DE Charles Harris Cements his Role as First-Round BUST

Last week, DE Robert Quinn was in the face of Andy Dalton on almost every play.  But Dalton avoided a sack time after time by simply jogging to his right, where Charles Harris was tied up all day long.  No sacks.   A handful of unimportant tackles.   A microcosm for his career.

DeVante Parker has been more productive than Charles Harris.  Dion Jordan has been more productive.  It’s sad.   Harris continues his downslide from first-round draft pick to official BUST this weekend.   With Cameron Wake out, today is Harris’s day to shine and step up.   Instead, he is out.   His injury is playable.   My gut reaction is to say he should be out there.   But then I study his stats and I realize he is useless on the field or on the bench.

Also, Ryan Tannehill will NOT give 14 free points to the opponent today!

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  1. I know it’s off topic, but why the hell didn’t we resign Matt Moore???

    1. Because were bad but we arn’t that bad!

      1. So now the admin has his medical degree.

        1. Author

          K-Dogg, I am hardly a doctor. However, I know that some guys play through a torn rotator cuff in the NFL. MLB pitchers can’t play through it, NFLers can. If they choose.

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