2015 Draft Needs and Wants

Who should the Dolphins draft?

What position is most important?

Thoughts on trading up or trading down?

Which Dolphin executive should have final say in who we pick…Philbin, Hickey, J-Lo, Ross, Aponte, Tannenbaum, Venus Williams?

Could these two run the team better than the guy in the middle?

Will Dion Jordan watch the draft?

Will ESPN milk the draft over three long days?  YES (that one was easy!)

Will Joe Philbin have no idea about how to use whatever player we draft for him?  Yes, another easy one!

Anything else?

By the way, the Dolphins Truth folks will be away for nearly two weeks.   We’ll keep it up and running, so let the comment wars begin!

Just kidding, but you guys are on your own.  If any Jet trolls show up while we’re away, then let them know who’s boss!

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  1. We REALLY need an Offensive Weapon in the first round….. Would love White (pipe dream), Parker (could be there), or Melvin Gordon (likely….. NO Gurley!)

    2nd round go ILB……. ala Perryman so we can finally solve this issue

    4th & beyond……. Best Player available

  2. I say wr Parker would be great ,I think we need a wr to compliment Landry then we will be set at wr for a while ,we need a good combo of young wr like we had in the Marks brothers, then after that oline then BPA.

    1. Author

      Some think that Greg Jennings is a huge upgrade over Wallace, but I don’t know. Larry has a point, but I don’t know if we grab a WR in Round One.
      I think defense is more important. The offense was inconsistent at times last year, but they did not wilt down the stretch. That was the D’s fault.

      1. Defensive player – I agree.

        We flirted with having a good defense around the middle of last season, then we became average, then less than average.

  3. As long as we dont hastily over draft on lesser needs and keep the options open for offensive lineman. Im good. We need depth at running back more than receivers in my opinion. I was impressed with Hazel and hope he gets more reps this season. Damien (or whatever spelling applies) I was also impressed with and hope he slides up the depth chart. But I will agree we need to develop our draft picks faster and cant bury them in a pay your dues style.

    Maybe Dion was depressed he wasnt being played more often and his hope and desire wilted looking up at so many players ahead of him. I know he’s grown man but still it is possible his constant riding of the pine caused his focus to drift. Sometimes you need to give players a taste every now and then to keep them motivated. Not everybody is a perfect over achiever with perseverance to spare.

  4. I think ether a real ILB or another Real Guard in the first round if they don’t take a WR in the first round which I don’t expect them to. I think they will try and go cheap on WR but who knows. If ross is running the show it will be WR to fill seats and that may not be the worst option becasue by dumb luck we might get someone decent. If Tanubumm is running the show were doomed. I would hope Hicky has the final say he seems to be the only one of the group who has a few more good signings then bad

  5. Great pick,I knew it now we have a great wr core for a long time.

  6. I agree Larry. Mr T made the right pick and gave Tannehill a major weapon. Now, if we could ONLY get him an O-line to protect him so he has time to throw.

    Jennings an upgrade over Wallace? LMAO! NEVER! Wallace brought something Jennings just can’t do anymore, FEAR to the defense, they usually had to double him which meant Clay, Landry, and co. had a lot more room to work underneath. The only problem was for whatever reason Tannehill could not hit Wallace in stride with the long ball. And it was ONLY Wallace who he had this problem with as he would hit Sims on the fingers over 25 to 30 yards, hit Clay, Hartline, and Matthews. He hit all those guys in stride at some point, but could never do it with Wallace. Yes, a shit O-line was a huge factor, but even when he had time he usually under threw or over threw.

    Jennings brings vet savvy, hands and decent speed, but he doesn’t make everyone around him look better like Wallace did plus, NO, he will not bring in 10 TDs. I think the Jennings signing was more a smoke screen because they most likely intended to go with Parker or some WR all along.

    Now get Tannehill a damn Guard! .. or two!

  7. Rod is right. Admin was probably alluding to the retards at Phinsiders, who do nothing but complained about Mike Wallace’s drops and they were happy when Wallace traded.

  8. This would be the round (2nd) to forget about “best player available” and draft the best MLB that is on the board.

    Please don’t screw this up Mr. Dennis Tannenbaum……

  9. Author

    I’m not opposed to Parker, but I’m not enthusiastic either. I am simply not a fan of drafting WRs so early. No big-name, high-draft-choice WR has won championships in years. Calvin Johnson is great for generating stats, and Parker seems to be just like him, but does that equate to wins?
    The last 2 Super Bowl winners were NE and SEA. The Pats’ WR corps are world champions with the likes of little Julie Edelmann, journeyman Danny Amendola, and a bunch of others no one ever heard of. The year before, the Seahawks were the champs with a similar team of no-name WRs. They did have Percy Harvin, but the dumped him and still made it back to the Super Bowl.
    I’m not saying that WRs are not important; they are. What I am saying is spending your top draft choice on one is unwise. Just ask Randall T. Hill and Yatil Green. You can always always get WRs later in the draft and via trades.

  10. I agree with admin with this pick

    I wish we could have got a great guard but who at 14?

    We have to get a true MLB out of this draft and their are a few to get but we have to get that right in what the 2d round? No thats probably where we get our guard so what then a crap shoot in the 3rd and further rounds I would have rather taken a crap shoot on a WR then a guard (if they get a MLB in the 2d) or a MLB (If they get a guard in the 2d)

    On the other side of the coin let me ask this question

    Wasn’t it refreshing to see Laundry fight for contested balls and attack the ball in the air last year!

    Seems like we have been missing that since O’ Gadsdon retired so long ago but now we have TWO recivers who will beat the pulp out of CB and Saftys and fight for the ball.

    Honestly for that alown (remember his big plus they say is YAC which don’t always translate to the NFL but may to some degree because of his size) I am excited about this pic

    But if we don’t get a few guards THill wont have time to get the ball downfiled to him and there arn’t that many option on the board after the 2d round

  11. Wow- Perryman there for the taking and we move out of the spot. Phillips is epitome of boom or bust. Former #1 HS player, but had back issues at OU. Reminds me of Darryl Gardner- great when healthy (when being the key word…)

    As for Parker, I see an AJ Green type, maybe not quite as fast, but a pure “snatch” receiver. All hands, doesn’t let the ball get to his body (Like Mike Wallace)

    Love the Orande mention above. I was talking to a fellow Dolfan about the last WR we had that could win jump balls. B Marshall was a dropper, and the only one I could think of was Orande. That’s going way back. Is it just me or does anyone else remember the fade we tried to throw to Hartline last year. This should help greatly in those situations. Also the dude only dropped 3 passes in college. We’ve had guys drop 3 in a game….

    I guess Hickey-T must think that is build a good enough D line, it doesn’t matter who you put at LB. I think we need to take a long look at a Safety. We’d be lucky to get 8 games out of Delmas, and as terrible as Jimmy Wilson was/is, we didn’t have anyone that could keep him off the field. Maybe Walt Aikens makes the jump and we’d ok.

  12. They must not of liked Perryman so build the dline instead. It was already pretty good and this kid will add size to it. Will be interesting.

    The rest of the draft they did quite well and they signed quite a few players after that may step up. I’m hoping that Tripp and McCain can turn the corner this year…

  13. Needed LB help….since none was selected, I hopefully will assume Jordan Tripp will play his way up the depth chart, and maybe McCain as well. ANYTHING to keep Koa Misi from seeing the field too often!

    1. Anyone is better than Sturgis. I dont think he missed any dramatic game winners in the 4th quarter, but all those 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter misses add up and KILL the momentum. Do you guys blame the kicker, or blame the coach who makes the decision to try field goal?

  14. Sturgis is a good kicker. He has a booming leg but Philbin needs to use it more sparingly. Anytime we get close to the 40, Philbin starts thinking field goal. The problem is that they try too many really long FG’s.

    If used properly, Sturgis can be a very good kicker in this league.

    1. I agree that he’s good, but he’s not good enough for the way Philbin uses him.

      So either Philbin needs to stop thinking field goals every time he hits the 40, or they need a more dependable kicker for that long range.

      Of course, it’s going to be extremely difficult to find another kicker who is available and can accomplish that. In that sense, Philbin’s definitely not using Sturgis properly.

  15. I agree with Big J and Mania

    Sturgis isn’t a bad kicker and were getting good value for the $576k he is making but one thing to consider is that although to us is may seem he loses games early on if you look at his statistics


    His fourth quarter production is by far the worst at 66.8% field goals made

    but it is telling that his percentage goes like this

    1st – 71.4%
    2d – 84.6%
    3rd – 80%
    4th – 66.8%

    At first glance you may think, well its because he has more opportunity in the Fourth quarter, but no……


    1st – 12 attempts last year
    2d – 24 attempts last year
    3rd – 9 attempts last year
    4th – 15 attempts last year

    The fourth quarter I get – Philben has him kicking from the other end of the field most of the time (Wasn’t there like a 53 yard attempt run back for a TD on us last year)

    But the first quarter at 71.4% sounds to me like he isn’t getting warmed up properly because once he gets into the flow of the game in the 2d and 3rd quarters he has pretty decent numbers.

    So for the money hes not bad at all but like so many of these deficences we look into it seems to have more to do with poor coaching then anything else.

    1. 53 yard return was on 4th and two from within Patriot terriotry. Shoulda went for it. Cool site you guys have here. Just discovered

    2. Nice breakdown! Caleb is a power kicker and you lose a bit of accuracy with power kickers, but you gain touchbacks, so it’s a trade off. I think we need to punt more when it’s 4th down at the 35-40 yard line and let our defense hold the other team. No offense likes to start inside its own 10 yard line. This is not a bad outcome.

      I would choose my 50+ yard FG more judiciously, either to win a game (obviously), when a half is ending, or maybe with a very strong tail wind.

      Philbin goes for these long FG’s way too often, almost like he believes the father away you are, the more points you get.

      1. Lol on your last point….

    3. Nice breakdown and some very good points. A lot of us have commented on Sturgis previously (especially when he seemingly “lost” games), but we’ve never bothered to break out the stats and examine him more closely.

      Furthermore, I think your analysis (and this discussion) shows exactly what’s wrong with the coaching thus far. We (on this site) tend to focus on more complex issues with the offense (Tannehill of course, O-line, etc.). However, a kicker’s stats are relatively straightforward.

      I honestly hope the Dolphins coaching staff starts looking at those same numbers and adjusts for this coming season. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in the playoffs?

  16. I’ve never heard so much banter about a kicker! Not making fun of very good posts…. just saying. ….. we haven’t had a reliable guy since the Stoyanovich/Mare days….. Dan Carpenter even seemed ok…. was his issue short kick offs?

    Can we now get back to our draft picks? My only real complaint is that we did address ILB in the 2nd round with Perryman or other available guys. Hopefully these Hull/Tripp/Zack #2 can contribute. …. they all seem the same in a way. I can see Tony Lippett being a Richard Sherman type CB if he develops like he’s supposed to. I’m hoping Suh will get the most out of the “underachieving” Oklahoma DT. That would be a scary tandem. McCain seems like a real sparkplug DB/possible return guy. Don’t forget Stills is an already developed “3rd round pick!!! ” Hope that Arizona State guard will solve a guard need and that Billy Turner is ready to start.

    Super Pissed that we lost out on L’ael Collins. Would have been a road grater guard. Guess that LSU lobby trip didn’t help. I just can’t believe we couldn’t beat whatever Dallas was offering. Yes he’s now playing for the best OL in football……. but come on!!!!

    No more kicker talk!!!!!

    1. Bryan – and I’ve never discussed kickers so much either! For me it was interesting getting all those facts and analysis from Brian M, and trying to figure out what the coaches have been thinking and doing.

      As for La’el – yeah that sucks. You got me wondering about what exactly did they offer him. Turns out – it wasn’t just the money. The Cowboys seemed to have reached out in a way nobody else did. Also, they got him to come to their home turf and have dinner with the whole bunch of them. Apparently it was quite emotional (if we are to believe the story/hype):

  17. I can see a guy in La’els situation wanting to go to Dallas. The owner may be a little cooky but I can just hear the sales pitch now…….

    (Cue the Jerry Jones voice)

    “……Miami? Miami really? No son just forget about Miami no one there knows what the hell their doing and even the owner looks like hes getting ready to sell the team. HAHA they took out 15k seats I just spent 100mil putting in extra seats. I’m going to own this team till I die and spend every cent I have to in order to make it great again and your one of the pieces I’d love to have. You can trust me to take care of you who in Miami is going to be there next year?

    That would take about 5 seconds to digest and then sign the paperwork for Dallas

    1. Well said there Brian M…. I’m sure it probably went down that way….. At this point Miami is Dallas’ s bi*ch. How can you turn down playing for the best OL, one of the best owner’s who spends as needed, a team that has a decent history of winning with the #1 fan base, a terrific stadium, a defense on par with ours, adjacent to LA, the best cheerleaders, the White House, the Star on the helmet,…….. what else????? George Bush Sr could run thru that line.

      I admire our recruiting effort by Pouncey & the LSU guys and really thought it would happen. The big difference is that Dallas knows how to close the deal and we don’t. Dallas basically got 2 first round draft picks for the price of 1.

      1. Jerry Jones was like….. “Stephen who? Ross what?”

    2. Yeah – totally agree. Removing that many seats has GOT to be a bad sign to a potential player; assuming they get wind of that.

      Not to start this again, but what really gets me about the seat removals is that it’s basically a permanent change (as far as I can tell). Yeah, I know nothing is “permanent” in this world. But the likelihood of more being added to this structure (after having had them taken out) seems slim to none.

      1. I think i remember reading that the way they designed it they can add the seats back in with some very minor adjustments.

        I hope that means: When I sell the team real soon the new guy can put the seats back in in the meantime I need to cook the books so I can get 70% of my cash back out of this disaster and don’t look like a complete idiot!

        (it may be to late for the not looking like and idiot part)

        1. Well that’s good news about the seats. When this team and organization finally turns the corner I’ll be waiting.

          And yes, he definitely looks like an idiot either way!

  18. And speaking of draft picks (lol), here was a report from the first day of rookie camp (this past Thursday) from Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post. In the video is Philbin talking about DeVante Parker.

    Philbin spoke mostly in positive generalities about Parker, but Habib described some specifics that are certainly hopeful about the coming season.

    Habib said the first-round pick “stood out” because “he knows how to use his 6-foot-3 frame, extending for several catches and making it appear that if Ryan Tannehill can put the ball anywhere near this guy, there’s an excellent chance it’ll be a completion.”

    Let’s hope so!

    By the way, Parker’s wearing Wallace’s old number 11, fyi.


  19. Hey Admin!!!! How bout a new thread? Scrolling down through 40 is alot.

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