Dolphin Fans Can Sometimes Be as Ignorant as Stephen Ross

It’s remarkable to us at Dolphins Truth to read so many comments today in the media from Dolfans who want to dump Mike Wallace.

First of all, I can almost guarantee you that Mike Wallace did not quit on the team, although that story has yet to reach a truthful resolution, as there are different versions.

Seriously, who one earth wants to get rid of a player who can make catches like this?

Secondly, haven’t these fans learned their lesson about getting rid of our best players?  Joe Philbin kicked Reggie Bush aside, and Reggie went on to gain 1,000 yards for the Lions.  Philbin jettisoned Brandon Marshall right after he was named MVP of the All Star Game.   Philbin got rid of Vontae Davis for committing a penalty in a meaningless scrimmage game (fully documented by Hard Knocks), and Davis has been a Pro Bowler since.

Learn your lesson, Dolfans.  Don’t get rid of players just because of some attitude.   A strong head coach must realize that not everyone is alike.  You can’t continue to kick All Pros off your team .

Third, some Dolfans whine about Wallace’s production.  But here is a summary of that production:

  • He had DOUBLE the touchdowns of any other Dolphin receiver.  Double.
  • He had more touchdown catches than Hartline, Gibson, Sims, Clay, Miller, and Rishard Matthews COMBINED.  His productivity exceeded an entire teamful of wide receivers.
  • Against New England, he made a spectacular one-handed TD grab right before halftime. The best Dolphin reception in years.
  • Against the Vikings a week later, he caught a deflected ball and dove to the pylon for another score.  These were freakishly good athletic catches that no other Dolphin has made since Jim Jensen gave up his body on every play for the good of the team.
  • Wallace also led the Dolphins in receiving yards this year.
  • Among our Wide Receivers who rushed the ball (on a reverse, for example), Wallace had the most yardage.
  • He has the most yardage per catch on the team as well.

The man led our offense in all of those important statistics, and some folks want to get rid of him?

Did Wallace drop a pass or two?  Yes.  Did he miss some blocks? Yup.  Was he lazy in some of his route running?  Probably.

But is he our best offensive player and virtually the only deep threat we’ve had since Brandon Marshall?  YES!

When you say we should get rid of Mike Wallace, you’re really showing your ignorance.

Who cares what his salary is.  It’s not your money. Relax.

Even with Wallace’s salary, we are still well BELOW the cap, and we have plenty of money to sign other players.  Cutting Wallace will not save us much money, and it will make the team weaker.

We already have Philbin and Ross making our team weaker year after year.

We don’t need to compound this by unloading our best player as well.

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  1. Anyone that thinks Mike Wallace isn’t valuable should look at the video of the Charles Clay touchdown from yesterday. Wallace is in the slot on the left side and draws a double team running down the left seam. This left Charles clay wide open on the right side.

    Even when he doesn’t catch balls, he impacts the game and how defenses have to line up against us. Anyone remember the Cleveland game from last year? They gave him a huge cushion and always shaded the safety to his side. It allowed other guys (Hartline, etc) to have big days.

    His targets decreased by about 40% and he only caught a handful less passes this year. The guy worked hard and had some really good catches and reduced his drops.

    The “misinformation” about him quitting was put out there by Philbin so he could get rid of him like so many other former players that actually cared enough to speak out.

    Funny how Jared Odrick didn’t get benched (point made by Admin).

    BKFU 🙂

    1. WELL SAID!!! Mike Wallace is an impact player in all aspects of the game. With and without then ball. And bring the playmaker he is, he needs the ball more. We need to at least try to hit him deep 2-3 times per game. Connecting with one of them could be huge. He is constantly beating DB’s deep by 5-7 yards and the ball isn’t there in stride. If we get rid of Wallace I have no faith in this team anymore.

      1. I wrote the comment above. Forgot to add my name

        1. Author

          Welcome Stodds. Always great to attract new readers, especially knowledgeable Dolfans who make a good point like you did.
          Come back often and leave your comments, whether you agree with us or not.

  2. I kno I’m commenting a lot but I have seen to many fans saying they want Wallace gone which is only good if we’re going for a top draft pick next year

    1. Author

      Happy to have you Zach. Comment as much as you want. As Chris mentioned, let your fiends know and the more the merrier. Clicking on the ads helps too, because I think Google keeps track and then our site shows up more when people search. I’d love someday for someone to type in “Philbin Failure” and then Dolphins Truth is the number one top result, LOL

  3. Zach, I comment more than you bro. Keep it coming. It’s the only way to build this site and get people to wake up. Tell your friends.

  4. Yea I’m not usually someone who posts comments cause on most sites people like to start internet fights but here it’s just rational fans who actually want to see this team win it would be cool to see this site expand, and it prolly will cause we all kno philbin will give u guys a lot to write about next year lol

  5. I ran across this site and so glad I found a place where most feel the same way about our Dolphins. Ross is the biggest joke going in the owners circle and why wouldn’t he be! Dang, just sell the team to another uber rich guy bec at this point we can’t get anyone worse than this. Ross know nothing of football to warrant him making any decisions. How did these other owners vet him into the owners club? They have to vote him in and I wonder what or why they did. We are stuck, literally in deep mud, because even if he has people guiding him, he will ultimately do what he wants bec bec he’s a self made billionaire who probably feels football intelligence is an automatic bec he owns a team. Throw out some names for potential owners just so I have some hope!

    1. Author

      If I were another owner, I would allow Ross into the NFL in a second! They are voting on who their own competition would be. Would you vote for a strong, dedicated, football expert to be your competition? Or would you rather vote for an amateur who only wants to change the team’s logo and ask J-Lo to co-own the team with him?

      1. Never thought of it that way. We got the amateur for sure. That really makes me feel worse, if that were possible.

        1. Author

          If you REALLY want to feel bad, watch this video. Skip ahead to the 8:00 eith-minute mark.
          A couple of NFL Insiders basically laught at the Dolphins. They have no explanation whatsoever why Joe Philbin has a job. It’s really sad to hear what experts think of us.

  6. The Jets! Jets! Jets! Damn it man! what happened to the D-fins?

    1. Author

      Jets, we tried to give you a run for your money in the final game, but we couldn’t keep up! Our coach refused to go for it on 4th-one and 4th-two, but your coach brilliantly called for a fake punt on 4th-long. Our coach is a coward, and your coach is as tough as they come. God knows why Rex is unemployed while Clueless Joe Philbin gets rewarded for failure.

      1. If coach Rex Ryan gets fired coaching the Jets and goes to the D-fins damn that bullshit but your right clueless Joe couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag however, Joe Philbin probably didn’t want to see no more embarrassment of his team trying to go for it on fourth down and get their azzs shut down which they would have which make the D-fins players chumps as they are. You can only do so much as a coach but when the players fail to execute a play that’s on them not the coach. Hay! you guys had Don Shula and what did they do to him fired his azzs for losing in the playoffs and now the D-fins can’t even get in the playoffs anymore and Rex Ryan had the best quarterback in the NFL and wasted him Tim Tebow yeah that’s right Tim Tebow.

  7. D-fins coach has no balls like what the hell not going to the playoffs anyway so why not go for it your coach make you guys look like chumps but The Jets! Jets! Jets!

  8. Who are the Jets playing in the first-round of the play-offs again?

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