Atlanta Wins; Patriots and the Refs Lead at Halftime

After watching Little Julie Edelmann push off twice on the same “catch” and then watching the referees literally turn their heads away from the play, I turned off the TV because we already know the outcome.

This was already after I suffered through watching Brady throw up high-arching, non-spiraling, lame ducks for the entire first half.   The Texan DBs have about 10 full seconds of the ball up in the air to make a play, but instead they decide to trip on those pesky blades of fake grass.  Not to mention the brilliance of the Texan special teamers.   Talk about handing the game away.

Meanwhile, Atlanta seemed to take a big step forward and will host the Packers next week.   The Cowboy playoff train will never leave the station tomorrow, as Dak Prescott learns that playoff football is a lot different than anything he’s ever seen before.


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  1. As im watchin the pats n texans i. Wishing we had a chat.

  2. Btw turn the tv back on admin. Its the 2nd half and a.1point game.

    1. Author

      i just tuned in and it’s TEN points now

  3. I agree-she gets away with it so much,specially up there. All the Patsies get away with shit at home.
    I posted this in previous thread. OT:I said the Falcons would bitch-slap the Sea-Sections. It was worse than the score showed. I think they will win it all.
    Before that goal-line stand at the end of the 1st half,it was 3rd and3 on the ~15 and the Texans DB is at least 10 yards off the line! On the fcuking goal line! WTF! Of course it was an easy completion but they kept them out. Roll it back and watch.
    They are so close to taking Ms Brady out for good.

  4. Author

    I just turned on one play. Osweiler threw an incomplete pass 15 yards downfield, and the New England refs claimed he fumbled. LMAO. Can they make it any more obvious? To make it worse, a 12th New England player jumped onto the field and the Pats STILL got to keep the ball!!! Overturned, but never shoulda been called at all. I’m going back to not watching., This hurts my eyes

  5. So much jealousy of the Pats dynasty!! LMAO!!

    1. Author

      It’s not jealousy to point out the horrendous calls by the refs and the absolute choke-job of the Texans every time I turn on the TV

  6. That little part that Trump likes to grab,commonly called a Brady,whines every time she gets hit.

  7. I loved that hit on Brady by Clowney in the 3rd quarter. Brady couldn’t get up on the first try! Then he threw a hissy fit at the ref that fell on deaf ears. It goes to show that if a team can Just rattle “the golden boy of the NFL” it will affect him. As a side note, I agree that this is the year of the Falcons and will put the smack down on the patsies should they make it to the Super Bowl.

  8. I know Brady is in our division and has been our nemesis for many years but ya gotta appreciate watching the best football player that ever played the game. Its history.

    1. Sont’t know about greatest of all time, but ya gotta respect and appreciate the guy Jay is right about that.

  9. I even saw Brady throw a block yesterday …… something Dan Marino would never do.

    1. Dan Marino also didn’t play in an era where just grabbing a primadonna quarterback like Tom Brady by the ankles a split second after he threw the ball would result in a defensive player getting a 15yrd penalty.

  10. Teams will always try to get a leg up on their competition, but, Belichick, Brady, and the patsies will always be cheaters in my book. There’s “videogate” ” deflategate” and probably a slew of others we are not privy to. Isn’t it unusual that a quarterbacks helmet speaker always encounters “technical difficulties” at Foxboro? Coincidental? Maybe or maybe not. How Jules Edelmann and push off a corner and the ref not see it? Or the lame holding and pass interference penalties? Sorry, I see it year after year. They get away with alot that other teams do not. Just my $0.02.

    1. If you aint cheating you aint trying

  11. Good call Admin. Cowboys choked all around. Coaches and youngsters could not handle it.

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