the same stupid mistakes as the Dolphins do.  Stupidity is apparently universal.

When it’s 4th and inches, I thought Miami was the only team who refused a QB Sneak.   Now we know Pittsburgh refuses to run it too.

With the game on the line and the opponent in midair to catch a ball, I thought Miami was the only team to let him catch it and score.  Now we know New Orleans does too.  Players being unaware of the rules and unaware of the situation is NOT unique to the Dolphins.

When facing a third-string QB like Nick Foles, Atlanta took a page from Miami and decided to not rush him much.   Just sit back and wait for him to eventually find an open receiver.  Good to know that other teams play stupid schemes like we do.



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  1. Gase has 1 year to go IMO. He has all his Bears losers in place now. So they get a year to turn it around. He no longer can use the excuse they were Philpott’s boys. Put up or shut up time.

  2. Well I don’t know if you’ve seen the reports but it looks like Landry is gone. My biggest fear is coming true and Miami will miss him big time next year.

    1. Author

      He could definitely be missed. And I am all for re-signing him. However, we also have to look at the Dolphins WITH Landry vs. Dolphins WITHOUT Landry. Without Landry, we really don’t know. It’s been 4 years and it’s hard to remember the days without him. With him, we made the playoffs once. The same amount of playoff appearances we had with Davone Bess and Ted Ginn, just for comparison.
      Landry is exciting an enthusiastic, but that alone does not equal W’s.
      He is a hot-head who costs us yardage and points AND personnel. If Landry didn’t start a fight in the Bills game, then our starting RB would have been around for the final drive.
      And one thing I point out all the time: last year when we made the playoffs, in the Bills game Week 16, we kicked a field goal to send the game to overtime. But right before that 4th-down field goal, at the end of third down, Landry took off his helmet on the field and whipped it aside, while the clock was running in the field of play. Luckily, all the refs missed it! If some ref saw it, then Andrew Franks would be trying a 68-yard field goal instead of 53. Which means we would be forced to throw a desperate Hail Mary and miss the playoffs. Jarvis Landry’s antics SHOULD have cost Miami a playoff berth, but we were lucky no ref saw it.
      While I love his playmaking ability, the last 4 years have shown us that he is not the difference between wins and losses. He doesn’t carry the team on will alone, like some of the great players do.
      It will suck going into camp with out the guy, but can it be worse than what we’ve been getting with him?

      1. It can did you see the Browns this year? Or do you remember 2007? Being mediocre sucks for sure we’re always somewhere between 6-10 and 10-6 and it seems like we should be much better. But that’s better than being the laughing stock of the league. Which if this team manages to let ajayi and Landry leave in the same season (arguably the teams best 2 players) it will be. Why would any star player come sign with Miami if this is how we treat our best players? Hell suh one of the best players in the league didn’t even make the pro bowl this year, another reason for stars to not sign with Miami.

        1. Author

          Zach, the 2007 (1-15 team) and 2008 (playoff-Wildcard team) had the same core WRs, Camarillo, Ginn, Bess and a few other role players. That turnaround was so amazing. We were on our way to some good good places until Pennington’s arm turned to jelly, and we were then forced into the world of Henne, Thigpen, Pat White, and the gang. Never recovered

          1. That is actually false – the league caught onto the wildcat and Sporano was a poor coach, having Dan Henning run a chuck and duck offense with a qb who had a canon for an arm, essentially just shove a square into a circle.

            And Penny wasn’t the great QB everyone makes him out to be, he started off the 2008 season how? 2 straight losses, would have been if not for Brady being knocked out for the season and the wildcat – which was not a Sporano idea nor a Dan Henning idea. So fine, Miami catches the league off guard and wins a divisional title. They get humiliated in the playoffs by the Ravens – which is expected because Miami was a 1 trick pony with a paper machete O-line, so in the off-season Miami pumps millions into the line and Penny comes back as the unquestioned starter and how does he start the season off 3 straight loses before he is knocked out for the season – and yes, Penny went down against the Chargers but there is no way he would have won that game – so it still would have been 3 losses. And the rest of the season went down the drain because the league caught up the the wildcat and injuries mounted – Penny wasn’t as great as people make him out to be – take away the wildcat and he definitely doesn’t lead us to the playoffs in 08

  3. Can they not get compensation for him if he leaves ? now if they franchise tag him doesn’t someone have to give say a 1 st and 3 rd for him?

    1. Author

      If they franchise him, then another team has to pay a ton and compensate us. Otherwise if he leaves, we’ll get some compensatory pick later. Whoever we get, it’ll take him 3 years to learn Gase’s stupid offense, so it will be pretty damaging to watch him walk.
      I’d keep him, but force him into a long face-to-face about maturity, accountability, and teamwork

  4. I think that there is something between Landry and Gase / coaching staff that keeps them from getting on the same page. Probably it’s several things but one thing is absolutely for sure and that is that Laundry is very immature.
    There is no doubt that Miami will pay players. We pay crappy players, we pay not so crappy players and we pay great players but they arn’t paying Laundry because it seems they don’t think he has bought into the system and he is not mature.
    I can’t disagree with that……… we will miss his sure hands on 3rd down but Miami has good receivers behind him and we need to get two real tight ends. If we do that it will mitigate the loss.
    As far as compensation just forget it. We let pro bowlers go for free to our inter-confance rivals (Incognito to the Bills) no doubt Laundry ends up on the Patriots and we get a 7th rounder in 2023 for him while he toasts us twice a year every year!

    1. Author

      The Herald had a good interview with Landry’s agent, and predictably, the agent spouted off a lot of stats. The most vital point is that despite Landry’s downside, no one in the entire NFL has caught more balls than him in the past 4 years. Indisputable point.
      But my question is…”Could they have”? Is someone like Chris Hogan physically capable of catching 7 bubble screens per game, for a total of 8 yards? Yes! All those many Landry catches did not add to his intangibles like leadership or, God forbid, TDs.
      I continue to want Landry back. However, I just don’t see it as dire.

  5. Do you think that, if Laundry leaves, this decision is on Gase? Meaning Gase has enough decision-making power to say that he needs Laundry in his offense and therefore, he stays. Because, if he has this power, then this will be another nail in his coffin in my opinion.

    1. I think Tannabum is the defacto final say in the building. I talked at length about him and how he has done nothing but destroy the Jets and here he is working his magic on the Dolphins. I think Gase goes along to get his paycheck and feed his ego.

      1. Managed to lose there two best offensive players in one offseason if Landry leaves. Landry has put up great numbers with tannehill, Moore, and cutler throwing him the ball imagine him with a good quarterback. Lamar Miller, ajayi, rishad Matthews, Charles clay, all good NFL players Miami let go. If Landry leaves it would just add to the crazy amount of talent this team has let go, but we overpaid for Kiko Alonso and Andre branch. Dumbest front office ever.

  6. So Baker Mayfield has officially asked Miami to draft him. Will they? No Way! A potential very good QB….. PASS!

  7. Mayfield would be a solid 2nd-round pick.

    1. I can’t see him lasting until the second round

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