What a Sad Day for Dolphins Fans as We Realize Who We’re Stuck With

The anger of the last few days (weeks?) is subsiding,

It slowly fades into a numb, depressing sadness that only time will cure.

While other not-quite-good-enough teams like Miami (San Fran, Atlanta, Chicago, etc.) face the exciting proposition of a new coach coming to town, the Dolphins and their fans are faced with a bitter winter with no hope.

No hope.  No excitement. No competence.

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of seeing this same expression every single press conference. Why does Mr. Ross tolerate this?

False hope is better than none.  If only Stephen Ross would have said “No comment” about Joe Philbin’s future, then at least we’d have some hope of a new coach coming in.  A skilled, championship-caliber coach with a strong resume and experience as a team leader.

We get none of that.  Instead, Stephen Ross foisted Joe Philbin upon us for another year.

In a baffling move that leaves fans, NFL experts, players, journalists, and his fellow owners around the NFL dumbfounded, Stephen Ross decided to keep a coach with a losing record.

Ross gave a vote of confidence to a man who costs his team games.

Ross stuck us with an inept man who the players don’t play for and who they have no faith in.  (sorry, but you need to read their body language and not listen to their rehearsed words).

Dolphins Truth was against the hiring of Joe Philbin from the beginning.  He had no leadership experience.  He’d never called a play.  He was never allowed to make a personnel decision in his entire career in college or pros.  Even when he was the Offensive Coordinator at Green Bay, his head coach would not allow him to call plays.  He was not involved in the Packers’ drafts.

Whatever invisible skill set Stephen Ross saw in Philbin three years ago, still exists to this day.  It has to be something that only Ross can see.  Certainly no one else does.

I just don’t want to believe that there is something else to this.

I won’t believe that Ross is tanking the team on purpose.

I won’t believe that Ross doesn’t care.

I don’t believe he wants to move us to England.

But if none of those theories are true, then what other answer are we left with?

The only other answer is that Ross has been brainwashed or duped by Philbin into thinking that Philbin is a good coach.  And that is something hard to believe too.  A man as smart as Ross does not become a successful billionaire by hiring unsuccessful and unskilled people.  But that is exactly what’s happened here.

After three years, Joe Philbin STILL has a losing record and zero playoff appearances. But he has a job.  And now the depression and anger sink in again…

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  1. I know I might get some heat for this comment as it is drawn out of anger, but look at the bright side. Another year and another year in age for our old ass owner and coach. Maybe we will get lucky and one of them croak from natural causes. That’s the only way we will get out of this mess. I know it sounds cruel, but it’s the only slim hope we have left.

    1. Author

      Philbin is only ONE YEAR older than John Harbaugh, and two years older than Mike McCarthy and Jim Harbaugh.
      Philbin LOOKS about 40 years older than those guys, but he’s not.
      All those guys have won or at least coached in Super Bowls. Philbin has only watched them.
      But who does Ross stick us with?

    2. Author

      Jimbo, we were remembering your comment and it brought up a rhetorical question…if Stephen Ross did die as you mentioned, how would the fans react? Remember when Ralph Wilson died? 99% of the city of Buffalo was in mourning for a guy who never won a single title, and whose decisions helped cost them FOUR STRAIGHT Super Bowls. Yet despite a lifetime of NFL failure, people wept and mourned for that gentleman, r.i.p. He was a man of class who loved his community and loved his Bills, and the fans loved him back for it.
      If Ross were to leave us, would the fans mourn?

      1. I honestly don’t think dolfans would be that emotional over it. Afterall Ross isn’t from the Miami area and really doesn’t care much about the team. I don’t believe he loves the community or fans as Mr. Wilson did. And he hasn’t been the owner for that long. I would just worry about who would take over as owner, but think whoever that might be would do a much better job.

  2. wow I never knew he was that young. I guess I retract my earlier comment since that isn’t gonna happen. He does look 40 years older tho haha. One good thing is that the traffic to this site should improve greatly. This is the perfect time for dolfans to vent and I thank god this site is available to us in this unfortunate time.

    1. Author

      Yeah, we welcome all visitors and comments, and we’re slowly growing. We’re not as well known as some of the other fan sites, but we try to be more truthful here!

  3. I’m actually jealous of these teams that will be getting a new coach. Sick and tired of the years of mediocrity. Ross is probably happy that Harbaugh is coach at his alma mater and since he gives more to UMich (Steven B. Ross School of Business didn’t get named after him just for his attending there!) than he does Dolphins, we will be taking back seat to UMich I suspect. Ok, sour grapes but this owner is THE reason this team has no chance to make big things happen. If Philbin does not inspire us as fans, how is it possible to inspire an entire team of players? I cannot believe I have to wait until another season is over for the hope of another coach. Have no ill feeling for the man, seems like a good person-but not head coach caliber! How can you put him in the likes of a Tomlin? Can’t find one thing to say Philbin has that quality that a Tomlin possesses. So bummed that we have a moron owner who most of us fans have absolutely no faith in. So what’s left for us? That’s probably been said by the players in their minds.

  4. Author

    The Patriots owner is Robert Kraft. What college did he go to? What college did the Rooneys go to?
    Who knows? Who cares?
    The point is that certain owners are associated for life with their pro teams. No one knows or cares about their colleges. Rooney = Steelers. Kraft = Patriots.
    Stephen Ross = U Mich.
    We’ve said for years that if Ross were to force himself to become a Dolphins fan (he is not currently), he’d be a fine owner. But no. His first love is Michigan and his second love is real estate.

    1. He worked harder to get Harbaugh to MIchigan than he did to the Dolphins.

    2. Precisely! I could care less where Ross went but he’s crapping in his pants that Harbaugh is there. Ross is more connected emotionally to UMich, which was my point of my rant rather than Dolphins. He’s a real estate tycoon which gives him little attention and notoriety, but owning an NFL team changes all that for an ego-needy billionaire. You’ve got to give Jerry Jones credit for loving his Cowboys….we won’t see that amore from Ross for the Dolphins. Kraft, a class act, loves his Patriots. Two billionaires who own NFL teams and you have no doubt they will do whatever it takes for their team’s success. We do NOT have that type of owner.

  5. Author

    PhinsUp, where are you my friend? I hope you didn’t let the debate last week drive you away. We’re dying to hear from you and your opinions, especially your take on the Wallace situation.

  6. I think that it’s worse this year. Once Philbins father died he just couldn’t get back in the saddle and it seemed like his fingerprints were more evident on the game as far as playcalling.

    Joe is conservative and that is exactly how the defense and offense played the last 6 games and predictably we lost.

    For those of us who remember Tony Sparono (thats a joke) we know that conservitive football will get you about 8-8.

    I think Hicky really loaded the team with talent this year. Obviously we need more talent on the OL but let me ask this question which no one has mentioned. We (arguably now but not at the beginning of the year) have one of the best DL in the NFL. It failing the last 7 – 8 games of the year has to be whos fault?

    The men are talented – the sachem sucks and they gave up.

    Ok a one or two game slide can be called the coordinators fault but a half season or more is the coordinators and the HC fault.

    If Coyal is under evaluation shouldn’t it stand that the HC is too?

    To much STUPID over there in Miami Dolphins Head Quarters

    1. It was stupid, just dumb stupidity of this owner to announce Philbin would be returning in 2015 before the season was over and seeing what coaches would become available. Money probably has a lot to do with his decisions but dang, who would put more fans into seats at stadium? Philbin or Rex? Rex. Who would give team more chance to improve? Rex. Fins would have much better chance, just sayin.

      1. I wish Ross would discover this Dolphin Truth site and spend just five minutes reading it.
        I truly thinks that fans are behind him. He thinks the media recognizes philbin as a strong head coach. He needs to learn how we REALLY feel

  7. Before the Carolinas got the Panthers I was a life-long Dolphins fan. I was a 70’s kid sitting with my Dad rooting on Miami and, admittedly, not really knowing what football was all about but still taking pride in my team. Lots of Love for the Dolphins.

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