Dolphin Dion Jordan Solidifies his Legacy as Worst Draft Pick Ever by getting Suspended…AGAIN

Dion Jordan has been suspended for the entire season.

NOW will all the Dolphin Truth haters begin to believe me?

NOW will you please stop demanding that Dion be moved to linebacker?

NOW will you please admit he is a bust?


Joe Philbin keeps a careful eye on Dion Jordan.
Joe Philbin keeps a careful eye on Dion Jordan.

Thanks to Dion for all his great effort.

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  1. The stink of the Jeff Ireland era remains with this guy. Easily the worst first round pick in Dolphins history, and it is not even close.

    26 games played, 22 games suspended…nice career.

  2. Imagine who we MIGHT HAVE had if we had if had not swapped 1st round picks and kept that 2nd rounder!!!!

    What a waste!!!

    1. Author

      To think we coulda had Sheldon Richardson AND Eddie Lacey if we only would have done our homework on young Mr. Dion. Nobody STARTS using drugs after they become a pro. He had problems beforehand, and Dolphins missed it.

      1. Not to mention Star Lotuleilei. … Kenny Vaccaro. …Shariff Floyd….. DeAndre Hopkins….. LEVEON BELL….. Giovanni Bernard. …. and Kiko Alonso

  3. Imagine our run game last year with Leveon Bell or Giovanni Bernard taking hand-offs from T-Hill. Ireland is the true GOAT.

  4. It’s been a long time my Dolphins friends, hope all has been well.

    Please allow me the opportunity to admit I was wrong about Dion Jordan. I went all in on him, even bought a bunch of signed memorabilia (it was on clearance at fanatics- thank God I didn’t pay full price).

    Dion Jordan- you’re an asshole.

    -BIG J

    1. Author

      Great post Big J. I think we can all agree that we’re glad you didn’t pay full price. We should have a Dion-memorabelia-burning party

      1. I don’t believe in burning it (I’m too cheap). Instead, I will move these items to my Shelf of Shame, along side Aaron Hernandez, Todd Marinovich (who has actually redeemed himself), Chris Henry, Jimmy Smith, Cecil Collins, and Rae Carruth.

        I really feel like I was punched in the gut and I always went to bat for him. I really hope that joint was worth losing over $5.5m this year.

        Someone on this site made a joke months back that Dion looked stoned in a photo when he returned to the team.

        You know what they say, there is truth in joking…..

    2. Author

      “Dion Jordan- you’re an asshole.”

      My new favorite all-time comment here at Dolphins Truth.

  5. Admin…….. I think I have constantly ousted Jordan as the loser he has proven himself to be!

    Hopefully the current staff do a better job of evaluating staff but let me interject this tidbit before we all say this is all because of Irerland

    Remember threat most of this coaching staff was assembled at that time and Irerland according to Ross asked all the couches if they could have any player in the draft who would it be and they resoundingly said Jordan so according to Ross Irerland made that happen.

    Also remember the story this week in the herald about how Miami uses deception In investigating players before the draft and buried in that story it said they guy in charge of player investigation has been with Miami for 25 years or something like that.

    Well seems to me most of the guys that signed off on Jordan are still with us like a cancer that hasn’t been fully removed

    I’m not convinced this kid was all Ireland’s fault and I’m not convinced this current crew can do a whole lot better I mean come on tabumm picked Sanchez for crying out loud

    Between Sanchez and Jordan they have the start of a team the Dolphins might be able to beat

    1. And let’s not forget something else that Dolphins Truth has pointed out before…how the Dolphins ownership always lies to us. “Jason Taylor will NOT be traded” etc.
      A few days ago, they were telling us that Dion was not around because it was voluntary. Nothing wrong. No story here. What a bunch of dishonest, unskilled fools

      1. Author

        At least when Nick Saban lied to our faces, I didn’t fall for it. But when Hickey and Tannenbaum the other day were saying that there was no Dion news, I believed them. Shame on me for thinking that Dolphins management would be truthful to us.

  6. I actually liked Hicky but I think that everyone who gets aligned with Ross and this organization under his watch is tainted and it’s disturbing because yesterday the herald released a picture of everyone at a table and Marino was there with them all.

    Until Ross rather sells this team or he gives up the fantasy that he can lead them to a respectable franchise and gives all authority over to a real football GM we will not get much better results the. We have grown so accustom to here in south florida

    1. I would like to add to what Brian is saying. In my opinion, the most successful NFL teams are family run organizations (PIT, NYG, etc).

      These are teams that you wouldn’t expect to have a traditional HR dept, unlike Ross’ corporate upbringing where everyone learns the CYA game real fast and how to be PC in everything they do.

      Things that work in one industry don’t always work in another….

      1. To you list I’d also add the Packers; who are technically owned by the fans.

  7. I’m back. And it was I who pointed out that on his first interview since his second suspension he appeared stoned. Not only the look of his blooshot eyes but the way he was speaking. He was used sparingly because he probably could or wouldn’t learn the plays. You can’t play Lb if you can’t learn.

    1. Author

      Phins! Where the hell ya been? Welcome home. I know you disagreed with us picking on Joe Philbin, but we always welcome your comments and please stay ! So do we all seem to think that Dion’s suspension was from pot or other illegal drug? Or was it a PED steroid? Either way, it certainly didn’t him his performance, so those must be the worst PEDs on the market. I’m gonna try to find the Dion interview you mentioned and post it for all to see. Couldn’t seem to find it earlier.

      1. All good. I just needed to get over that disappointing season especially losing our last game to the Jets. Took some time to clear my head but I always visited here regularly and read but decided to stay out of the discussion for a while. The time off has done me some good I think. I kinda see things like this lately. I definitely question talent when put in Philbin’s hands or more importantly I do not get all excited when talent is put in his control. Thats not a good assessment of his coaching so far. However Im also stuck with him and to remain somewhat sane, I need to try and hope he’s getting over his own learning curve which is why I defend him. The case with Dion Jordan is another that I will call my intuition to. I felt the linebacker position is too complicated for the lackadaisical Jordan to be trusted with and is most likely, the reason he was used sparingly at all. His recent drug suspension should be all you need to know about his maturity, and sincerity about his NFL career. And I saw evidence of this in the video of his first interview back from his 2nd suspension. And lets just say I know enough about what people look and act like to know when someone is high on pot. He definitely was and thats when I knew why he was on the sidelines because of his poor work ethic in practice and in the classroom. Playing professional may not be what he thought it would be vs playing in college with a team of his friends. So is it possible we can also consider apologizing for all the vitriol posted about Philbin and Coyle in this regard? Dude was a bum and that didnt just start with now his 3rd drug suspension. What pisses me off is that someone in his life he holds in high regard and they could have provided him some guidance , or was that same person supplying him with the drugs to fail his test again? I sympathize with Jordan, he needs a father type figure in his life and it seems that is lacking. It doesnt mean hes stupid but undeveloped because he was un nurtured. Probably uses drugs for many therapeutic reasons to overcome his mental and social shortcomings.

        On another note, I was watching an old game from 2012 Dolphins vs Jets in Miami. We lost in OT. But Philbin called an extremely curious timeout which definitely helped the Jets. Even the commentators were scratching their heads. I wish I had the time to do an analysis of all his time outs called in his tenure in Miami. I bet I find more . And that fact really makes me go hmmmmmmn.

        Thanks for the warm welcome back.
        And if we cant get things rolling this season, as I have stated before I will gladly join the fire Philbin bandwagon.


        1. Author

          That Jets game in 2012 was painful, but all I can remember was Dan Carpenter blowing the game in overtime. I don’t remember Philbin’s questionable timeout. What were the circumstances?

    2. Hey PhinsUp – glad to see you’re back.

      I remember your comment from way back when, and I remember watching that interview. At the time I tended to agree that it looked like he was on SOMETHING. But what?

      I don’t know what the symptoms of PEDs look like, so I don’t know if it’s right to rule them out. I’ll look for that vid too, Admin.

      1. Thanks glad to be back . Glad you stayed. Great to see this sight gaining traction. Now lets take the division this year.

      1. Yep thats it. Look at his half closed and bloodshot eyes. Shifting his head making sparse eye contact (nervous). And the smoking gun is when a reporter asks him a question and he says “whaaat?”.

  8. Author

    As many of you know, I REALLY like Brian Billick as a great head coach. He’s the best analyst in the game today, and he won a Super Bowl while having no offense.
    Anyway, Brian was one of the few analysts who questioned the drafting of Dion 2 years ago. Brian stated that Dion was a third-down player at best, and he questioned if Dion could be developed. Listen at around the 0:20 mark. You can almost hear the disbelief in Billick’s voice.

  9. Author

    Phisiders today said that the Dolphins might trade for Houston’s DJ Swearinger. I hope not. He’s the cheap-shot punkhole who purposely took out Dustin Keller’s knee and ended his Dolphin career.

  10. Author

    Jordan released a statement through the NFL Players Association, saying he deeply regrets ”putting myself in this position.”
    NO ONE CARES that you put yourself in this situation. we care that you put the Dolphins in this situation.

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