Conference Championship Games Set

Rooting for a team in the New England-Pittsburgh game is like rooting for someone in a Hitler vs. Bin Laden matchup.   BOTH teams are easy to despise, with their cheating, dirty play, whining, and overall way they each get all the calls.   Roger Goodell might have to flip a coin on which of his two favorite teams he tells the refs to favor next week.

The Chiefs committed a lot of bad penalties on Sunday night, but it was the same penalties that Pitt was committing and that weren’t called.   And don’t get me started on the way the Patriots abused the Texans Saturday and never took a penalty.  It was laughable.   I guess I’ll root for the Rapist over the Cheater, but it’s very reluctant.   Either way, I’ll root for the NFC team in the Super Bowl.

In Dallas, the overrated Cowboys made a better game of it than I thought, but terrible game management at the end cost them the game.   Wasting a down to spike the ball?   Not taking time off the clock before the tying field goal?  Jason Garrett showed his weakness as a coach, and the experienced Mike McCarthy owned him.  Green Bay looks tough, and I’m not as sold on Atlanta as some others are, but still the Falcons have such a strong team.  Could be a good couple of games Sunday.

Who do you guys root for?

Coming up this week:   More thoughts on our new DC, Matt Burke…and why this is such a questionable move.



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  1. I get tired of New England ,it seems every time that Brady throws the ball and the receivers don’t catch it they are wanting a flag and I seen Brady every time someone gets close to him a flag is thrown ….can you imagine if Brady took the hit Moore did …that guy would be out of the league….New England seems to have the calls go their way whoever they play and to me its very noticeable….I swear as long as Brady plays ,they want him in the superbowl $$$$$$$$..oh well I laughed at the announcers saying dallas had its safety out and that hurt them…hell Miami had at least 6 starters out and never mentioned a word …oh well maybe next year when the phins are all healthy we can make a run…go Dolphins.

    1. @Larry

      Yep isn’t ironic how when another team’s starters are injured we are required to listen to how unfortunate the team is and how that’s an excuse to some degree for the difficulty they have. Also those teams promoted as the team fighting back through adversity against the odds. The announcers get all giddy, “Oh look at how brave they are!”

      Miami…….. pile of dog poop according to the announcers. Nevermind that 57 of the 53 starters are out injured and the HC is playing through a concussion after promoting every LB on the practice squad.

      Add in the Backup QB getting illegally hit by a Mac Truck…..

      BUT is Miami heralded as the team fighting through adversity against the odds? Do the announcers say, “Good for them”

      Nope – NEVER

      Miami shouldn’t be there and should have never won a game at all this year and when they lose IN THE PLAYOFFS the announcers still have nothing good to say!

      On top of that adding insult to injury we have the privilege of coming here and being subjected to Snowflake Jay’s comments about how the coaches suck, Tannehill sucks, Ajayi sucks, Ross sucks, the only one on the team worth a crap is Matt (Snowflakes heads up his butt) Moore….. oh wait, after two plus years of all Jay’s comments about Moore being a franchise QB NOW Jay has retracted that and Moore also sucks!

      So we have the announcers all calling our team Crap

      We have Jay calling our entire team Crap

      Yet any team with an injured starter – Oh poor them and Oh how can they play through that!

      And Jay?

      Oh he’s in love with a QB not on our team and somehow in his twisted Bipolar mind (not to offend any decent people with Bipolar disorder) He was calling for Miami to draft Matt Ryan all along except he never mentioned it here because all we have heard out of him is how he was in love with Matt Moore!

      So ya Larry I feel your pain and then some!

  2. I root for Atlanta cause I like Matt Ryan. Thought Ireland/Parcells should’ve drafted him and had us in the playoffs every year.

  3. Heck, if we had drafted Matt Ryan we wouldn’t have had to waste draft picks on Jake Long, Chad Henne, Pat White, and Ryan TannePuke!

    Could’ve had Ryan AND top players instead of those 4!!

    1. @Snowflake

      If we had picked Tom Brady we wouldn’t have had to wast draft picks on……….

      What a stupid comment as is usual from you!

        1. @Jay

          You took the thoughts right out of my head and wrote them down for me!

          Thank you now I don’t even need to respond to your worthless comments

          Jay the Snowflake!

  4. I’m routing for the Falcons just because it would be nice to see a different team win a super bowl every once in awhile. But I doubt the NFL wants them to beat the packers, the ratings would be way lower for a Falcons super bowl than a packers one. So I expect to see the refs screw the Falcons over. And for the afc both teams can go fuck themselves. I’ll take the steelers if I had to choose though.

  5. I’ve thought about this for a while and I know you will all say “WTF” but at this point I hope the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

    Here’s my logic

    1 – there is a chance, slim as it may be, that if NE wins the SB Belicheat or Brady or some of the other coaches decide its time to retire. Go out on top.

    2 – We are going to beat them once next year and I like the ring of, “The Miami Dolphins beat the Super Bowl champs”

    3 – It give Brady one more chance to get hit like Moore did in Pittsburgh which would effectively go back to point number 1

    4 – If it’s possible I may dislike the Rapest worse then NE.

    1. Author

      Let me pull a Jay: “At least Joe Philbin was able to beat New England three times. Adam Gase = zero times.” 🙂

      1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!

        Yep you got Jay nailed although if you had managed to get a swipe at Tannapuke in there it would have been 100%

  6. I simply can’t cheer for the Belicheats impossible….. Hopefully steelers win while decimating both teams with injuries. Prefer Atlanta winning the bowl but the packers don’t piss me off as much as the others.

    Did you hear bruski whining that because goodell isn’t going to the NE game it means that Brady was innocent? These guys are fucking brain dead. Besides who wouldn’t take a nice comfy indoor game in Atlanta over sitting in the cold in NE with a bunch of disillusioned idiots???

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