Dolphins Win Without Charles Harris and Ryan Tannehill and more…

First-round bust Charles Harris sat this one out.   He contributed just as much from the bench as he did in the first 5 games this year.

First-round bust DeVante Parker was targeted once.  The pass was poor, but Parker made the laziest attempt I’ve ever seen.  He casually jogged right past the ball while the defender caught it uncontested.  He does this routinely and needs to be shipped elsewhere.   Absolutely zero effort.  Hit hurts to watch.

Ryan Tannehill, while I won’t call him a first-round bust, also got the day off, and we still won.   Can’t yet say if we won despite his injury or because of it.

A lot more to come this week.   But the good news is that guys who weren’t producing got replaced, and the subs did really well.   Even non-injured guys like Tory McTyer, who got burned repeatedly, got benched.   Nice to see Cordrea Tankersley get some snaps in.  Because McTyer was the Bears’ MVP.


Oh did you know that Khalil Mack is a good player?   The FOX broadcasters told us that fact 750 times, but I didn’t see him make a single play.  Thumbs up to Adam Gase for engineering a great scheme today.

Brock Osweiler had no problem commanding that offense.  He made calls I never heard before.   You could hear him say “Miller” and “Rhode Island” often.   YOu heard him call the players by name.   “Danny,” and “Albert” and “Gesicki.”    He was getting their attention and telling them where to be.  I loved it.

And finally, how about Millionaire Traitor Cody Parkey getting bit by kharma and by our minimum-wage rookie kicker?

Look for some photos and analysis soon.

What did you guys think of the game !?

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  1. Sorry I missed the game day chat. Watched the game late. Crazy game! Defense keeps getting turnovers, which is awesome! They were getting burnt on deep passes all day though. Ossweiler did ok, but I was waiting for the dumb interception from him. O line did great! Wasn’t expecting that. Need to keep running it like today. And how about this O’Leary kid! He looked good! Announcers said he was Golfer Jack Nicklaus’s grandson I think.

    1. Author

      Yep, he sure is. I remember when he played for the Jets against us, Grampa Jack was in the stands.

  2. If a miracle happens and we win the Super Bowl… I vote for giving Parkey a ring lol

  3. Wild game. Fins had so many chances to win, and nearly blew them all. Thought they had it when they recovered fumble late in reg. and started inside the bears 50. But no. Then the long drive to start the OT and Gore gets them to the 1 and somehow isn’t given the ball to finish them off. There are alot of times when I see Gore taking himself out of the game ( because he’s gassed) – so you have to play Drake (no choice) and after drake fumbled – I thought the bears win now, for sure. Then Parkey meets Mr. Karma, and Drake gets his chance for redemption, and is very sure to Not fumble it again. BTW – I didn’t see Gore even in the game on the final GW FG drive in OT.
    And yes, the fins actually DID (finally) run a QB sneak on 3rd and 1 and got it – must be a sign of the apocalypse – Never thought I’d see Gase try that in my lifetime ! But since it worked, doubtful well ever see it again.

  4. And we get no help. Thanks to the Kansas Shitty Chiefs and the 43 points they gave up. Pats scored every single time they had ball. No punts !!

    1. No kidding why Andy Reed didn’t let NE score with 1:00 left so they could have a shot to tie it and go to OT win the flip and score a TD I dont know. I guess he thought that them missing a 30 yard field goal was more probable.

  5. Admin….. you and everyone in the chat today know how I feel about Tannehill so I will spare you and not rehash it all here.

    What stood out to me today was how many throws Oswiler had that were up field. Now either Gase rewrote his playbook or Oswiler got throw the reds way faster than other QB who have played this year.

    On another note although Oswiler is way slower than Tannehill he felt the pressure in the pocket and without completely panicking and throwing the ball at someone’s head he simply shifted away from the pressure and made a play.

    Also you could see the entire team rally today we haven’t seen that since…..since…….since……

    If it ain’t broke…. keep Tannehill in street clothes

  6. It’s amazing to me looking at other fan pages how many people are still calling for Ryan Tannehill. Here’s a mind blowing stat, today Oswelier threw for more yards than Tannehill has since 2015, and in a win the most since a garbage game at the end of 2014. I’m not saying Oswelier should be the answer at QB but today proves what I have been saying about Tannehill for the past 3 weeks. He just won’t cut it. But the good news is Tunsil and James are finally living up to their potential. So whoever Miami gets as a QB next year should be set up for success. The defense keeps making plays, and at the rate they give up yards they need to keep it up. Getting McCain back next week should help a lot and it was nice to see Tankersley out there after McTyler tried to lose the game for Miami. Lions at home is a must win let’s hope Gase rolls with Brock and gets to 5-2.

    1. Totally agree….. I was commenting over on the herald and almost everyone wanted me dead saying I was disrespecting Tannehill! You guys here know I have stood by Tannehill a long time but he isnt the same this year. It’s not just that he hasn’t been good he just dosnt seem to want it. He looked just as happy today holding the clipboard as he was last week playing if not happier. Roll with it.

      1. Ignore the Tranny fanboys who comment on Herald articles. I think their total I.Q. is under 100. We should have traded up this year for a QB. Slim Pickens,choice-wise,not the actor,next year.

        1. There everywhere. I really didn’t know that many fans where that much in love with Tannehill. And if you point out any of his obvious flaws or point to how subpar his career stats are compared to good quarterbacks people just call you a hater.

  7. Osweiler might not be all world, he’s not very mobile, he will throw ints, I’m really not a big fan…but he can tell when the pocket is collapsing and where to go to keep plays alive. He’s a better fit behind this oline. So on that he deserves to start next week.

    1. I’m all for going with the hot hand Fitzmagic was all the glory this season but back ups are back ups. Os maybe has some upside but how many times do fans get all excited and then the back up turns back into one? We’ve all seen this story a million times as he had the element of surprise. I hope I’m wrong let him keep playing but I’d have him on a short leash. If they do go back to Tanny if healthy I’d keep him on the same leash go with the hot hand.

      The main reason why they won today was because Gase called a better game ran the ball and the oline was fantastic. The D was just good enough but needs McCain badly. Remember you are never as bad as you look or as good… don’t get all crazy in your viewpoints the NFL is truly up and down.

      One last thing NE had 0 penalties today. 0. Yet Miami RB gets tripped no call and a ref 45 yards away calls a ticky tack hold that he can barely see. Blows my mind… but NE is so honest that the refs can’t find anything wrong all game.

      1. New England is turning it up like they always do at this time of year. Miami needs to match that by winning games they should. Next 3 games are the lions, Texans, and jets. Win at least 2 of those are Miami is 6-3. Miami should be favored in each one of those games, maybe not in Houston on a Thursday night (road teams almost never win Thursday night) but the other two for sure.

        1. Yep agreed hopefully the bungals game doesn’t haunt them as that should have been a win. They also get NE at home the Fins won’t get all the calls but at home at least it won’t be blatantly biased. 0 calls against them yesterday 0 I couldn’t believe it. Chiefs were too close to winning on one blatant patsies flag another ref threw a flag that no one could see to offset it! Insane in NE…

          I just hope that Gase puts the best players on the field I don’t care who it is. If Tanny isn’t healthy it’s a no brainer…

  8. Admin,feel free to post the pic I sent today. any time it’s appropriate-which is always when we hash Tranny.

  9. I agree with the comment above that Miami won because Gase called a better game. He attacked on first down, didn’t always run on 2nd and long, and actually attacked down the middle of the field. We still got lucky, which is why Os had a great game, because Grant broke 2 long plays. Without those big plays, we lose and Os only looks average. Don’t get me wrong, I think he should start next week but this team sinks or swims based on Gase’s competence period.

    1. Agreed but most teams are all over the map on any given week that’s why coaching is so big. If your coach is a bafoon you have no chance. Gase did call a good game except for the shotgun on the goalline that was ridiculous…

    2. WEST COAST FIN FAN, I understand how you feel. But, beyond Gase’s sometimes obvious stupidity, the Dolphins still have the ability to perform in other areas that turn circumstances in their favor. For example, in the game against the Bengals, interceptions by the Dolphins defense that led to touchdowns. Now I’m going to say this. We, as DOLFANS, (more so inside of us) were all jumping up and down with glee when the scoreboard showed – Dolphins 17, Bengals 0. But I bet most of you guys had that queasy feeling like I did because you knew something was bound to go wrong and those defensive fortunes would somehow be squandered. And Tannehill didn’t disappoint. Tannehill’s bumbling gave the Bengals a quick 14 points which the Dolphins is not the kind of team we can trust to overcome. Now I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I, along with I believe BRIAN, KARMATOURER, and ADMIN were thanking the FOOTBALL GOD’s when we heard before the start of the game that Tannehill wouldn’t be playing. Now don’t get me wrong, I was just a little bit nervous about Osweiler because he had to come off the bench and go up against that much vaunted Chicago Bears defense. And being Osweiler, when he threw that first interception, I can bet most of us we went “well, he is Brock Osweiler, so I really don’t feel that disgusted.” But we saw something every time Osweiler approached the offensive line. Something we really can’t deny we don’t see with Tannehill. Osweiler looked like he actually had a grasp of what a quarterback is supposed to be doing versus what he’s told to do. Unlike Tannehill, Osweiler looked liked he had recognition. It looked like we finally had a quarterback out there who could audible his way out of blitz’s. It finally looked like we had a quarterback out there with a firm grasp of what the defense is going to do. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Osweiler is a fuckup also, we’ve been watching football far to long to know that. But we’re all happy today because our team played not just any team, they played Bears, and they had to play them with Osweiler, and they won. And no one can tell me all week long they didn’t have that sinking feeling of another loss because the Bears are in town and you can only imagine what they’re defense is going to do to Tannehill. That, along with all the injuries and Gase’s sometimes inept play calling. But this time Gase ran the ball, and we didn’t see a Dolphin quarterback out their bumbling and fumbling the ball away and handing victory to the other team. Yeah, even after Drake tried to piss certain victory away, the football God’s smiled down on our team and they won! I don’t know about the rest of you, but if that’s what we can expect with Osweiler on the field at quarterback, give me some more of that!

      1. It sounds like you were in my brain! I have been saying over and over on here that Tannebunk goes to the line, looks over the defense and can’t figure it out! That’s one of the biggest differences I noticed. I’m not saying Osweiler is better-he certainly is better at reading the field! I can’t help but see Tannebunk is confused with what he sees and how to make the changes to overcome in only a few seconds. I can’t help noticing the team seemed a bit more energized…Gase did call a better game so that was an vast improvement, but with no consistency it’s likely the same ol’ same ol’ and this week against Matt Patricia’s Lions, you know any coach with NE for many years has learned a thing or two! I’ll say it again, until the QB is upgraded by a good draft selection that we can build on (Sam Darnold comes to mind), we are sitting in Mediocrity City. And our owner stinks…he’s all in for UMich and real estate in NYC—he needs to sell the team and he can buy up all Lower Manhattan like he wants.

  10. Author

    This is a moot point, 100%, because we all KNOW that Adam Gase will go back to Tannehill the moment he is healed….BUT…. the wise thing to do is exactly what our friend FlyerFinFan is saying. Play the hot hand. Start Osweiler until the team doesn’t respond any more. Don’t just hand him any permanent job yet, but definitely say “You did great, and deserve one more week.”
    Meanwhile, WTF happened to our defense? 3 weeks in a row we’ve given up 27+ points…in the second half alone !!!
    More to come today, folks.

    1. Well last week the bengals scored twice on defense so that’s not Miami’s defenses fault. Bobby McCain, and cam wake being hurt are what makes the defense look bad.

      1. Author

        Should we say “The Bengals scored twice on defense”? I prefer, “They were handed 14 free points on a silver platter”

      2. It’s a team game whoever is playing better should play. If a guys down let him reflect on the bench for a bit until his opportunity arises. I know QB needs continuity but only for so long especially if someone is hurt. I don’t expect a miracle and Os to lead the team to a bowl but if he helps along the way I’m all for it. I still believe Tanny is better we tend to forget his good games. Most cases it’s when the oline and Gase did their jobs. Also run the ball!!!

  11. The bigger picture is: Tanny is NOT the QB for this team, never was it, never will be it; Osweiler is in the same pot…so I don’t care who plays the rest of the way as long as it is recognized by this organization that the time has come to cut the cord with Tannehill. But Tannehill gets a respite with a good game, then he has a so-so game, a loss, another loss, then a win…and it just becomes the same ol’ same ol. Where is there hope? I don’t see it unless they make a QB change for the future and draft a young stud that gets overlooked by other teams…that would mean the dumb scouts we have actually do some homework!

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